Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kevin and Amber Work to "Free Katherine"

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday February 24, 2009:

At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Amber work on "Free Kay" T-shirts. They brainstorm ideas while Jana and Daniel work on his art career. Jana tells Daniel she has a connection and that they will send Daniel's work to him to see if he wants to write a blurb on it in the magazine. Daniel is excited. Neither Daniel nor Jana encourage or discourage Amber and Kevin as they work on their campaign to free Katherine.

Roger announces to Katherine, Clint, and Annie that he and Esther finally got married. Meanwhile, at the Chancellor mansion, Jill tells Esther that Roger is a bigamist and that he is a con man. Esther informs Jill she is talking about her husband, and that she doesn't believe anything Jill has to say. Later, Katherine begins to remember her friend Esther and becomes furious that Clint and Roger are using her to get to her money. She goes off on them, and Clint demands that Annie tie her back up before he leaves.

At the jail, Gloria learns that her trial starts this week. Jeff arrives and tells her he is leaving her for good this time. He implies he is going back to Korea to be with Kyon. Meanwhile, at the coffeehouse, Michael gets some news via phone that he says changes everything for Gloria. When Michael arrives at the jail, Gloria informs him she is feeling the pressure of her guilt and she feels like she needs to make a confession.

At the coffeehouse, Amber tells Victoria and Nikki that she is going to keep looking for Katherine. She expects Nikki to attack her, but to her surprise, Nikki tells Amber she isn't going to take away her hope. They both admit they think about Katherine everyday and think about what she'd do in different situations when they try to make decisions.

Jana hears from her art friend, and Daniel is disappointed when she tells him her art friend wasn't interested in his work. Amber tries to cheer him up. She suggests he go back to sketching for a while, but Daniel really wants to paint. Amber reminds him that his sketches sell. Later, Jana tells Daniel if he wants to pain, he should. She says he needs to listen to his heart.

Colleen admits to Victoria and Nikki she is scared to be taking on Victor at Newman. She says, however, that her dad never let a challenge or responsibility stop him, and she won't either. Nikki reminds Colleen if she wants validation from Victor, she will never get it. Colleen is adamant that she wants to sit on the Newman board of directors; she says she won't just agree with everything Victor says and will bring a new perspective. Victoria tells Colleen she'll show her the ropes, but she won't align with her against her father. After Colleen leaves, Nikki tells Victoria she might want to reconsider aligning with her.

After Clint has left, Katherine tries to get on Annie's good side by reminding her that she can be as strong as Katherine Chancellor. She tells Annie she doesn't deserve to be treated like a piece of furniture. She also says that men like Roger and Clint are despicable and that Esther doesn't deserve this. Annie admits she has been married to Roger before as well.

At the jail, Michael tells Gloria what he has found out from Paul. It turns the woman who supposedly died from the face cream not only had food allergies, but her son does as well. Paul was able to get his medical reports and determine that the food allergy actually killed Emma, not the face cream. Gloria is so thrilled to learn that she hasn't killed a woman, and that she might go free if they can get the product tampering charge reduced.

Jeff tries to seduce Jill. At first, she is shocked at his audacity, but in the end, she plants a kiss on him, then offers to sleep with him, no strings attached.

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