Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tyra Kisses Niel - Again

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday February 18, 2009:

Rafe informs Niel and Karen the court has terminated all of Yolanda's parental rights. Karen wants to start the adoption process right away, but Niel reminds her that he promised Yolanda she'd get a say in what happens.

Everyone is alarmed when the doctor tells them Chloe has septicemia and that her body could go into septic shock if none of the antibiotics work. Esther starts to break down and Jill tries to comfort her. Later, Chloe gets to meet her little girl with Esther, Lily, Billy, and Cane watching. Chloe says she is very tired, and after holding her baby for a moment, she hands her back to Cane. The doctor informs them he is going to incubate her so she can get more oxygen.

At Jabot, Ashley tells Jack Victor offered her Brad's empty board of directors seat. Jack wonders what Ashley told him in response, but she doesn't answer his question. Jack accuses Victor of using Ashley to get to him and splitting up the Abbott family, but Ashley insists Victor is not doing so.

Adam talks to the prison chaplain about his mother and his dad. He says he thought the day his mother died was the worst day of his life, but every day afterward has seemed worse than the one before it.

Victor sits in his office and remembers his last days with Hope. Later, Ashley tells Victor that while Adam has made mistakes, he needs his family, and Victor is the only family he has now. Ashley tells Victor Adam needs his father today, the anniversary of Hope's death.

Tyra talks to Olivia about Niel. She says she loves him and wonders if there is still a chance for her and Niel. Olivia tells Tyra she had her chance to tell Niel how she felt and that she needs to move on now because Niel is married and off limits.

Later, Niel confronts Tyra about her avoiding him and she said she still feels bad about the kiss. Niel tells her not to worry about it, and that it won't happen again.

At the hospital, Billy gets disgusted with the way Chloe and Cane are interacting with the baby. Lily lets Billy have it for all of his deceit and lies. She tells Billy he has to tell Cane the truth about the baby. She says if Billy doesn't tell Cane the truth, she will. Later, Cane asks Lily if there is something going on between Chloe and Billy, and she tells him he should ask his wife and Billy about that. Lily asks Cane if he meant what he said the other night - that he really wanted to be with her and work things out. Cane tells her he can't talk about that right now with her with Chloe being in the hospital and everything. Lily interprets this answer as a, "no," and is upset.

Billy goes to a bar and begins to get drunk in order to deal with his guilt. Jack arrives and tries to convince Billy he needs to tell Cane the truth. He says if he doesn't, Billy will just feel guilty for the rest of his life. He reminds Billy how much he dislikes Cane, and how he'd hate to see Cane raising his child.

Victor goes to visit Adam in prison and takes Hope's Bible to give to him. When Adam sees him there, he goes off on him. He is angry at Victor for not being there for him when he was growing up, and for not being there for him for all of the time he's spent in prison so far. Victor says he's impressed that prison has developed Adam's backbone, but warns him never to talk to him like that again. Victor leaves Hope's Bible with Adam before he leaves.

Ashley comforts Abby about missing Brad. Ashley tells Abby she still thinks about her father everyday, too. Mother and daughter seem to bond over their experiences.

Later, Victor and Ashley talk about Hope's death and Adam. Ashley is touched that Victor shares the information with her.

Cane tells Jill 24 hours ago he was ready to leave Chloe for Lily, but now that the baby is here, everything has changed. Jill tells him a baby changes everything. Later, Cane names the baby Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby.

Tyra tells Niel she wants to adopt Ana. She tells him about the hopes she had for herself and Ana when she moved to Genua City. She admits to Niel she wished he had fallen in love with her the way she fell in love with him. Tyra kisses Niel passionately, and Niel doesn't pull away. Neither one of them notice when Karen walks into and out of the room.

Adam asks Frank Ellis for his help.

Jack tells Billy to claim his baby girl.

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