Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chloe Hemorrhages

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday February 17, 2009:

Victor tells Nikkie Nick went home to spend the holiday with Phyllis and Summer. Nikki had forgotten it was Valentine's Day. She apologizes again for interrupting Ashley and Victor's intimate moment and turns to leave, but Victor asks her to stay. Nikki notices the office chair Victor gave Ashley and Victor informs her that he has offered Ashely the empty Newman board of directors seat. Nikki takes the news hard, but doesn't let Victor or Ashley see that. She congratulates Ashley and leaves.

Clint keeps telling Katherine the DNA test was negative, so she can drop the act, but Katherine keeps insisting she is who she says she is.

Jill talks with Paul about Esther's boyfriend, Roger. Paul hasn't been able to find anything on Roger yet, but he says he'll keep looking. Jill feels if she can stall the wedding for a few more days, Paul will be able to find out what Roger is hiding.

Roger tells Esther if they hurry, they can still get the last flight to Los Vegas to elope. Esther agrees, but says she needs to tell Jill where she's going. Roger tries to convince her to call Jill in the morning, but Esther insists she needs to tell Jill where she's going before they leave.

Cane introduces Chloe to her new baby. Lily piles blankets on top of Chloe and tells them the generator is out. Billy and Cane go to get wood, but Lily calls them back to show them how much Chloe is bleeding. Chloe is hemorrhaging. She gets scared when she sees how scared everyone else is for her. They prop her feet up to try to help her. Chloe keeps fading in and out of consciousness, and Billy and Cane try to keep talking to her to keep her present. Cane asks Billy to go out and try to call for help again. Billy leaves.

Esther and Roger stop at Jill's Jabot office to inform her they are headed off to elope. Jill tries to convince them to wait. Jill even reaches out to Esther, reminding her of the wedding she's always wanted. Jill says she'll even spring for the wedding and they can have it at the mansion. Esther tells Jill that is very sweet of her, but she still wants to elope. She says Jill can throw her a party when she gets back.

Clint and Annie discuss what to do with Katherine. Annie tells Clint if Katherine isn't rich, they should just kill her now. Clint says they need to keep "Marge" on ice until Roger marries Esther, then they can move into the mansion. Meanwhile, Katherine pretends to be sleeping.

At the cabin, Chloe finally goes into shock from all of the blood loss. Billy returns and tells Lily and Cane an ambulance can get to the main road, but they need to get Chloe down the hill themselves. They decide to use a toboggan to get her to the ambulance.

Jill is able to catch up with Roger and Esther at the elevator to tell them Chloe had the baby. Clint is not pleased when Roger calls to tell him the wedding has once again been postponed.

Nikki and Paul make love on Valentine's Day. Afterward, Nikki tells Paul she loves him and Paul tells her the feeling is mutual. She also admits that it did hurt her to know that Victor gave Ashley the seat on the Newman board because she has wanted it for so long and he never gave her a seat when they were married, even after she proved she was a good businesswoman.

Ashely isn't sure if she wants to take the seat on the Newman board. She isn't sure she should work for Jabot and be on the Newman board. She tells Victor she needs to run it by Jabot before she makes a decision, and Victor doesn't seem pleased with this.

At the hospital, Cane has to sign a consent form for Chloe to have surgery. The nurse puts a bracelet on Cane so they know who the baby's father is. Billy and Lily seem apprehensive all the while. After Chloe is wheeled into surgery, Jill, Esther, and Roger arrive. They are thrilled about the baby, but Cane informs them about Chloe. Esther is terrified. Later, everyone gets a chance to see the baby. A doctor tells them they were able to stop the bleeding, but he isn't sure it will be enough to save Chloe's life.

Katherine has a memory about Clint and asks him if he remembers what happened the last time he kidnapped her. She tells him what she did to him before the cops arrested him, and Clint is stunned. He finally believes Katherine is who she says she is.

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