Thursday, February 26, 2009

Billy Wants to Father Cordelia

The Young and the Restless update for Thursday February 26, 2009:

Cane and Billy fight about who is Delia's father. Billy gives her a rattle, but Cane tells him that isn't anything compared to what he's done. Billy doesn't believe paying for some medical bills was doing a lot for Delia either. Cane tells Chloe to take the baby upstairs and Esther encourages her to do so. After they've gone, Cane tells Billy if he wants to do something good for Delia, he will walk out the door and stay out of her life for good.

At the prison, Gloria is anxious because her trial starts today and she still hasn't seen Michael.

At the bookstore, Michael and Lauren arrive to find out Eden is being arrested for shoplifting. When Eden is finally able to explain to Michael and Lauren that she took Noah's bag out of the store to give it to Noah and Sharon, they understand that she did not steal the books. While they wait to talk to the manager, Michael realizes he needs to leave for Gloria's trial, and he leaves the bookstore for the courthouse.

Phyllis runs into Noah at the coffeehouse, and he asks her how she and Nick are doing. Phyllis thinks it is sweet for Noah to be concerned about her, and Noah tells her she is a great step mom and he wants her to be happy.

Eden calls Noah, who is with Phyllis, and tells him she is going to be arrested for shoplifting. Phyllis and Noah head over to the bookstore to see if they can help her.

At Jack's, Jack tells Nick he is responsible for Sharon's state of mind, and that he needs to leave her alone like he keeps saying he'll do. Jack tells Nick Phyllis is probably just as much a wreck as Sharon and that she's probably hiding it because she's terrified of losing her marriage.

Sharon talks to her mom about how she is doing. Sharon tells her mom that she has been losing moments of time; she blacks out and doesn't know where she is or what she's doing. Doris reminds her that this has happened to Sharon before, when she had her car accident, but Sharon doesn't wanted to be reminded of that. Later, Doris pushes the issue again, and Sharon admits she feels responsible for Brad's death. Her mom tries to convince her she isn't at fault. She tells Sharon she should talk to a therapist, but Sharon insists she doesn't need to talk to a therapist.

Phyllis and Noah arrive at the bookstore. Noah waits outside with Eden while Phyllis goes in to find Lauren. Phyllis and Lauren try to talk to the bookstore manager, but he says he is going to prosecute Eden. He says he wants to make an example out of her for other kids because he is sick of other kids stealing from him. Phyllis calls Nick for back-up as things between him and Jack escalate.

Nick calls Sharon at the hospital to tell her what is going on with Eden. She finds the elephant figurine in her purse, and tells her mother she has never seen it before. She realizes the last time she had that purse was when she was at Brad's funeral.

The argument between Cane and Billy escalate while Jill tries to calm them down. Cane punches Billy. Chloe is worried about Billy because he is bleeding. He leaves. After he's gone, Cane asks Jill to take Esther and Delia upstairs so he can talk to Chloe alone. Once alone, Cane tells Chloe he will be in her life and he will be stopping by the house to check up on the baby. He tells Chloe that if she tries to keep him from the baby, he will cut her out of the baby's life. Chloe reminds Cane she is Delia's mother, but Cane tells her that Cordelia doesn't need her.

Billy goes to Jack's and tells him about the fight he had with Cane. Billy tells Jack he wants to be Delia's father because he loves her and feels a connection with her. Jack tells Billy whatever he needs, legally or financially, he will give it to him to help Billy get parental rights to his daughter.

In court, Heather is forced to drop the murder charges against Gloria given the evidence Paul found on Emma's death. Michael reminds the judge and Heather that the face cream's chain of command was never established. The judge really lets Gloria have it because he believes she tainted the face cream, but he says since there is no concrete evidence of that, he has no choice, but to vacate the charges against her. The judge tells Gloria she is free to go. Gloria tells Michael how appreciative of him she is. She then tells Michael that she's going to call Jeffrey to come pick her up. Michael is shocked she'd want anything to do with him, but Gloria tells him that Jeff is the right man for her and she hates being alone. Gloria leaves Jeff a message, saying she'll forget all the nonsense about divorcing her and she is now free.

At the bookstore, Sharon is very angry and she lashes out at Eden. She says some very harsh things to Eden, which Noah gets upset about. Noah asks if Sharon put the books in the bag by accident, but Sharon is outraged that he would even think that. Everyone is shocked as to the tone Sharon takes with Eden. Sharon tells Nick Noah can no longer see Eden. Nick tries to get her to reconsider, but Sharon won't listen; she tells him to stay away from her.

Sharon goes to Brad's house to return the figurine and is overcome with emotion. Consequently, she drops the figurine on the floor where it shatters. Sharon runs outside and sinks against the door and cries.

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