Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chloe Tells Billy the Truth

The Young and the Restless update for Friday February 20, 2009 - I'm sorry this is late, I had to take my kitty to the vet on Friday:

Victor tells Victoria that Ashley will be taking over Brad's old Newman board of directors seat. Victoria is angry with Victor because he doesn't discuss important decisions about Newman with her and Nick. She reminds him that he ran both of his children from the company last year. She also tells Victor he is replacing his old family with his new family - again - like he did with Sabrina. Victor snaps at Victoria, telling her not to speak of Sabrina again.

Sharon wakes up in her hotel room and remembers she slept with Billy the night before. She feels awful. A moment later, Nick shows up and apologizes for pretending to forget their anniversary. He becomes very concerned when Sharon bursts into tears.

At Jabot, Jack wonders who Billy spent the night with when he comes in smelling like alcohol and wearing the same clothes he did yesterday. Jack asks him if he's going to claim his child and starts to bug Billy about how he needs to claim his baby. Billy demands Jack back off.

Chloe wakes up and the tube is taken out of her throat. She is able to hold her baby and Cane tells her what he decided to name her. Chloe is touched by the baby's name. Cane asks her why she went up to the cabin in the middle of a snowstorm, but Chloe seems to avoid his question.

Karen tells Neil she is proceeding with the adoption process, but Neil reminds her he told Tyra he'd talk to her about it first. When Karen asks if he's talked to her yet, Neil lies and says he hasn't. Neither one of them bring up the kiss between Tyra and Neil that Karen witnessed. Neil promises he'll talk to Tyra later, but not to proceed with the adoption until he has.

Jack tries to convince Billy all of his actions and inactions have consequences. Later, Colleen and Jack work on a mysterious plan for the Newman board of directors meeting, which is to be held later that day.

Nick continues to express concern for Sharon, especially when he realizes she has been drinking alone. He tells her she can always turn to him for support, but Sharon reminds him he chose Phyllis and now he needs to keep his end of the deal and leave her alone. She insists he leave her room.

Billy returns to the hospital and briefly talks to Lily, telling her he is going to tell Cane the truth about the baby. Meanwhile, Chloe is telling Cane he isn't really Cordelia's father in her hospital room. Billy comes in, and Cane tries to make him leave, but Chloe says he needs to stay. Cane doesn't want to accept that he isn't the baby's father. He says the DNA test came back saying he was the father. He is reminded that his DNA couldn't be ruled out as him being the baby's father. Billy tells Cane he is actually Cordelia's father. Cane is furious and goes off on both Chloe and Billy. He is even more hurt when he realizes that Lily also knew about the secret, but neglected to tell him. Lily tells Cane she didn't want to take a second child from him.

At Newman, Victoria tells Nick how concerned she is about Ashley serving on the board. Nick reminds Victoria that Ashley is a good person. At the board of directors meeting, Victor presents Colleen and Abby with a plaque recognizing his accomplishments and heroic actions.

At the coffeehouse, before Ana's visit with Tyra, Karen lies to Tyra, telling her that Neil has decided to go ahead with the adoption. Karen is enthusiastic, but Tyra is surprised. During her visit, Tyra recalls her kiss with Neil and Karen's words about adopting Ana. She pretends to not be feeling well, asking the social worker for a glass of water. When she has left, Tyra tells Ana to get her backpack and they leave the coffee shop together. Tyra has decided she needs to take Ana so that they can stay together.

Jack stops by Sharon's room and offers her his support no strings attached when he sees how awful she is doing. Jack asks her if she was drinking alone, and Sharon says she was. Sharon lied and told him she drank the entire bottle of champagne alone. However, when Sharon asks Jack to get her an aspirin, he notices a second champagne flute in the drawer and knows she wasn't drinking alone.

Cane tells Lily, Chloe, and Billy that no one is ever going to take his daughter away from him. Later, when Chloe is gone for tests, Cane signs the baby's birth certificate. Meanwhile, Billy tells Lily how much he cares about her. Lily tells him that Cane is better than he is and he can take his feeling for her and shove them.

Colleen tells Victor and the rest of the board that she is going to take over Brad's seat on the Newman board of directors.

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