Sunday, March 1, 2009

Esther Discovers Katherine

Annie tells Katherine Roger has been married many times before and he'll take everything Esther has and break her heart in the process. Katherine feels helpless to help her dear friend.

At the mansion, Jill tries to tell Esther once again that Roger is conning her, but Esther doesn't want to believe it. Jill receives flowers from Jeff and she runs out of the house to confront him.

Gloria calls Jeff again and leaves him a message telling him she is free. Michael tries to get Gloria to walk away from Jeff in order to make a new start for herself, but Gloria says she likes the games they play and she loves him. She tells Michael and Lauren she will no longer be staying with them and leaves to see Jeff at the Athletic Club.

At the club, Jill confronts Jeff in his room. She is furious with him, telling him there is nothing going on between them, and that she only slept with him as a one-time thing. Jeff tells her he loves it when she gets mad. They end up in a passionate kiss.

Chloe tells Esther she really messed up with both Billy and Cane, but she wanted to do the best she could for her baby. Delia begins to cry as Roger arrives. Roger tries to get Esther to sell her half of the estate to Jill so they can move to a new home, but Esther refuses to do so, telling him it is out of the question. Roger then pushes her to go on their honeymoon, but Esther tells him she wants to wait because Chloe needs her. Chloe comes back downstairs as Roger is leaving, angry. Chloe tells her mom she should go after Roger, so she does.

Billy asks Lily if she and Cane are going to get back together now that Chloe is out of the way. Lily evades the question, and Billy takes that as a, "yes." Lily says they aren't going to get back together, but it isn't his business anyway. Billy tells Lily he is going to help Chloe help raise Delia.

At the coffeehouse, Cane tells Niel that Delia isn't his child. He explains to him the whole mess that was created. He also tells Niel that his feelings for Lily haven't changed, and that he wants to get back together with her. Niel tells him to leave Lily out of the mess, that she's been through enough already.

Later on at the coffeehouse, Karen and Niel discuss Ana and Tyra. Karen expresses her frustration with Niel not telling Tyra about the adoption as well as lying to the police for her. She finally admits she saw Niel kiss Tyra. Niel tries to tell her it isn't what it seemed, but Karen isn't buying it. Karen tells Niel he shouldn't have married her if he didn't love her and storms off.

Katherine uses Annie's bitterness and frustration against Roger and Clint to help her escape. Annie unties Katherine, but when she goes to get her purse, Roger walks in, wondering what is going on. Esther comes in just behind him and wants to know what is going on as well, especially after she sees Kay.

Michael tells Lauren he is anxious to have life be normal for just a little while for a change.

Gloria goes to surprise Jeff at his room only to find Jill there. The two of them get into a fight over Jeff, but soon realize he isn't worth it. Gloria leaves angry. Jill starts to leave, then gets sucked back in, saying she does like sticking it to Gloria. She falls back into bed with Jeff.

Gloria tells Michael and Lauren that it is over between her and Jeff and asks them if she can stay with them for a while until she finds her own place.

Esther and Katherine have an emotional reunion. Annie introduces herself to Esther as Roger's wife. Esther demands to know what Roger is doing. He tries to explain, but Esther doesn't buy it. She slaps him and they prepare to leave. Clint arrives, slams the door shut and tells everyone that no one is going anywhere. He tells Katherine she really messed up and now everyone must really suffer because of it.

While Billy holds Cordelia, Chloe tells him she lied because she was afraid if he knew, he'd run. Billy admits before Cordelia was born he was scared, but now he wants to raise her with Chloe. He asks Chloe to marry him and to fight for custody of their daughter.

In the bookstore, Cane asks Lily if she will help him raise Cordelia. He also asks her if she will marry her, and she is stunned.

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