Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Billy Believes Katherine Is Alive

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday March 10, 2009:

Nikki arrives at Nick and Phyllis’ to baby-sit Summer. Vicki calls and tells Nick about the explosion. Nikki tells them she’s heard about Victor’s announcement. Nick informs her that there’s been an explosion and that the woman calling herself Katherine is in the hospital. Nikki chooses to focus on the fact that Amber, Esther, and Gloria are all right, and insists she is not upset. She tells Nick and Phyllis to go enjoy their evening.

At the ranch, Victor and Ashley are being affectionate with one another. Ashley tells Victor she’s glad he had his vasectomy reversed and that the baby is a miracle. Victor tells Ashley the fact that they found one another is a miracle as well. Ashley reminds Victor that she was told she could not conceive after she lost Robert and begins to worry that something bad will happen to the baby. Victor reassures her that nothing is going to happen. He asks her to marry him. Estella comes in and asks if they would like any tea.

At the coffeehouse, Jill calls Cane to fill him in on what happened to Esther. She tells him that imposter is at the hospital, and Cane says he’ll head over there to check on Esther. When Jill hangs up, Jack asks her if she’s sure the woman isn’t actually her mother. Jill tells Jack she’d know if her mother were alive – she’d feel it in her heart. Jack accuses Jill of not wanting her mother back because she has more autonomy and control this way. Jill gets angry and leaves.

At the hospital, Katherine still cannot remember Murphy, Joe Jr., or Pearl. Katherine asks Murphy to tell her something that she might remember him by. He offers a few memories of their time together, but she doesn’t remember any of them. Murphy finally mentions Phillip, and Katherine can remember he is her late husband. Murphy realizes she has lost the memory of the last few months.

Everyone in the waiting room, including Michael, Jana, Chloe, Billy, and Esther gasp at the photo of Kevin with the bomb. Billy is quick to point out that Kevin has a long criminal record and tells Detective Gil he needs to find Kevin before he blows someone else up. Michael tells Billy to be careful making accusations like that. Jana, Michael, and Gloria don’t believe Kevin had anything to do with the bomb. Esther tells Detective Gil that Kevin was outside the motel room talking to Clint earlier. She then goes to visit Katherine in her hospital room. Esther is confused when she sees Murphy in there with her, but Amber tells Esther that it’s Murphy, and that he and Katherine are good friends. When the women enter the room, Murphy ducks out. Amber and Esther try to help Kay remember the past few months, starting with the fact that everyone believes she’s dead.

When Victor goes to take a call, Ashley asks Estella if she’s seen the red egg that Sabrina bought for Victor because it seems to be missing. Estella believes Ashley is accusing her of stealing it, but Ashley assures her she isn’t. When Estella goes upstairs, she overhears Ashley tell Victor that down the road, they may get married, but she doesn’t want to get married right this second.

At the hospital, Billy and Chloe have a discussion about Katherine/Marge. Billy admits that if Esther believes the woman is Katherine, then he isn’t sure she isn’t. At that moment, Cane and Lily come up to them. Cane tells him he thinks the woman is Marge, but Billy tells him he thinks that because their mother believes that.

Billy goes in to see Katherine. She asks him how his flight from Hong Kong was, and Billy is confused. Esther explains that Katherine has no short-term memory right now. Billy realizes that Marge couldn’t know the things Katherine is talking about and embraces his grandmother. Cane enters the room, and Billy warns him to be nice to Katherine. Kay tells Billy she is capable of handling his brother on her own, and that she’ll answer all of Cane’s questions. Cane asks her a few questions, but Katherine can’t remember the memories he is asking about. Esther tries to explain to Cane that Katherine only has very limited memory, but Cane offers her money to just go away and leave the family in peace.

Outside the room, Chloe and Lily trade insults. When Cane comes out, he admits the woman looks like his grandmother, but he knows she isn’t her. Billy follows Cane out of the room and demands to know how he could put her through all of that. Billy reminds Cane he’s only known her for two years while Billy has known his grandmother his whole life. Billy asserts that Katherine is his grandmother.

Nick and Phyllis run into Jack at the coffeehouse. Phyllis tells Jack she is surprised he isn’t going nuts over the news. He thinks she is referring to Esther surviving the crash, and is confused. Nick informs Jack that Ashley is pregnant. When Phyllis leaves to get some coffee, Jack and Nick exchange a few comments about Sharon.

At the hospital, Katherine expresses her frustration over her inability to remember. Esther ask Katherine if she’s thought about going home, but Katherine insists she can’t impose herself on Jill, someone who doesn’t even believe she is alive.

At the coffeehouse, Jana, Daniel, Michael, and Gloria try to think of a way they can find Kevin before the police do. Daniel admits he’s been worried about Kevin because he’s been so wrapped up in finding Katherine. Jana catches Gloria looking at the photo of Kevin and believes Gloria thinks Kevin actually did it. She is outraged, and then accuses Gloria of planning the entire thing herself so that she could be the hero. Michael tells Jana Gloria is capable of many things, but putting Kevin in danger isn’t one of them. Detective Gil arrives and delivers an envelope to Jana. Michael says he’s her attorney and takes the envelope from the Detective. He tells Jana it is a search warrant for the coffeehouse. Detective Gil tells them that Kevin is their prime suspect in the explosion. He says they also have a warrant to search their home.

At the tack house, Nikki remembers when she and Victor had Nick. Estella arrives and tells Nikki she doesn’t like Ashley. She tells Nikki that Ashley accused her of stealing. Nikki tells her to give it time, but Estella tells Nikki she doesn’t believe Ashley likes her and the feeling is mutual. She also tells Nikki that Victor wants to marry Ashley so soon.

When Nick and Phyllis arrive home, they stand outside the door and kiss.

At the diner, Murphy, Pearl, and Joe Jr. discuss why all those rich people care about Marge; Joe Jr. believes all they care about is Katherine’s money, but Murphy insists they are quality people and really care about Katherine. Murphy tells them he doesn’t think he should hang around her anymore because he will remind her of all the bad things she’s been through. Pearl tells him he should go see her again, if only to say good-bye. Later, Murphy looks out the window and says goodbye to Katherine and tells her he will miss her.

Billy arrives at the Abbott mansion. Jack asks about Chloe and Billy tells him he’s been holding her hand at the hospital for the past couple of hours. Billy asks for a drink, and Jack says he’s had a rough night, too. Jack tells Billy that Ashley is pregnant with Victor’s child. Billy tells Jack that his grandmother is still alive. Jack tells Billy to go be a father, and Billy leaves.

Cane arrives at the Chancellor mansion and tells Jill whoever the woman in the hospital is, she isn’t Katherine. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that woman anymore. Jill thanks him.

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