Thursday, March 26, 2009

Murphy Proposes!

Two orderlies roll Marge's body into a room in a metal box. She sits up and begins to talk. She says a lot of people are wondering whose body is in the box - hers or Katherine's. She says she is going to tell us about Katherine and her friends. She says those rich friends of Katherine's are crazy, and that being dead gives you a different perspective.

Katherine and Nikki sit in the trailer. Katherine tells her it will be a dream to go home, but she will miss the trailer, too. Nikki wonders if Murphy will come with Katherine or if the lifestyle will be too overwhelming for him. Nikki looks through a photo album and finds a picture of Katherine on the bowling team. Katherine tells her she was the captain. Katherine tells Nikki that Murphy would probably have taken her fishing eventually because he owns a bait and tackle shop. Nikki points out they are both entrepreneurs, but Katherine worries the person Murphy fell in love with doesn't exist. Marge says that she and Murphy were never more than friends. Katherine speculates that the DNA test on Marge's body will come back as not being a match as well, and Nikki tells her there may be another explanation for it.

Murphy sits at the diner, thinking about Katherine. He tells Pearl he has some big decisions to make and leaves.

Jeff asks Jack if he's seen Gloria, he is looking for her. Jack reminds Jeff that Gloria threw him out, but Jeff doesn't seem to care. He tells Jack that this whole thing with Kevin really has Gloria frazzled.

Jill tells Victor she believes that Katherine is a fraud. Victor tells her that the papers she signed will give her control over the Jabot stock and put doubt to rest. He tells her the woman he saw was Katherine, but Jill insists that the woman is not her mother. Victor replies that he didn't say it was her mother, he said she was Katherine.

Nikki meets Nick and Phyllis at the Club and tells them she has an idea for their next cover story. Katherine comes into view and Nick and Phyllis are shocked. Nikki explains to them why she believes she is Katherine and tells them Victor believes she is Katherine as well. Nick and Phyllis both hug Katherine, and she tells them how much it means to her to have the people she cares about believe her. Nick says that putting her in Restless Style will make the whole world believe she is back.

Marge appears again and remarks on how good it is to see things going well for Katherine. She talks about how Nick is in love with two women and he is going to need to make a decision soon. She says one of them is hanging by her fingernails.

Sharon sits in the Abbott mansion and writes a letter to her mother. She tells her mother she really wants to talk to her right now, but she knows she needs her rest, so she won't burden her with her problems. Sharon says she blames herself for putting her mother in a wheelchair and for her never walking again. She says she's also partly responsible for Brad's death - she made him go away in the storm because she wanted to be alone. She tells her mother she is so selfish. Sharon says she has a huge hole inside of her, and she's tried to fill it with men and sex, but that only makes it worse. She wonders if she is this way because her father abandoned her and her mother. She begins to wonder if the world would be better off without her. Marge appears and says she's been where Sharon is, a lost soul. She says that God will show her the way, but until He does, Sharon will have a hard time of it.

Gloria runs into Jack at the Club. Jack tells her that Katherine's body is being exhumed, and Gloria wonders why Jill would do such a disgusting thing. Jack tells her people are starting to believe that Katherine is alive, and Gloria tells him she has believed it all along. Katherine and Nikki appears behind Jack, and Gloria greets her. Jack gives Katherine a hug. Katherine seems confused, and Jack asks her if she has forgotten him. Katherine tells him he is unforgettable.

In a morgue, Marge lifts a sheet off of Clint. She says he died of a heart attack, but she wasn't even aware he had a heart. She tells us he didn't make it to Heaven. Instead, he made a detour down south. She says that Clint was very smart and could have done a lot of good in the world, but instead he tortured Kevin like Terrible Tom did. Amber and Kevin are still driving. Amber asks Kevin to pull over so she can call Michael, but he refuses, saying she is going to call the police and turn him in. Kevin tells Amber she hasn't committed any crimes, and that he's calling the shots, not her. Amber grabs the steering wheel and they swerve off the road. Amber tries to tell Kevin that so many people care about him, but he is convinced no one cares about him. Kevin pulls the gun on Amber and tells her that during the next robbery, she is going to come in with him and hold the gun so that she is as deep into this as he is.

Katherine meets with Victor at the Ranch. They discuss Murphy, and Victor wants to know if they are serious. Katherine tells him time will tell. They discuss how it is rare that you find that one person who completes you, your soul mate. Victor tells Katherine hers was Rex, and Katherine tells Victor his is Nikki, but Victor reminds her he is with Ashley now. Just then, Victor receives a call.

Phyllis joins Jacks in the dining room at the Club while he waits for Sharon. Jack tells Phyllis that he and Sharon aren't back together, but that he is hopeful. Phyllis asks Jack about Billy, which Jack finds puzzling. Phyllis tells him that Billy reminds her of Jack. Nick is in the lobby asking a staff member if Sharon is in her room, and he tells Nick she checked out a couple of days ago. Nick is confused. Sharon arrives and joins Phyllis and Jack at the table, where Phyllis tells her they were just talking about Billy. Nick joins them as well, and decides to stay for a drink before heading back to the office. Nick asks Sharon how living at the Club is, and Jack informs them that Sharon has moved back in with him. Phyllis says Sharon is full of surprises. Sharon tells them that Noah wanted to recover at Jack's because it is a safe place. Jack adds that Noah will get a kick out of Billy. Phyllis is shocked and wants to know why Billy is living there. Jack tells her that Billy and Chloe moved into the pool house because they are going to get married and raise Cordelia together. Nick leaves the table to go back to the office, and Phyllis says she cannot believe Billy is living with Jack. Jack wants to know what her sudden fascination with his brother is when Daniel comes over to the table and asks Phyllis if he can talk to her in private. When Phyllis leaves the table with Daniel, Sharon tells Jack she wants to go home. Jack goes to get the car, and Sharon watches Nick talk on the phone across the room.

Daniel tells Phyllis that he and Michael discovered where Kevin was staying. He tells her they found Clint in the closet dead and Amber's bloody scarf. He says he doesn't know if Amber is dead or alive. Phyllis offers him a place to stay at her house while they find Amber, but Daniel tells her Jana is in the hospital because she's so stressed about Kevin. He says he's going to head back to the hospital to hang out with Jana.

Nikki and Katherine are in the diner. Nikki says Joe Jr. is sweet, just like Katherine said he was. Katherine is confused. Nikki tells her Joe Jr. won't take any location fee for the photo shoot and wants to help in any way he can. Jill arrives at the diner, telling Katherine she thought she'd find her here. Jill tells Katherine after the DNA test proves her mother is buried, she is going to make sure Katherine stays away from Genua City or she will make sure she winds up in jail again. Katherine tells Jill she is as vindictive as ever, she's just remembered how spiteful she can be. She says once she's back home, she is going to make her life hell.

Jeff finds Gloria at the Club. He introduces her to a huge man who is a bounty hunter. He tells her this man will hunt down Kevin and bring him home.

Sharon tells Jack to wait for her in the car - she needs to visit the ladies room. She approaches Phyllis and asks her to stop bringing up Billy. She says Jack is trying to help her, and she doesn't want Phyllis to mess it up. Jack appears and Sharon leaves with him.

Nikki goes to the Ranch to thank Victor again for convincing Jill to exhume Marge's body. They agree to be friends. Marge appears and encourages one of them to kiss the other. When Nikki leaves, Marge says they are idiots.

Murphy comes back into the diner. Katherine says she has been wondering where he's been. Murphy gets down on one knee, and Katherine wants to know what he is doing. Murphy tells her he is proposing. Murphy asks her if she would do him the honor of becoming his wife. Katherine gapes, and Joe Jr. and Pearl nod excitedly in the background. Katherine says, "yes," to Murphy, and they embrace. Murphy gives her the ring, starting to say it isn't much, but Katherine cuts him off, saying the ring is perfect. Murphy asks if she knows he loves her. She says she knows he does, and that she loves him, too. A mambo begins playing on the jukebox, which has been broken. Katherine says it must be a sign that Marge approves. She and Murphy dance to the music.

Marge gets back into the metal box. She says the doctor is done with her, he got his sample, and she is headed back to the boneyard. She says she's genuinely happy for Katherine and Murphy. She says she's headed back to Heaven, where she can do the mambo 24/7. She lays back down in the box and closes the lid.

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