Monday, March 30, 2009

Kevin and Amber Rob A Bank

In the car, Kevin tells Amber they'll simply rob the bank, get some money, and then go across the Canadian border to meet up with his dad. Kevin's leg hurts a lot, and Amber tells him he needs a doctor. She tells him she wants to call Michael, but Kevin insists that his dad will be mad if they don't get the money. She reminds him that Clint is not his dad, and that he's dead, but Kevin refuses to believe this. He says he's alive and waiting for them in Canada. Kevin holds the gun to Amber to get her to go into the bank with him.

Gloria sits in Crimson Lights with Jana. Daniel comes in and tells Gloria Jana left against medical advice. They try to convince her to go back to the hospital, but she refuses to go, saying she is too worried about Kevin. Jana wants to keep Crimson Lights open. Gloria tells her she may not be able to help her son, but she can keep the coffeehouse running. Jana wants to know what happened when Daniel and Michael went to look for Kevin. Jeff and the bounty hunter come in, and Jeff tells Gloria he is really going to find Kevin - it will be much better if they find him before the police do. He says that Kevin's a good kid, maybe a little twisted, but he comes by that honestly.

At the Ranch, Victor tells Ashley that getting fired might be a good thing because she can stay home and take care of herself and their baby. Ashley is surprised when she learns that Victor believes that woman is really Katherine. Adam listens around the corner as they talk about him. Ashley says his self-pity is normal because he is going blind, but Victor believes he still has no taken responsibility for putting him in prison, and until he does, he won't ever be the man he could be. Victor then tells Ashely that he doesn't want anything to happen to her or the baby because losing Sabrina and the baby nearly killed him and he couldn't take that again. Olivia arrives at the Ranch to see Ashley. Victor leaves the two women to talk. Olivia also believes that Ashley being fired is a good thing for her and the baby. Olivia also says she's worried about Ash ley's history. Ashley tells her that she isn't going to have another nervous breakdown, and even if something happens to the baby, she thinks she'll be okay. Adam listens, interested. Olivia gets a text message from Lily, asking her to come see her. Olivia makes Ashley promise she'll call if she needs her before she leaves.

Katherine tells Jill she is not her mother. She is not a match to Katherine or to the exhumed body. Nikki comes into the office, and Jill yells at her for sending this impostor in and making these claims. Nikki says the only impostor in the room is Jill, but Jill tells her she is Katherine's daughter - they had a DNA test done years ago to confirm that. Jill and Nikki argue, and Jill accuses her of being the good daughter to Katherine while she's always been the bad one. Katherine challenges Jill to prove them wrong - that Katherine is her mother. Jill tells them they should call Brock, because maybe Katherine isn't his mother either. Nikki says that's a good idea, she bets Katherine will be a match to him. Nikki and Katherine both believe Jill is scared. Jill orders Nikki to leave or she'll call security.

Lily tries to give the ring back to Cane, but he won't take it. Lily tells him she can't be part of taking Cordelia away from Chloe. Cane says Chloe won't puts the baby's needs first, but Lily says Chloe has always put the baby's needs first. She says that's why Chloe lied to Cane in the first place, because she knew he'd make an amazing father. When Cane finds out Chloe visited Lily at the house, he is angry, but Lily tells him that her decision to break off their engagement was hers, not Chloe's. Lily says she loves Cane, but she can't take Cordelia away from a mother who loves her. Lily tries to give the ring back again, saying if she keeps it, Cane will only be waiting for her to put it on. Cane says he can't ever take the ring back. He kisses Lily before he leaves.

Kevin and Amber go into the bank. He is weak and dizzy, but tells Amber to go over to the teller. Amber suggests that she take the gun, but Kevin refuses to let her have it. Kevin waves the gun around and announces that this is a robbery. Amber looks into the security camera and mouths, "Help me." As the teller is handing Amber the money, Kevin collapses on the floor and drops the gun. Amber helps them get up and they make their escape. She puts him in the car and he goes unconscious. Amber begins to panic, but Kevin comes to again. The sirens begin to get closer and Amber panics when the car won't start.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel tells Jana what they found at the motel room, including that they found blood. He tells Jana that Amber scrolled a message onto the wall, saying Kevin is crazed and something about him being on a spree. Jana doesn't believe Kevin would hurt Amber, but Daniel isn't sure. He says that because of Kevin's past, he might have been pushed to a breaking point. He says our Kevin wouldn't hurt anyone, but that the old Kevin is back. Jana's head continues to hurt badly.

Jeff admits there is something in it for him if he and the bounty hunter can find Kevin and bring him home. He says Gloria might be grateful enough to have him back, but Gloria tells him he is not going to use this to get her back into bed with him. Gloria tells Daniel and Jana that Jeff and the bounty hunter are going out to look for Kevin.

At the trailer, Nikki makes a phone call to Brock. She convinces him to come to Genua City to see Katherine for himself. Katherine says Jill will just try to convince Brock that she's a fraud, but Nikki is sure he'll know she is his mother right away. Katherine reminds her that Jill didn't know she was Katherine, but Nikki says that's because they may not be related. Katherine worries about what will happen to Jill if it turns out she's not her daughter, but Nikki assures her Jill will survive. Katherine isn't so sure. Nikki tells Katherine how she had a stroke when they first found out they were mother and daughter, but then they became fond of one another. Katherine doesn't think all the great feelings should disappear just because of a piece of paper. Nikki offers to stay with Katherine until Murphy comes back, but she tells Nikki she'll be okay. Right before Nikki leaves, Katherine remembers getting the results of the DNA test she and Jill had done years ago. She remembers being happy that they were mother and daughter, as was Jill.

At the coffeehouse, Jana's head stops hurting. She says she believes Kevin might be coming home now.

Victor returns to the Ranch and he and Ashley hear a noise from Adam's room. Ashley hopes that Adam hasn't fallen, and Victor goes upstairs to check on him. Victor asks if Adam is okay, and he says he is fine, he won't sue. Victor notices that Adam is sweating. Adam says he hasn't been feeling well lately. Victor tells him if he needs anything to call him. Adam thanks him for that. Once Victor has left the room, Adam begins doing push-ups.

Cane comes to Jill's office. Cane tells his mother what has happened with Lily. Cane comments that he hopes she just needs some time to adjust to the idea of being a mother to Cordelia. Jill tells Cane about the most recent DNA test, and says at first she thought it was absurd that she might not be Katherine's daughter, but now she isn't so sure. Cane says he knows they buried his grandmother.

At Cane's house, Lily is packing when Olivia arrives. Olivia sees the engagement ring and starts congratulating Lily, telling her how happy she is for her. Lily stops her, though, saying that while they were engaged, they aren't anymore. She broke off the engagement.

Victor goes back downstairs and they discuss whether or not he should see a doctor. Ashley is surprised and pleased that Victor still cares about Adam.

Upstairs, Adam does more push-ups. He then tries to break the ankle bracelet off his ankle. It appears he is also trying to lose enough weight to slip the bracelet off. He gets down on the floor again and does more push-ups.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel gets a call from Michael. Daniel informs Jana and Gloria that Kevin has robbed another bank, and this time he wasn't alone. Jana's head begins to hurt again.

At the bank, Jeff notices blood on the floor. Nearby, Amber tries to get Kevin out of the car so they can run, but he says he can't move his leg. She notices how bad his leg looks.

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