Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colleen Confronts Chloe

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday March 31, 2009:

Michael and Daniel arrive at the scene of the robbery. They talk with Detective Sloan. Daniel helps him with the security video so they can all view it. They see Kevin waving the gun around while Amber stands at the teller. Daniel tells the detective that Amber would never do anything to hurt anyone, and Michael tells the detective that Kevin suffers from psychological issues. He tries to tell the detective that Kevin is not violent, but when the detective doesn't listen, Michael goes off on a tangent about it. The detective threatens to arrest both Michael and Daniel if they continue to impede the investigation.

Gloria and Jana wait at the coffeehouse to hear something. Gloria gets a call from Jeff, who tells her that the bounty hunter will follow the scent of Kevin's blood. Jana freaks out. She is on the computer, and tells Gloria her headaches keep getting worse. She says she has to go to Minnesota and find Kevin, she knows him better than anyone, but Gloria says she's in no condition to drive. Jana agrees to stay at the coffeehouse at first, but then changes her mind and asks Gloria to watch the coffeehouse for her so she can go find Kevin. Gloria agrees to do that much, asking Jana to bring Kevin home safely.

Kevin and Amber hide in a boxcar. He says they need to wait there for his dad. Amber tells him they need to get him a doctor, but Kevin refuses, telling her his dad said no doctors. Amber tells Kevin she needs to go to the pharmacy to get some supplies for his gross and infected leg, but Kevin is convinced she will either run off or turn him in to the police. Kevin insists his dad is coming for them, but Amber says he isn't going to come. Kevin says his dad is probably waiting for them on the other side of the Canadian border, but Amber refuses to help him get to the other side. Kevin threatens her with the closet, but she reminds them there is no closet in there - they are in a boxcar. She tries to remind Kevin how they rescued Katherine and about Clint, but Kevin isn't snapping out of his state. Amber tells Kevin she is his friend and she is going to go to the drug store to get some things for his leg. Kevin begs her not to leave her alone. Amber promises she'll come back and tells Kevin to sleep while she's gone.

Nick is on the phone in the tack house. Phyllis listens in the background while Nick raves about Sharon to a potential employer. When he hangs up, he tells her he was giving Sharon a job reference. Phyllis tells him he might want to call them back and tell them she's a thief because Sharon stole from them. Phyllis says she stole something when she was over, and Nick wants to know why Sharon was over at the tack house. Phyllis remembers how Sharon came over to ask her not to tell Jack about her and Billy, but she keeps that to herself. Nick tells Phyllis she is being ridiculous. Phyllis tells Nick that Sharon knocked down the monkeys when she was there and when she left, they were gone. Nick asks her if she actually saw Sharon take the figurine, and Phyllis admits she didn't, but she knows Sharon took it. Phyllis asks Nick why he's defending Sharon, and Nick says she's the mother of his son. He tells Phyllis that she is obsessed with Sharon - every time they have a problem she blames it on Sharon. Phyllis yells at Nick that he slept with her! Nick tells Phyllis that he just wants to move forward, and that he made his choice, he is with her. He tells Phyllis he loves her, and Phyllis says she wants to believe him. Nick kisses her, and at first, Phyllis resists, but eventually goes along with it.

At the breakfast table in the Abbott mansion, Sharon and Jack discuss the loss of his job. Jack believes Victor is behind it. He says he wants to get him back. Sharon tells him she can't handle any lies and manipulation right now. Colleen comes into the room and asks Jack if he is ready to get to work. Sharon is surprised Colleen didn't know that Jack was fired from Jabot. She wants to know what they are working on together, and Jack tells Sharon Colleen wanted to talk about the Fresh Face of Jabot. She leaves the room to get more juice. Jack talks to Colleen about the Newman Board of Directors. He offers her advice on how to vote on a new fragrance and how to get other members to vote with her. Jack says Victor will have wasted years of research and development if the board doesn't approve of the new fragrance. Sharon listens from around the corner. She comes back into the room and slams down the juice before she walks out again. Jack follows her, and Sharon begins to yell at him, but remembers what she's done with Billy and begins to apologize to Jack, saying she has no place to judge.

At the pool house, Esther visits Chloe. Esther wants a big wedding for Chloe, but she says she and Billy will just get married at a civil service. Billy comes into the room with Cordelia whose diaper he just changed. Esther learns that Jill fired Billy from his CEO position. She begins to talk about the wedding again, and she and Chloe try to get Billy to agree to have the wedding at the Chancellor Mansion. Billy tells Chloe not to push him or there will be no wedding, and he leaves.

In the boxcar, Kevin sees Terrible Tom. Kevin says he knew that Tom would come back for him - he loves him. Tom says of course he came back for him. Kevin shows Tom the money and says he can get more if his dad wants him to. Tom says he's proud of Kevin. Tom says Kevin's mom tried to make him into a wimp, but he grew up to be just like his dad. Kevin beams at the compliment. Kevin then sees Jana as well. She tells him it is time for him to come home. Tom orders Kevin not to listen to her. Jana tries to convince him that he needs to come home to all of the people who love and care about him, but Tom tells Kevin no one cares about him. Finally, Jana disappears, and Tom threatens Kevin if he is not over the Canadian border by nightfall.

The detective orders Daniel and Michael to stay in the bank so they don't interfere with their investigation. Daniel tries to leave when he sees Amber walking by outside, but they won't let him leave. Jana arrives at the bank and they all watch the security tape again. Jana notices Amber is saying something to the camera. Daniel figures out that Amber is mouthing, "Help me!" to the camera, as Jeff comes into the bank. Daniel says that Kevin made Amber do the robbery, but Jana wonders why she kicked the gun away from the guard and helped Kevin get away. Kevin reminds them all that Kevin burned down Gina's and that he tried to kill Jana. Kevin says he likes Kevin, but if he has to pick only one, he is going to pick Amber.

Billy talks with Colleen at the Abbott mansion. He informs her that Esther wants to throw him and Chloe a wedding in the Chancellor mansion. Colleen says that will be tough because that is where he married Mackenzie and they were in love. Billy tells Colleen that he and Chloe aren't two people crazy in love - they are just two crazy people. Colleen tells Billy she'll come to his wedding and leaves the room. Jack comes into the room and encourages Billy to start his marriage off right in front of people, not in city hall. Billy tells Jack he feels like bolting right now, but Jack tells him that his mom is capable of anything and he needs to marry Chloe and make Cordelia an Abbott, now.

Upstairs at the Abbott house, Sharon remarks how she and Jack fell right back into their old patterns. He says that those old patterns weren't so bad, were they? Jack kisses Sharon.

Later, when Sharon comes downstairs, she runs into Billy. She asks about his marriage to Chloe, and tells him he shouldn't knock it, she's been floating from day to day and it isn't so great. Jack comes downstairs and suggests he, Sharon, and Noah go out to dinner, but Sharon declines. He suggests another night, but Sharon tells him the three of them aren't going to have dinner together any night. She tells Jack she realizes she has been using Jack, and she needs to move back to the Club. Jack tells her they can go back to sleeping in separate bedrooms and being platonic, but Sharon insists she needs to leave. She kisses his cheek before she walks out the door.

Colleen visits Chloe in the pool house. Colleen tells Chloe that Billy will never love her. She tells Chloe Billy has been in love before. Chloe slams the door in her face. Chloe picks up Cordelia and tells her she knows Billy has commitment issues, but they will still get married and be a family together. Billy comes in and tells Chloe they should start their marriage off right - he will marry her in the Chancellor mansion after all. Chloe is thrilled - she kisses his cheek and tells Cordelia daddy will look cute in a monkey suit.

When Amber comes back to the boxcar, Kevin thinks she is Jana. Amber tells him that it is her - Amber. Kevin is surprised she came back. He wants to get going so that they can get across the border in time, but Amber wants him to take medicine and allow her to dress his wound first. They hear sirens and Kevin says they are outlaws. He tells Amber there is no way they will take them alive.

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