Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Katherine Can't Remember the Explosion

I'm sorry this is late - my computer has been having a lot of problems lately. I will post today's update later tonight as usual, then I will be on schedule again.

The Young and the Restless update for Monday March 9, 2009:

Nick kisses Sharon in her room at the club. She stops him and asks him what he’s doing. He apologizes and says he hates to see her hurting. Sharon reminds Nick he doesn’t want Phyllis to find out he is there. He leaves, apologizing again as he does so. After Nick is gone, Sharon calls someone and asks if they can come over because she doesn’t feel like being alone.

At the coffeehouse, Billy hangs up his phone, telling Chloe that was a friend on the phone. Chloe reminds him he made a commitment. Billy said he made a commitment to Delia, not to her, but Chloe reminds him that they are a package deal.

Michael and Lauren talk with Daniel and Jana at the coffeehouse. They inform them that Amber and Kevin have been missing for hours and they believe they are looking for Katherine. Michael is surprised they are still looking for her since the DNA test proved she wasn’t Katherine.

The bomb has exploded at the motel; everything is in ruins and on fire. Esther cries, looking for Katherine. She finds her unconscious, and tries to wake her up. Gloria is also there.

Once at home, Phyllis wonders how Summer will react to hearing Victor is going to have a baby. Nick tells her they should hold off on telling her, but Phyllis reminds Nick he was pretty excited about the news. She says she wished Nick had been at the table for the announcement. Nick begins to explain about how upset Sharon was, but Phyllis doesn’t want to hear it. She just wants to know if what he told her in the lobby was true. When Nick says it was true, Phyllis says she trusts him. Phyllis goes to take a shower and Nick follows her. They make love in the shower.

Jack arrives at Sharon’s room. He wonders if something has happened. Sharon tells him she is losing it. He massages her shoulders and asks her why she’s being so hard on herself. He reminds her if someone else had gone through even one of the things she’s gone through lately, she wouldn’t be as hard on her as she’s being on herself. Sharon tells Jack he doesn’t know how bad it’s gotten, and she doesn’t want to tell him because she’s afraid of losing the only friend she has left. Jack assures her that this would never happen.

At the coffeehouse, Jill arrives and teases Billy about having the baby out so late. She receives a call from Esther. Jill begins to lay into Esther about how she hasn’t been around lately, but Esther tells her there’s been an explosion and she needs to come to the hospital. Jill tells Billy and Chloe and they all rush out to the hospital.

At the explosion site, Esther watches as Katherine is strapped to a board and loaded into an ambulance. Amber, Esther, and Gloria arrive at the hospital and watch as Katherine is wheeled into the ER. Esther and Amber give Katherine encouraging words as she’s wheeled off. Gloria sits in a wheelchair, waiting to be seen by a doctor. She makes a call to the press, telling the reporter she’ll give her an exclusive because she just helped save Katherine Chancellor’s life.

Kevin sits in the backseat of Clint’s car between Annie and Roger. Clint tells them to get him to shut up and stop acting like a six-year-old. Annie reminds Clint that Kevin is drugged. They hear on the radio that there were no fatalities in the explosion, meaning Esther and Katherine can identify them.

At the diner, Pearl, Joe Jr., and Murphy listen to the radio report about the explosion, where Marge’s name is mentioned as one of the possible survivors. They all grab their coats and head out to Memorial Hospital.

In Sharon’s room, she tells Jack he is so good to her. They kiss passionately, but Jack pulls away, telling Sharon this is not what she needs right now. Sharon insists that it is what she needs, and tells Jack not to say no to her. They hit the bed, but in the middle of making love Sharon calls out Nick’s name instead of Jack’s. He stops making love to her and dresses. Sharon apologizes, but Jack says this is probably for the best. He leaves.

Jill, Billy, and Chloe arrive at the hospital. Chloe is so happy her mother is okay. Esther tells Jill that she was right about Roger, but that she’s wrong about Katherine – she is still alive, and she’s here at the hospital.

A reporter arrives to interview Gloria. Gloria tells her that it is, thanks to her that Katherine is alive. She claims that she and Katherine are the best of friends. Amber stands nearby, listening and rolling her eyes.

Esther tries to convince Detective Gil and Jill that “Marge,” is really Katherine. When Jill still won’t buy it, Esther starts screaming and jumping up and down. Chloe asks for a sedative for her mother.

Michael, Lauren, Jana, and Daniel arrive at the hospital and find Gloria. She tells them she went through a wall. Jana wants to know where Kevin is. She gets very upset and tells Amber she should have put a stop to this nonsense a long time ago, because that woman isn’t Katherine. Daniel and Michael go out to look for Kevin. Gloria tells Michael to bring him home.

Nick and Phyllis discuss what to have for dinner, and agree on pizza. Nick goes upstairs to look the number up on the Internet. Nick’s phone rings, and it is Sharon. Phyllis answers the phone. Sharon is surprised. She tells Phyllis she thought she was calling Jack because he left his jacket there, but Phyllis tells Sharon she is getting tired of her games. She also tells Sharon she doesn’t know what she said to him tonight, but it lit a fire under him and he was very passionate when they got home.

In Katherine’s room at the hospital, she comes to. The doctor asks her if she knows what her name is and she says its Katherine Chancellor. She asks if she's in the hospital because her daughter put her there for observation. She tells the doctor she's been having senior moments. The doctor asks if she remembers the explosion, and Katherine says she doesn't. The doctor goes to inform her family that she is awake, but claiming she’s Katherine. Amber and Esther insist that she is Katherine. Jill gets frustrated and leaves.

Billy tells Chloe he thinks it’s sweet she cares for her mother so much. He tells her now they have someone who will love her just as much, too. Billy assures her that he won’t let Cane take Delia away. They tell Esther they have moved in together, and she thinks that is wonderful. She tells Chloe it is no wonder why she loves Billy so much.

Michael and Daniel arrive at the explosion scene. They ask Detective Gil about Kevin, but the Detective tells them there are no human remains. They file a missing persons report. Michael tells Daniel his brother is probably doing something ridiculous right now.

Michael and Daniel head back to the hospital, breaking the bad news that they couldn’t find Kevin. They tell Jana it’s good that he wasn’t at the motel, but she is frantic. She thinks Clint must have done something to him. Suddenly, Detective Gil arrives and asks if anyone knows anything about this. He presents them with a picture of Kevin holding the bomb on the motel couch. They are all shocked.

Jack runs into Jill at the coffeehouse. She is disappointed in his flat spirit. She suggests he sit down for coffee with her, that they can go back to being mortal enemies tomorrow. Jack says it is a good idea, and joins her.

Clint tells Kevin it is time to go back into the trunk. He screams and begs for them not to put him in there, but they pick him up and put him in anyway.

The doctor tells Katherine she has some cuts and bruises, but otherwise she is okay. He tells her she has some visitors, and Murphy comes into the room. He sits down beside her and tells her how worried he has been about her. Katherine is confused and asks if she knows him.

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