Thursday, March 5, 2009

Esther Delivers A Ransom Note

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday March 4, 2009:

Katherine tries to convince Clint of who she is. She keeps telling him different memories she has of their past. Each time, he says Marge would know the same thing. Finally, Katherine recalls a memory about Rex Marge wouldn't know, and Clint is convinced she is who she says she is.

Gina warns Amber to stay away from Clint. However, Amber still wants to help Katherine and ignores the warning. Daniel is upset because Amber is putting herself in danger to help Katherine.

Phyllis asks Nick if he thought Sharon was behaving strangely at the party. She tells him she saw Sharon swipe a silver picture frame from the party and that's she's concerned about Sharon. Nick tells her not to worry about Sharon before he goes to the gym.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon buys a coffee. She looks in her purse and discovers the silver picture frame. She is uncertain how it got there. Kevin comes up behind her to compliment the frame, and Sharon startles.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill tries to convince Chloe to stay. She tells Chloe that both Jack and Billy are using her. She says that Jack wants her to move into the Abbott mansion to ensure Cordelia is raised as an Abbott. Jill tells Chloe she should stay there with her and Esther where she and Delia are loved and supported.

Billy is surprised Jack could convince Chloe to marry him and move into the mansion. Jack admits he told Chloe that he thought Billy had feelings for her. Billy is angry, but Jack reminds him that if he doesn't try to make the marriage work with a woman who is crazy about him, he may lose her and Delia to Cane.

Billy meets with Chloe at the Chancellor mansion. Chloe tells him that she and Delia are a package deal. She tells him he needs to try to make the marriage work or she won't marry him and move into the mansion. Billy finally tells her he will try. He says he'll move in with her and Delia. They have an awkward hug.

Clint unties Esther and gives her a ransom note to give to Jill. He tells her if she messes up, he will kill Katherine, then Annie, and then he'll hunt her down and kill her too. Esther is panicked, but Katherine tells her to just do her best.

Amber tells Kevin about Clint. They find a mint wrapper they believe might lead them to his location. They call the company and find out where they deliver. Daniel tries to stop them. He finally gets Amber to promise to stop looking for Katherine for her safety. After Daniel leaves to meet with an art dealer, Amber and Kevin leave to check out the motels where the mints are delivered.

Gina meets with Jill and tells her that Clint is back in town. Jill believes he and Marge are working on another scheme.

Phyllis asks Jack for help with Sharon. She tells Jack Sharon is fragile and she asks him to be there for her when she falls apart. Jack wants to know what Phyllis' scheme is, but Phyllis says she's simply concerned about Sharon.

Nick runs into Sharon at the club. He asks her if she took the picture frame from the party, and she comes up with a reasonable explanation, telling Nick she wanted to have it engraved for Victor's birthday, but Nick isn't sure she's telling the truth. Later, when Nick sees Phyllis, he tells her Sharon is fine.

Esther finds Jill and tells her that Roger and Clint are keeping Katherine for ransom. Jill refuses to pay a dime, though, because she believes Esther is being conned. She tells Esther Clint won't kill anyone.

Katherine tries to convince Roger to let her go in exchange for a handsome reward. Amber and Kevin knock on the door and Clint panics. He sends Annie out to talk to them. She convinces Amber and Kevin that she hasn't seen Katherine before they move on.

Chloe begins to move into the Abbott mansion. At the same time, Billy shows up at Sharon's room in the club and the two begin to make love.

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