Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nikki Wants Marge's Body Exhumed

Jack meets with Mary Jane Benson. Jill comes to his house, looking for Billy, and Jack tells her he and Chloe probably took the baby out for a drive. She complains about how Billy hired a new PR person with a six figure income without consulting with her, and Jack introduces Jill to Mary Jane. Jack tells Jill to take up her issues with Billy because she hired him as the CEO. When Jill leaves, Mary Jane tells Jack she is nervous about Jill, and that she doesn't want to start any trouble, but Jack tells her not to worry about Jill. Jack wants to get to know Mary Jane better and offers to take her to the club for a drink, but she says she has too much work to do. She tells Jack she will change his life before she leaves, however.

Katherine tells Murphy she's done everything she can think of to get her family and friends to believe she is Katherine, but they still don't believe her. She says Murphy is the only one who doesn't care what her name is or what her past was, and she needs that now. He tells her he is sorry for her troubles, but he is glad she's back. When Katherine leaves to go to the restroom, Murphy takes out a ring he plans to give her.

Nikki and Paul are at the Club when Nikki receives the ring from messenger, Katherine left in her room for her. Nikki is now convinced without a shadow of a doubt that Katherine really is Katherine. She knows Marge wouldn't ever give back the ring; she would have taken it and sold it. Nikki realizes the only reason Katherine went back to Murphy is because she knows he won't turn her away. She tells Paul that she told Katherine all the nice things Murphy did for her when she had no memory of who she was. Paul tells Nikki they have to prove the body they buried is actually Marge. He calls Heather, and when she arrives, they try to convince her to exhume Marge's body so that they can have a DNA test done on it. Heather tells them the only way they can exhume the body is if next of kin gives permission, which is Jill.

Daniel and Michael talk to the detective at the crime scene. Daniel tells the detective that Amber wasn't helping Kevin commit the robbery because he was on the phone with her at the time it happened. Michael tells the police that he thinks Clint is somehow controlling Kevin to commit the robberies. The detective tells him Clint isn't making him shoot at police officers. Michael and Daniel decide to go look for Amber and Kevin and find them before the police do. Daniel finds Amber's car a couple of blocks away. They hop into the car and begin to look for Amber and Kevin in places where they believe Clint may hide out.

At the motel, Kevin shoves Amber in the closet for a time-out. When Amber discovers Clint's body in the closet, she begins to scream hysterically. Out of the closet, Kevin tells Amber she's lucky she didn't wake his dad because he gets mad. He says his dad is sleeping in the closet. Amber asks Kevin if Clint hurt him, and Kevin tells her he only hurt him when he was bad. Amber asks Kevin if he was there when Clint fell asleep, but Kevin can't remember. Amber tries to explain to Kevin that his dad is Tom, and this is Clint. Kevin can't seem to make sense of it. Kevin leaves the room, and Amber tries to find a phone. When Kevin comes back, he has a big electric saw.

Jill goes to the Ranch to visit Victor and to complain about the irresponsible decisions he and Jack are making at Jabot. Jill tells Victor she wants controlling interest in Jabot back and tells Victor to name his price for the shares he has. Victor says Jill doesn't have much confidence in Billy, but Jill tells him she knows Billy has the potential, this is just too much for him too soon. Victor tells her he will not sell the shares to her or to anyone else. He asks her to leave.

Heather greets Jill when she comes to the Club, followed by Nikki and Paul. Jill tells Heather she thought she was meeting her alone. Jill tells Nikki she no longer wants to discuss the Marge/Katherine issue with her, and she doesn't care that she gave the ring back to her. Jill claims she only gave the ring back because she could be arrested for theft if she didn't. Nikki tells Jill she can get everyone off her back if she allows them to do DNA testing on the woman they buried. Jill says if she ever suggests something so disgusting again, she'll take a restraining order out on Nikki.

As Michael and Daniel search for Kevin and Amber, they talk about what Kevin might do. Michael tells Daniel it wouldn't take much for Clint to gain control of Kevin, and they need to find him before he hurts himself or someone else. Michael gets a call from Gloria about Jana, who was taken to the hospital. Michael fills Daniel in and he comments that she's been having headaches lately. He says he thought it was just stress, but he's worried about her tumor. Michael tells him only one crisis at a time. They discuss Terrible Tom and what he did to Kevin as a child. Michael tells Daniel Kevin suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress and the littlest thing could bring him back to his past.

At the motel, Kevin wants to make Clint a coffin. Amber argues, telling him they need to go home, but Kevin orders her back into the closet. Amber tells Kevin she isn't going back into the closet. At that point, voices haunt Kevin, and he shoves her back into the closet. Amber calms down and tells him how much people love and care about him. She reminds him of Jana. Kevin has a hard time believing she is real. Kevin says he let her down, but Amber says he is scared and it is okay. Kevin lets her out of the closet, and Amber helps him make the casket. When they finish building it, Amber checks Kevin's wound. It is still bleeding heavily, so Amber takes his scarf off the wound and replaces it with hers. She goes to get Clint to put in his, "new home," when Kevin flips on the news. The news reporter says that Amber is Kevin's accomplice and she starts freaking out. Kevin puts her into the coffin and sits on it with a gun in his hand. She pleads for him to let her out.

When Katherine comes back to the room, Murphy says he has something for her. He explains he saved her Christmas present, and that it was never the right time to give it to her with her fall, her being in jail, then her being kidnapped, and then in the hospital. Murphy tells Katherine it meant a lot having her there and that he thinks she saved him that day he found her at the river. He says he thought he'd always be alone after his wife died, and that he hopes he never has to spend another day without Katherine in his life. He is about to give her the ring when there is a knock on the door. Murphy is frustrated they are interrupted. He answers the door to find Nikki. She rushes to Katherine, hugging her, and apologizing for doubting her. She says she and Paul have a plan to prove Katherine's identity and to get her back home where she belongs. Murphy is disappointed.

Michael and Daniel arrive at the room where Kevin and Clint were staying. They find it empty. They find Amber's bloody scarf, and an empty coffin. Daniel opens the closet door and Clint's dead body tumbles out. They also find a message on the wall, "Kevin is crazed, on a something spree." They guess that Kevin is on a killing spree.

Kevin drives a car, telling Amber they are going to Canada where mom says it's safe. Amber realizes he is talking about Annie.

Jill shows up at the Abbott mansion. Jill tells Jack she thinks he is manipulating Billy and she is going to look over every inch of everything Mary Jane does. Jack tells her she has too much time on her hands, but she tells him if she finds anything wrong, she will not only fire Mary Jane, but him as well.

Victor is on the phone with Mary Jane getting a progress report when Estelle lets Nikki in. Victor is annoyed she has come to the Ranch. Nikki gets right down to business, she wants Victor to help her get a DNA test on Marge. Victor tells her she's already had one, but Nikki insists Katherine is alive. She wants Victor to help her with Jill, but Victor tells Nikki she needs to be committed. Katherine comes in and tells Victor how dare he talk to Nikki like that after everything she's done for him. Victor is shocked.

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