Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nikki Finally Recognizes Katherine

The Young and the Restless update for Friday March 13, 2009:

Nikki and Katherine sit at the Club bar and talk about the ring. Nikki tells Katherine she pawned it, but Katherine says she’d never do such a thing because her mother gave it to her. She doesn’t remember pawning it at all. Katherine tells Nikki she’s her best friend and she doesn’t know what she’d do without her. Nikki tells Katherine she might actually believe she is who she says she is if Katherine would tell her something that isn’t a matter of public record. Nikki tells Katherine to go away and she does.

Amber and Kevin are at the coffeehouse, and amber tells Kevin she’d bet her life that Katherine really is Katherine. They begin to talk about Kevin and where Clint might have him. Katherine is upset by the way Nikki and Jill have treated her, and Amber empathizes with her. Daniel asks if she has remembered anything that might help them find Kevin, but Katherine tells them she hasn’t been able to remember anything yet. Amber tells Katherine she’s taking her on a trip, and at first Katherine protests, but when Daniel reminds her how stubborn Amber is, she gives in and goes along with it. Before she leaves, Amber thanks Daniel for being so nice to Katherine. He tells her to call if she’s going to be late.

Jana comes in upset about Kevin. She says as more time passes, she fears more and more that Clint may have done something awful to him. Daniel tells her that he feels in his gut that Kevin is still alive, and Jana seems to be somewhat relieved by this assurance.

Nikki spots Victoria and tells her that even though she knows she was talking to Marge, she reminded her of Katherine so much. Talk then turns to the subject of Ashley’s pregnancy, and Victoria is surprised when Nikki says she wishes both Ashley and Victor well. She tells Victoria she even went to congratulate Victor on the pregnancy. Victoria tells her mother she should be concerned about Victor because he keeps latching onto one thing after another for hope – Adam, Sabrina, and now Ashley. Nikki reminds Victoria she should learn to live with what her father is doing because she doesn’t want to risk another alienation by him. Victoria comments that she still feels guilty about the way she treated her father and Victor. Victoria comments that her mother is so accepting of the situation that she’ll be throwing Ashley a baby shower.

Kevin returns to the motel room in the squirrel costume. Clint says that he did good work and he’ll get another helping of Mac ‘n’ Cheese tonight. Kevin doesn’t seem pleased and Clint demands a “thank you, daddy,” from him. Clint looks at the money and tells Kevin this is just the beginning for the two of them. Kevin tells Clint he isn’t going to commit any more robberies for him, but Clint reminds him he’ll do whatever Clint says. Kevin turns against Clint, saying that he’ll hurt him. Clint is scared, but snaps out of it, telling Kevin if he doesn’t do what he says, he is going to go back into the closet for another 24 hours. Kevin apologizes and promises he won’t make another outburst like that again, and Clint says, “It’s okay, son.” They see a report on the television about the robbery, and Kevin gets scared.

At Newman Victor tells Ashley that it seems that Adam is having vision problems; he saw Adam reading his letter upside down. Victor tells her that he could be lying about this, and that he knows what Adam is capable of. Ashley tells Victor that either way he needs to find out what is going on and be there for his son. Victor agrees.

At Indigo, Tyra tells Neil she knows why he wants to talk – he saw the two of them kissing. She tells Neil that Karen accused her of trying to break up their marriage, and Neil doesn’t seem pleased about that. He tells Tyra under the circumstances they can no longer work together. Tyra tells Neil the kiss was her fault; she shouldn’t have let it happen. She says Neil is like a man from a fairytale, and that her life’s never been that way. She tells him she has never felt anything for another man the way she feels about Neil. Neil tells her the kiss was as much his fault as it was hers. Tyra says his loyalty lies with his wife, and that he’s right, they can’t work together anymore. She makes it clear to Neil that she will always be a part of Ana’s life, though, and Neil agrees. She says she’s glad that Neil and Karen are still going to adopt her, and that Neil needs to figure out what he is going to tell Ana about why her mother is no longer working at Indigo. Neil tells her they’ll figure it out.

Devon looks for his father at Newman. Karen tells him Neil isn’t there. Devon asks Karen if everything is okay between her and Neil, and she admits they’ve had some tough times lately. Devon tells her whatever is going on, Neil loves her.

Victor returns to the prison to visit Adam. When Adam acts defensive again, Victor asks him if he’s afraid that Victor will find out that he’s lying or that he’ll have to ask for help. Victor tells Adam he’s brought a doctor with him and asks Adam if he’ll allow the doctor to examine him. Adam sighs in defeat. The doctor examines Adam. The doctor says it appears that Adam has the beginning of the eye disease Hope had. Victor tells Adam he is sorry for the bad news. Victor also remarks he’s been afraid of Adam getting this eye condition since before he was born. Adam admits he is scared; he says that prison is terrifying with sight, but he doesn’t know how he’s going to survive in prison while he goes blind.

Katherine and Amber go to the diner, where they find Pearl, Murphy, and Joe Jr. Murphy is happy to see her and asks if she remembers him. Katherine tells him she does and she has so much she needs to say to him. Murphy wants to know if she’s had a breakthrough, but Katherine tells him Amber filled her in on the past few months. Murphy is disappointed. Katherine thanks Murphy for taking her in and for being so kind to her. She says she will take care of him for the rest of his life once she proves who she is, but Murphy tells her all the thanks he needs is knowing that she is his friend. Katherine tells him she hopes he will change his mind when the time comes.

Nikki and Victoria arrive at Newman, and greet Karen, who rushes off, saying she has a meeting. Ashley comes around the corner and Victoria watches in amazement as Nikki gives Ashley a hug, telling her she hasn’t had the opportunity to congratulate her yet. She tells Ashley she thinks life is too short for grudges and she wishes her, the baby, and Victor every happiness. Victoria finds Karen in the break room and asks how her meeting went. Karen is baffled until Victoria explains that Karen said she had a meeting earlier when they saw each other. Karen said it went fine. Victoria asks if she and Neil are having problems.

Neil offers to make some calls for Tyra to help her get another job, but Tyra tells him he doesn’t have to do that. She turns to go, but Neil calls after her. He comes toward her and kisses her passionately. They begin to undress each other when Devon comes in. Neither of them notice he is there, however.

At the coffeehouse, Jana thanks Daniel for his pep talk. Daniel shows her a video of a stranger robbery and Jana is shocked that the scarf the squirrel is wearing looks just like Kevin’s. Daniel agrees it does. They agree that it’s crazy to think Kevin is running around committing robberies dressed as a squirrel. Later, Amber returns to the coffeehouse and she watches the video of the robbery with Jana and Daniel. She notices that the scarf the squirrel wears is the one she made for Kevin as well. Daniel tells the girls he hates to admit it to them, but the squirrel robbing the check-cashing place is Kevin.

At Newman, Victor receives a call from the prison, alerting him that Adam is being taken to the prison infirmary because he was beaten severely.

Katherine approaches Nikki at the Club once again. Katherine begs Nikki to listen to her. She says she needs Nikki to support her the way Katherine supported her when she was in Mexico. Katherine tells Nikki about the conversation they had on the phone and about a specific story Nikki told her about she and Victor that Katherine had not heard before that day. Nikki is shocked and finally believes Katherine is alive! Nikki hugs her friend and cries.

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