Thursday, March 12, 2009

Katherine Says She's Marge!

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday March 11, 2009:

Victor has called Nick to the Ranch to talk about business. Victor wants him to go to China to wrap up a deal for Newman. Nick teases Victor about nesting with Ashley. Victor tells Nick he is determined not to let Ashley down, and Nick reminds him he didn’t let Sabrina down, either. Victor says it’s funny how life works sometimes, that he and Ashley met when Victor was in Paris to feel closer to Sabrina. He says that pregnancy is a gift.

Adam is in the jail when Heather arrives to check up on him. He doesn’t know she’s there until she says hello to him. She asks about his rash and his eyes. Adam denies having any problems with his eyes, but Heather admits she saw him trip over a chair last time she visited, and that he didn’t even know it was there. Adam keeps denying he has an eye problem until Heather asks for her pen by the magazine on the table. Adam feels for the pen, but Heather tells him there is no pen there. She tells Adam she can help him; she can get him in to see a doctor, but Adam refuses, telling her he already has a weakness being Victor Newman’s son. He tells her if the other inmates find out he can’t see, he will be dead.

Billy arrives at the Chancellor mansion. Jill tells him the next time he comes, he should bring the baby because she misses Cordelia. Billy tells Jill that the woman in the hospital is Katherine. He tells her how he doesn’t understand how she can’t recognize her own mother. Jill is furious because she believes this woman is conning Billy and is afraid of how much he’ll be hurt when he figures it out. Billy tells his mother that Katherine is going to need her if she is ever going to reclaim her life.

Amber wakes up in Katherine’s hospital room. Katherine is still frustrated because she cannot remember the past couple of months. She wonders if she has Alzheimer’s, but Amber tells her she saw a doctor, who said Katherine did not have Alzheimer’s or dementia. They wonder what could be causing the memory problems when a psychiatrist enters the room, wanting to ask Katherine some questions. She asks Katherine why she is calling herself Katherine when she was living as Marge. When the psychiatrist asks Katherine to tell her what words come to mind when she says the name Marge versus Katherine, the psychiatrist hypothesizes that a lonely woman may want to change her identity. Amber becomes angry, telling the psychiatrist that she can prove Katherine is who she says she is. Amber tells the psychiatrist to get Katherine’s dental records to prove her identity.

Gina and Colleen look at the paper in the club. Gina is angry that Kevin is on another rampage, saying that Kevin should be locked up behind bars. A reporter arrives at the club and Gina tells her that Kevin once burned down her restaurant. The reporter asks for an interview from Gina, and she agrees to give one.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel, Jana, Michael, and Gloria continue to worry about Kevin. Michael receives a call telling him that the photo of Kevin wasn’t photoshopped. They speculate that Kevin was forced to pose like that with the bomb. Jana becomes hysterical about Kevin’s whereabouts again.

Clint, Annie, and Roger stop at a motel. Clint orders Roger and Annie to get Kevin out of the room. He tells them to put Kevin into the closet, and Kevin goes hysterical, begging them not to put him in the closet because it is too dark in there. Kevin tries to convince himself he isn’t in the closet, but Clint bangs on the door and demands that Kevin be quiet. They see a news report on television, calling for their arrest. Annie panics, but Clint tells her that Kevin is going to get them out of this. He drags Kevin out of the closet, and yells at him. Clint leaves to get gas for the car, and orders Annie and Roger to put Kevin back into the closet. Annie convinces Roger to let him make Kevin something to eat first. When Clint comes back, he is angry that Kevin is out of the closet. Anne and Roger try to convince Clint to leave Kevin there while they escape to Canada, but Clint says he has, “big plans,” for Kevin. Later, Kevin hears Annie and Roger argue about whether to save him or not, but they decide to leave him in the closet where he’s been placed once again, and take off alone.

At the mansion, Esther comes down the stairs and tells Jill and Billy to turn on the TV because Gina is talking about Clint. Gina is saying that Kevin and Clint are of the same nature – two evil people. The reporter asks Colleen what she thinks of Kevin, but Colleen doesn’t want to say anything negative about him. Gina takes over again, telling the reporter that Kevin should be locked up. Billy says Clint is a piece of work for threatening Katherine. Jill becomes angry again because Esther agrees that Katherine is who she says she is. Later, Billy asks his mother to go down to the hospital and prove to him that Katherine isn’t his grandmother. After some convincing, Jill agrees to go.

At the coffeehouse, Jana, Michael, and Gloria fume at what Gina says on TV about Kevin. Daniel tells them that Gina never really got over Clint, but Jana tells him not to defend her. Michael speculates that Clint has Kevin. Gloria tells Michael that Clint is cruel and violent, and Michael says he knows that Clint is like Tom. Everyone is worried for Kevin’s sake. Detective Gil arrives and asks Jana why he found Katherine’s purse in her apartment. Jana explains she left it at the coffeehouse the night she died and Kevin didn’t want the family to think he stole it. He also asks her why there was a search on his laptop about how to hotwire the type of car Katherine had. Jana is angry that this detective is accusing Kevin of all kinds of horrible things. Detective Gil tells them that he has gotten an arrest warrant for Kevin.

Later, Michael catches Gloria talking with a reporter. He orders her to leave, but Gloria has already told her that Kevin is fragile. She tells Michael she wants people to understand what Kevin went through as a child. Michael accuses her of believing Kevin set the bomb up, and she admits she doesn’t know what to think anymore. Michael tells her Kevin wouldn’t do such a thing, but Gloria reminds Michael how much Kevin has been through.

Amber tells Katherine all the great things he did to help Katherine prove her identity in the past few months. Katherine is really grateful to Kevin. The psychiatrist returns to the room and informs Amber, Katherine, and Esther (who just arrived) that Katherine’s dentist retired and the records were sent to a warehouse, but the staff doesn’t know which warehouse they were sent to. Amber says there has to be a way to get the records, but the psychiatrist doesn’t seem to think so. The psychiatrist tells Katherine she will continue to observe her indefinitely in the hospital until she can come to a conclusion about her behavior. Katherine finally tells the doctor what she wants to hear – she says the psychiatrist is right; she’s not crazy, she is not Katherine Chancellor, and she is actually Marge. As Katherine says this, Billy and Jill overhear as they approach her room to visit her and are shocked. Later, after the doctor has left, Katherine tells Amber and Esther she just told the doctor what she wanted to hear so that she could get out of the hospital and work on reclaiming her life.

At the club, Jana yells at Colleen. Colleen tells Jana she knows Kevin’s changed and she didn’t mean her words to come out the way they did. Gina steps up and tells Jana that men like Clint and Kevin rarely change. She says that Kevin being locked up would be in everyone’s best interest. Jana is outraged and nearly threatens Gina, but Daniel gets her to leave before she makes a complete threat.

Heather goes to the Ranch to tell Victor about Adam’s eyes, but Victor slams the door in her face. Later, Heather runs into Nick at the club and asks him what Victor said about Adam losing his sight. Nick tells her Victor didn’t say anything, and that the family has wasted enough energy on Adam’s scams as is.

When Clint returns to the motel room, he sees the interview Gloria gave to the reporter about Kevin’s abuse. He takes advantage of the information. He opens the closet door and tells Kevin it is just he and Kevin now, and that they’ll get along just find if he obeys, “Daddy.”

When Michael, Gloria, Jana, and Daniel see the interview Gloria gave to the reporter, Michael tells Gloria she’s made things worse, as always.

Victor shows up at the prison and silently observes Adam as he listens to the television.

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