Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kevin Regresses

The Young and the Restless update for Thursday March 12, 2009:

At the prison, Victor observes Adam. Adam gets up from his seat and bumps into furniture as he finds his way to the table. Victor sits down across from him, and Adam is defensive. Victor reminds Adam he promised Hope he would look after him, but Adam scoffs at that. Victor asks Adam about his eyesight, but Adam denies there is anything wrong with it. He tells Victor that he didn’t care about him before, so why should he start now. Victor wants to know what Adam wants from him, and he says nothing. Victor leaves.

Kevin remains locked in the closet. Clint comes to the door, telling Kevin he will let Kevin out if he is a good boy. He opens the closet door and tells Kevin he can have food and drink if he does what, “daddy,” says. Kevin asks for his mother, which frustrates Clint. He shoves Kevin back into the closet, warning him not to make a mess in there or he’ll be forced to lay in it and he’ll never be let out.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki says hi to Jill and asks how Esther is. Jill says Esther’s fine, but that she thinks she was held in captive with Katherine. Jill tells Nikki that the woman finally admitted she is Marge. A deliveryman delivers a package to Nikki. She opens it and it is Katherine’s ring. Nikki tells Jill she saw it at an auction and asked Victor to intervene for her. Nikki apologizes to Jill for accusing her of stealing it, but Jill is upset and leaves.

Amber gives Katherine a key to a room at the club. Katherine says she wants her life back, and she needs to prove she’s Katherine Chancellor in order to do that. Amber receives a phone call from Daniel, calling her obsessed with Katherine and the situation. Amber offers to eat with Katherine at the club, but she tells Amber to go set things straight with Daniel.

Kevin thinks he hears his mother talking with Clint outside the closet door. He yells at Clint to not hurt his mother. Clint commands Kevin to shut up and mutters how crazy he is under his breath as he reads the paper. Kevin finally calls for his “daddy” and promises he’ll be good. Clint helps him get out of the closet, and tells him they are going to play a game.

Nikki finds Victor at Newman and thanks him for getting Katherine’s ring back for her. Victor tells her Katherine wanted her to have it. Nikki also congratulates Victor on the pregnancy. Victor tells her that he’s busy with work, and Nikki leaves.

Neil and Karen discuss Neil’s kiss with Tyra in the Newman break room. Karen is still upset about the kiss, and tells Neil it was hard to walk in on them kissing in their living room. She tells Neil she is afraid what she would have found if she had walked in a few minutes later. She also tells him that she hates where her thoughts go when Neil is at Indigo late at night working with Tyra. Karen asks Neil to let Tyra go so that they can work on rebuilding trust in their marriage. Neil accuses Karen of not wanting Tyra to have a bigger role in Ana’s life than her. Karen tells Neil that this is about trust, not Ana. She finally demands to know what is more important – their marriage or defending Tyra. As Neil tells Karen their marriage is more important, Victor comes in and asks to speak with Neil.

After Neil leaves the room, Tyra walks in and greets Karen cheerfully. She tells Karen that she needs Neil to sign some checks for Indigo. She tells Karen the checks could wait, but she wanted to get them done early. Karen is furious, telling Tyra it is not appropriate for her to come into their place of employment to get something from Neil that could wait until later. She also tells Tyra that she should stay away from Neil.

Neil apologizes to Victor for brining his personal life into the workplace, and assures him it won’t happen again. Victor assures him it is okay, and informs Neil Ashley is pregnant. Neil congratulates him. Victor tells Neil he may need him to pick up some extra work because of the circumstances, but Neil tells Victor he needs to focus more on his family, too, because he and Karen are working on adopting Ana. Victor tells Neil it is all right; they’ll worry how to divide the work later. He tells Neil to go finish his conversation with Karen.

After Neil leaves, Victor sits down to write Adam a letter. He tells Adam it breaks his heart for Adam to be in that place, but that this experience will teach him and help him grow. Victor says this may seem like tough love, but it is love just the same.

Neil returns to the break room. Karen tells him Tyra left a check for him to sign, and he is surprised that Tyra stopped by. He apologizes to Karen for earlier, and he knows she’s right. He says Tyra is causing friction in their marriage, and that he will let her go. Karen hugs him and thanks him.

Jill spots Katherine in the dining room, and tells her that the Club won’t serve crooks. Katherine tells her that she is her mother, but Jill says she knows she admitted she is Marge. Katherine tells Jill that was only a ruse to get the psychiatrist to let her out of the hospital. She asks Jill if she was supposed to lie or to let the psychiatrist commit her? Jill tells her mother she wished the doctor committed her. Jill tells Katherine she is hurting everyone who loved her mother and are still grieving. Katherine tells Jill she is her mother, but Jill gets frustrated and leaves.

Amber meets Daniel at the coffeehouse, and she tries to explain to him why she lied to him about finding Katherine. She says she knows Daniel feels betrayed, but Daniel tells her she did betray him; she promised to give up on the Katherine thing. Amber tells him that Katherine’s life was at stake, and Daniel tells Amber hers was as well. Daniel tells her that going after Clint was stupid. Amber says she’s sick of people calling her stupid, so Daniel says she was reckless, then. They finally agree that they are worried about Kevin. Amber thinks she should tell the police the truth – that she and Kevin were going to save Katherine together.

Amber spots Jill at the coffeehouse and tells Daniel she needs to try to get Jill and Katherine in the same room so that Jill can speak with Katherine. Daniel tells her to take a break from trying to save the world, but she hops up and confronts Jill anyway. Amber tells Jill that she needs to talk with her mother, but Jill tells Amber she’s seen the woman, she isn’t her mother, and she no longer cares. Jill walks out of the coffeehouse.

Victor returns to the prison to give Adam his letter. Adam pretends to read it, but he cannot really see it. Victor pretends to leave, and then observes Adam attempting to read his letter. Victor sits down beside Adam, saying, “Let me help you with that.” Adam asks Victor what he is going to do, and Victor tells Adam they will figure it out.

Katherine sees Nikki at the Club and goes over to her. She asks Nikki to open her heart and just entertain the possibility that she might be Katherine; she asks Nikki to just hear her out. Nikki tells her that her heart closed after her best friend died. Katherine tells Nikki she is still here. Nikki tells Katherine to quit playing this sick game. Kay spots the ring on Nikki’s finger and tells her she left Nikki that ring and the rest of her jewelry in her will. Nikki begins to cry, and Katherine begs her to let go of her fear because she is still here. Nikki begs Kay to stop.

Neil arrives at Indigo, and Tyra greets him with chatter about the bar’s inventory. Neil stops her and tells her they need to talk.

Kevin is dressed as a squirrel, and approaches a man in a wicket. He has a gun and hands over a note. The man begs Kevin not to hurt him and gives him a lot of money.

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