Thursday, March 26, 2009

Victor Helps Katherine

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday March 25, 2009:

Sharon thanks Jack for dinner at the Club. Jack tells her it was great having her back in the house last night - even if she slept in the guest bedroom. She thanks him for not pushing things. She then asks how long Billy and Chloe will be staying at the house. Jack asks her if this is a problem, and Sharon says it just reminds her of when Gloria was staying there and brought up some bad memories, but she doesn't mind them staying around. Jack tells Sharon he really appreciates that. Mary Jane Benson stops by the table, and Jack introduces her to Sharon. Sharon isn't too enthusiastic about this. When Mary Jane leaves, Jack asks Sharon if she wants to have some more coffee at the Club or if she's ready to go home. Sharon says she's ready to go home, she's had a bad couple of weeks. Jack reminds her he is there to listen if she wants to talk or give her space if she needs it. He tells her his love for her is unconditional. Jack says when Sharon is back to normal again, she may want to consider coming back to Jabot, but Sharon remarks she probably won't be back to normal for quite a while.

In the pool house, Chloe tells Billy her marriage to Cane has finally been annulled. They hash out the rules of their relationship, such as always putting Delia first. Billy tells Chloe she should give Cane's ring back to him, but Chloe says she loves the ring and it's a Chancellor heirloom. She asks Billy if he would be jealous if she kept it, and he tells her he wouldn't be. Instead, he says she'd be doing him a favor because then he wouldn't have to buy her a ring.

Cane asks Lily out on a first date. He tells her his marriage to Chloe has been annulled and that nothing will ever come between them again. Lily is happy about this. She asks about the custody case, and Cane tells her it should move pretty fast. Lily asks Cane if it is really a good idea to take Cordelia away from Chloe. Cane tells her she will make a better mother. Lily defends Chloe, telling Cane that when it comes down to it, Chloe puts Cordelia's needs ahead of her own, and that she can't fault her for that. After dinner, Cane hands Lily a fortune cookie. She breaks it open to find a beautiful ring. She says she loves the ring, and Cane tells her he's had it for a while, but he wanted to wait until his marriage was annulled to give it to her. He tells Lily he loves her.

Jill bumps into Mary Jane in the lobby of the Club and insists they meet to discuss some ideas she has for her about Jabot. Mary Jane listens to Jill's ideas and remarks that they are good ones. Jill is thrilled she thinks so, and wants to get to work on them right away. Mary Jane is confused. She tells Jill she thought Billy was the CEO of Jabot. Jill says he is, but she's the CEO of Chancellor and gets a say on what goes on at Jabot. Mary Jane insists they talk to Billy about the ideas together before she gets started on working on them. Jill finally agrees to run the ideas by Billy. Mary Jane says she needs to turn in so she can get up early and get to work. She leaves Jill at the table.

Katherine stands by Nikki's side at the Ranch in front of Victor. She orders him to stop staring at her. Victor wants to know where she saw him last, and she responds she saw him last in the living room after Sabrina died. After a few minutes of talking, Victor admits no one talks to him the way Katherine does. Victor welcomes Katherine home, and they discuss how he came back to Genua City for her funeral even though he knew he'd be arrested. Katherine says she could remember the past few months. Nikki and Katherine fill Victor in on Murphy, and Victor tells Katherine he wants to meet Murphy. Nikki tells Katherine that Victor and Ashley are back together and are expecting a baby. Katherine congratulates him. Katherine tells Victor that Jill refuses to have Marge's body exhumed and they need to have it done in order to prove Katherine really is Katherine. Victor tells her he will see what he can do.

Billy and Chloe are in the Abbott living room when Sharon and Jack arrive home. They ask Sharon and Jack if they can stay in the house for a little longer because Chloe is sleeping in the pool house and she won't sleep with them there. Sharon goes upstairs to do some unpacking. Chloe goes to get a cold drink. After both women have left the room, Billy tells Jack he has to get Sharon out of there! Jack wants to know why, and Billy tells him Sharon already broke his heart once. Billy believes Jack is setting himself up to get hurt again. Jack reminds him he messed up the marriage and that Sharon needs stability right now. Billy appears very agitated. Jack asks about how he and Chloe are doing, and Billy informs him they are okay, but Chloe's marriage is finally annulled. Billy tells Jack Chloe wants promises of commitment and that she is obsessed with him in ways Jack cannot even imagine.

Cane tells Lily he is so glad to have her back, and that they've got a good shot at full custody. He tells her they can be a family all their own. Lily tells Cane she wants to marry him and she support him being a father, but she can't be a mother to Cordelia. Cane wants to know when Lily changed her mind, but Lily tells him she has felt uncomfortable with it the entire time. She doesn't think the baby should be taken away from Chloe because she's put the baby's needs first. Lily tells Cane she won't make him choose between her and the baby, but she cannot be the baby's mother and never will be. Cane tells her to hold onto the ring, and to not make any decisions right now. Lily agrees, but says she doubts she'll change her mind.

In the kitchen, Chloe is looking through cookbooks. She tells Sharon she wants to make Billy a surprise dinner because she thinks tonight might be the night the way Billy was all over her last night. Sharon asks how the two of them met, and Chloe tells her about how they met in New York and how great Billy is in bed! Sharon seems distressed. Sharon leaves the room. Jack enters and Chloe asks him if it would be lame if she ordered dinner for Billy from Indigo. She thanks Jack for talking to Billy. She says she thinks Billy will fall for her eventually, just as he did for Cordelia. Chloe leaves the room, and Sharon enters again. Sharon thanks Jack again for everything. Jack asks her if she wants to watch a movie, and Sharon agrees. Jack goes to make popcorn for them, and Billy appears behind Sharon.

At the Ranch, Jill tells Victor she thought he didn't want to sell her the stock. He says he's changed his mind, but that she doesn't have to buy it, he'll give it to her. Victor tells her the only thing he wants in return is her permission to exhume Marge's body to put things to rest once and for all. Jill initially declines the offer, but Victor tells her Katherine would approve. She finally agrees and tells Victor to have the papers drawn up.

Back in Murphy's trailer, Nikki sees a copy of Restless Style. She tells Katherine she wants her to be on the cover of the next issue, she wants to tell her story to everyone. Nikki tells Katherine by the time the next issue is due to come out, everyone will know who she is. Katherine says she'll think about it. She asks Nikki how heartbroken she is, saying she saw how hard Nikki was working to keep it together at the Ranch earlier. Nikki says she's fine with Victor and Ashley being together, but Katherine says she knows better. Nikki reminds Katherine she has Paul, and she is happy with him. Nikki says she's tired of doing the old dance with Victor, but Katherine tells her they were doing it earlier that day. Katherine tells Nikki she might be happy with Paul, but her life with him will never be what it was with Victor. Just then, Nikki gets a call from Victor, informing her that Jill has agreed to have Marge's body exhumed. Nikki tells him both she and Katherine really appreciate his help.

Billy tells Sharon not to use Jack, but she says she isn't. Sharon tells him she broke it off with him to be with Jack. They agree that they both have too much to lose, and that neither Jack nor Chloe must find out about them sleeping together.

Chloe has dinner ready for Billy, and vents that he isn't there to eat it yet. She blows out the candles in frustration. Billy walks in and kisses her. She tries to speak, but he tells her to shut up. He lays her down on the couch and kisses her passionately.

Jill sits at the bar in the Club. She thinks back to the day "Marge" first showed up at the Chancellor mansion. Jill whispers, "Forgive me, Mother."

Sharon and Jack have a popcorn fight as they get ready to watch the movie. Sharon kisses him, then takes his hand and leads him upstairs.

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