Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brock Recognizes His Mother

Amber wakes up in the boxcar and finds Kevin drinking. She asks how much he's had to drink, and Kevin wants to know if she's going to yell at him. She tells him he's had enough people yell at him in his life already. Everything is silent, and Amber wonders if the police have moved on. Kevin speculates they are waiting at the border in case they try to cross. Amber tells Kevin that Daniel and Michael are look for him, and Kevin gets upset because he believes Amber called them. She reassures him that she didn't, but that they love him, so they are probably looking for him. Kevin wonder how anyone could ever love either of them, and Amber says that is a horrible thing to say. Amber tells him that they have both changed. Kevin says people can't change, but Amber shares a lot of memories with him to show him that he's a good person. She tells him she is lucky to have such a good friend. Amber tells Kevin that she loves him, and he allows her to hold him while he goes to sleep.

Nikki and Phyllis work on the article about Katherine at the tack house. Nikki tells Phyllis she is doing Katherine justice, and Phyllis tells Nikki this will be a record-selling issue - a great idea. Nikki asks how everything is going and Phyllis tells her everything is going well. Sharon has moved back in with Jack. After Nikki leaves, Phyllis types her feelings about Sharon, but then deletes them.

Jack greets Nick and Noah as they come into the Abbott mansion. Noah is supposed to have breakfast with his mother, but Jack says she isn't there. Noah wonders where she is when she walks in the door, apologizing for being late. She tells Nick and Noah that she's moved back to the Club, that she made an impulsive decision by moving back in with Jack, and she corrected her behavior by moving back into the Club. Jack tries to accept the blame for the situation, but Nick refuses to believe he is at fault. Noah gets very angry with his mother, asking her when she is going to quit this and be herself again. Sharon says she doesn't know. Noah runs out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Sharon asks Jack to let her speak to Nick alone, and Jack leaves the room. Nick wants to know what is going on with Sharon; Noah is having a hard time, and has been ever since Brad died. Sharon tells Nick that she is in a bad place, too, that's why she asked Nick if Noah could stay with him. Nick tells Sharon he followed up on the job she was applying for, but now he's not so sure he should have given her a reference because he doesn't know if she can handle it. Sharon becomes upset, demanding to know when Nick became so judgmental. Jack asks Sharon if she can give him some help in the study, and Sharon goes to him, saying that Nick can show himself out. Sharon also prepares to leave, but before she does, Jack asks her if she'll come back for Billy's rehearsal dinner tonight. Sharon is hesitant, but Jack says she'll be doing him one last royal favor, so she agrees.

In the pool house, Chloe is preparing to leave to find a baby-sitter for Cordelia for tonight. She leaves Billy in charge while she's gone. After Chloe leaves, Billy tells Cordelia this isn't the way it was supposed to be. He fantasizes that he and Mackenzie have been married for five years, that they are still in love, and that she is Cordelia's mother.

Cane and Lily are affectionate to one another at the coffeehouse. Chloe arrives to meet with the potential baby-sitter, Eden. Cane offers up his opinion, not a favorable one, about Eden watching Cordelia, but Chloe tells him he doesn't get a say in who watches her because he is not her father. Cane leaves, saying he has something to do. Chloe tells Eden what time to be at the pool house, and Eden leaves. Chloe notices Lily doesn't have a ring on, and she congratulates her for standing up for her beliefs. Lily notices Chloe still has her old ring. Lily accuses Chloe of not caring which brother she marries as long as it's a Chancellor. Lily tells Chloe she knows she loves Cordelia, but she hopes she never finds out how Billy really feels about her mom. Chloe tells Lily that Billy shows her how he feels all the time, and it's wonderful. Lily tells her that her marriage to Billy won't last any longer than it did to Cane.

Murphy is nervous about the wedding because he claims he can't dance and doesn't want to embarrass Katherine. She teaches him a few dance steps. Brock comes to the door with Nikki, expressing his nervousness about meeting the woman, but Nikki assures him that he will know it is his mother when he sees her. When Katherine and Brock meet face-to-face, they immediately connect. Brock knows she is his mother, and he embraces her. They sit down inside the trailer to talk. Katherine talks about her memory issues and achiness. She tells Brock that the doctors have ruled out arthritis, rheumatism, and Alzheimer's. He asks if they have tested her for Lyme disease, and she says they haven't. Brock tells her he had a friend who had similar symptoms who had Lyme disease. He says after weeks of being on antibiotics, his friend fully recovered. Nikki calls her doctor to have Katherine tested for Lyme disease right away. Nikki wonders if Brock has talked with Jill yet, and he says he hasn't, but that she won't be happy. Before Brock leaves, Katherine thanks him for the tip about the Lyme disease. Nikki goes out to her car to get shoes and a tie for Murphy for the wedding. Murphy tells Katherine he isn't going anywhere - he will even be around to deal with Jill. Katherine receives a call from the doctor, confirming she has Lyme disease, and she is thrilled with the news.

Esther works on wedding plans in the Chancellor mansion when Jill walks into the room. Jill tells Esther the wedding better be taking place at the Club, but Esther informs her that the wedding will be held at the mansion, on Friday. Jill tells Esther the wedding shouldn't be taking place at all, she doesn't want Billy to marry Esther's evil spawn - Billy is too good for her. Jill finally tells Esther she is going to buy her half of the house so they can't have the wedding there. Esther tells her she can't buy something that doesn't belong to her - it belongs to Katherine, and she'll be sorry when Katherine comes back.

At the pool house, Billy continues to fantasize about being with Mackenzie. Cane comes to the door, and Billy informs him he can't see Cordelia. Billy tells him he didn't come to see Cordelia, he came to see Billy. Cane asks Billy if he really wants to give up his party lifestyle and be attached to one woman. Cane tells Billy he will resign as CEO of Jabot, so that Billy can have money and power if he gives up the idea of being married and raising Cordelia. Billy asks if Cane is trying to buy his child. Cane tells Billy he can have anything he wants. Billy tells Cane he wants him to get out of his house!

Phyllis picks up Noah and brings him back to the tack house. She wants to know why he is so angry. Noah tells Phyllis that his mom moved out of Jack's house and back into the Club again. Phyllis tells Noah that whatever is going on with his mom, that she and Nick love him. Noah goes upstairs and sulks some more.

Brock goes to the Chancellor mansion to talk to Jill. Brock tells Jill that the woman in question is Katherine. He asks Jill to take a leap of faith and believe. Jill says it's easy for Brock - he has nothing to lose. But if the DNA test comes back and he is a match to Katherine, then Jill isn't her daughter. He tells Jill that they will still be mother and daughter, no paper is going to change that. Brock wants to take Jill to talk to Katherine before the test comes back to work things out, but Jill says she can't, she can't believe this woman is Katherine. Brock tells her they will get through this together, just as they did when they grieved their mother's passing.

Cane returns to the coffeehouse and asked if he missed anything. Lily asks him how Cordelia is, and Cane seems surprised she knew where he was going. Cane tells her he went to see Billy and offer him a way out, but he was too stubborn to even listen to him.

Billy thinks about Mac again in the pool house when Chloe arrives. Chloe tells him that she did something great for them today. She says she found a killer dress for the rehearsal dinner and asks Billy to change his shirt. Billy holds Cordelia and tells her he knows exactly how she feels.

Nick arrives at the tack house, and Phyllis informs him that Noah is very upset. Nick tells Phyllis he laid into Sharon. he is tired of her behavior. Phyllis is pleased that Nick let Sharon have it.

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