Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cane Gives Up the Lawsuit!

Jack and Ashley sit in the GCAC dining room and speculate as to whether Jill has read the Restless Style article on Katherine yet. Jack says he wants a front row seat when she does. Suddenly, Jill walks into the room.

Jill approaches Cane at the GCAC bar, and he tells her that Katherine offered him a high-level job at Chancellor. He tells his mother he turned it down. Jill tells him it was dumb to turn it down right before Cordelia's custody hearing. Cane says there's too much backstabbing in business and he doesn't want that in his family. Before Cane leaves, he asks Jill to come to Cordelia's hearing with him, but Jill tells him it won't help him to be seen with the, "Wicked Witch of Genua City!" After Cane leaves, Jill spots Ashley and Jack across the room and remembers her conversation with Victor, threatening to tell Ashley about the shares he bought.

Billy confronts Chloe for confronting Mac at the coffeehouse. Mac tells Chloe that she isn't going into hiding anytime soon, so she needs to get used to being around. She also tells Chloe she is not a threat to her marriage. Mac goes to sit alone. Chloe orders a coffee and Billy tells the barista to make it a decaf. They sit down at a table, and Chloe notices Billy is nervous about the hearing as well. She is relieved that he's nervous, too, even though he denies being nervous to her. Chloe tells Billy it helps her knowing how much he cares, and he kisses her hand and reassures her that nothing is going to happen to his girls. Mac watches from across the room.

Neil tells the judge he has something to say in court. He says he's adopted before - Devon - Ana's older brother, and he thinks of Devon as his son. Neil says he feels the same way about Ana and wants to do right by her. He asks the judge to reconsider putting Ana with her mother, Tyra, the woman who made Ana who she is today. Karen and Tyra are both shocked. The judge is confused about the sudden change in heart Neil has had. Neil admits to the judge that he and Karen have been having marital problems, even though she has overlooked his mistakes. The judge calls another recess to think about things. Karen is furious, asking Neil what he's done!

Outside the courtroom, Ana is worried about what is taking so long. She worries she upset Neil and Karen by hugging Tyra. Devon tries to reassure her that everything will be all right, telling her that whoever takes her home today, he will always be there for her. Cane comes to the courthouse and Ana greets him. Devon fills Cane in on Tyra filing a petition at the last minute. Lily comes out of the courtroom and asks to speak with Cane alone.

Jill approaches Ashley and Jack in the dining room at the GCAC. Ashley teases Jill about begging Victor for a job. Jill is not pleased. She tells Ashley she bets there's a part of their conversation he left out, and she'd be happy to fill her in on it. Ashley doesn't feel well all of a sudden. Jack gets on Jill about not supporting her son, Billy. Jill warns Jack about kicking her when she's down because that's when she's the most dangerous! Ashley moans in pain again and Jill asks her what's wrong, is Satan's spawn giving you indigestion? Jack helps Ashley leave the table as Jill tells them she has something important to tell them. They tell her they don't care as they leave. In the foyer, Ashley has more pain and tells Jack she needs to see her doctor.

After Ashley and Jack leave, Jill returns to the bar at the GCAC and drinks some more. A reporter approaches her and begins to ask her questions. The reporter wants to know her reaction to Katherine saying that Jill is a fraud. Jill tells him she'll give him an exclusive - Katherine Chancellor is a fraud! Mackenzie overhears as she arrives at the Club.

Neil apologizes to Karen for having to tell the judge to reconsider. Karen is furious and she says of course Neil is sorry - he thought hiring Tyra a lawyer would be enough to beat them at getting Ana. The judge comes back and tells everyone that she's giving permanent guardianship to Tyra. Tyra rushes out of the courtroom crying. She hugs Ana and tells her the good news. Devon is confused and goes to Neil to find out what happened. Neil tells him that Tyra won with Neil's help and that Karen isn't doing well. Neil looks over and sees Karen's wedding ring on the table where she was sitting!

Lily tells Cane Neil did the right thing - Ana should have been with her mother all along. She says that she doesn't want to see Cordelia doing the same thing one day. She pleads with him to do the right thing as well.

Neil goes home and finds Karen packing her suitcase. She tells him she's going to get as far away from here as she can get! Karen accuses Neil of having wanted this outcome the entire time. She says Neil always has to be the good guy - he can't let anyone down - not even his mistress. Karen thinks that their entire relationship has been a lie, but Neil argues that the entire thing has been true. Karen accuses Neil of using her to get over his dead wife. Karen explains that this never felt right from the beginning, but he kept coming after her with a bunch of promises and she believed him. Neil grabs Karen's arm as she tries to leave and when he won't let go, saying he loves her, Karen hits him in the face. Karen keeps hitting Neil in the chest, sobbing and saying she hates him. The door opens and Devon, Ana, and Tyra stand there, shocked. Ana is worried Karen is upset about her. Karen reassures her this isn't her fault and that she'll miss her. She takes her things and leaves. Neil calls her name, but she doesn't respond before she leaves. Karen sobs as the elevator door closes. Neil holds Karen's ring in the palm of his hand inside his apartment. Ana wants to know where she and Tyra go from here?

Billy and Chloe arrive at the courthouse, shortly followed by Rafe. He greets them and wants to get them settled into the courtroom. Cane asks to speak to Chloe alone, and she agrees. They go into an empty courtroom. Chloe begins to rant about how Cordelia needs her mother, and Cane agrees, shocking Chloe. Cane says he's been thinking about what he would tell Delia when she asked about her mom, and he can't think of a single reason he could tell her about why he took her away from Chloe. Cane and Chloe both grew up without mothers, and Cane says their daughter won't be the same. Cane tells Chloe he's going to drop the lawsuit, and she embraces him, thanking him. Cane says he will be keeping an eye on her, and Chloe says he will always be there - he is part of the family. Cane tells Chloe she'll have to change the name on the birth certificate, and Chloe says that won't be a problem.

In the hall, Lily tells Billy what is going on, and Billy thanks her for helping him. He tells Lily that he really did care about her in their relationship, and she says she knows. She says that no one else could have helped her through that difficult time, and she thanks him for being there for her. Chloe and Cane emerge from the courtroom and Billy and Chloe hug as do Cane and Lily.

Ashley and Jack arrive at the Ranch. Jack tells Estella that the doctor ordered a lot of rest for Ashley. Estella offers to get Ashley some tea, but Ashley says she'll just have water. Estella tries to insist that tea is best because that's what Sabrina said, but Ashley tells Estella firmly that she wants water. Ashley goes to her room, leaving Jack in the living room. Adam comes in and he and Jack briefly discuss his sight. Adam tells Jack he can see other things now - like Jack's true nature and the fact that Jack will fall. Jack says Adam's blindness hasn't changed his character - it just gives him another way to manipulate people. Jack says Hope never used her disability to manipulate others. Ashley overhears and she comes back downstairs, telling Jack to leave. Ashley apologizes for Jack and Adam says Jack was right about one thing - he isn't worth much these days.

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