Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cane Proposes - Again

The Young and the Restless update for Tuesday April 21, 2009:

Daniel and Amber are at home trying to work. Daniel offers to get take-out, but Amber says she can't do this. Amber is very worried about Kevin. Amber says it is even more awful because Kevin was going to turn himself in when Jeff Bardwell walked into the boxcar and ruined everything. Daniel snaps at her, telling her to quit obsessing about Kevin - she could go to jail! Amber says she just can't forget about Kevin, even if Daniel can. Daniel tells her Kevin is his best friend, but he needs her and she hasn't been there for him. He says first she was looking for Katherine and then she and Kevin were robbing banks. Now she's facing the possibility of going to jail for years. Daniel reflects upon the dreams they had, and says they're at risk now. Amber reassures Daniel, telling him he is the most important thing to her. They kiss.

Jana visits Kevin in the psychiatric hospital. She tells him she got a new Ouija board and that she believes he will be home soon. She suggests they take a vacation after all of this is over - he deserves a holiday after all that he has been through. Jana tries to get Kevin to look at her, but he won't. Jana says she believes in him. Kevin hears the chipmunk calling him "zombie boy." He yells at the chipmunk to "Shut up and leave me alone!" Of course, Jana thinks this is directed at her, and she becomes silent. After a while, she asks Kevin if it is okay for her to talk to him again. As Jana talks to him, she gently pulls Kevin's face toward her so that he can see her. In his mind, Kevin tells Jana he loves her, but the chipmunk continues to taunt him. He also sees Amber in his hallucination who tells Kevin not to listen to the chipmunk. Kevin says Amber's name aloud, and Jana is shocked.

Neil sits on the couch sadly. Devon comes over to pick up some of Ana's things for her to take to school. Devon tells Neil he can't forget what he and Tyra did, but that Neil did a great thing for his sister today, and he won't forget that, either. Neil tells Devon he misses Ana. Devon says he can visit her anytime, but Neil admits it isn't the same. Devon asks Neil if he has any plans on getting together with Tyra - he doesn't want to see Tyra get hurt. Neil says he can't imagine being with her right now so soon after Karen has left. Neil admits he didn't even know he could cheat on anyone. Devon leaves.

Cane and Lily snuggle on the couch together at home. Cane tells Lily he quit Chancellor because he doesn't want to have a job that will follow him when he goes home. Lily tells Cane she's been thinking too - she says she'll finish college, but she's been missing modelling lately. Cane says they will start over - together. They discuss how they had planned to start their own family and what happened when Lily got pregnant. Lily says she still wants to have Cane's baby, and Cane wonders if this means marriage is back on the table. Lily tells Cane to ask her and he'll find out! Cane gets the ring, kneels in front of her, and pops the question - again. Lily says yes. She goes to tell her father the good news while Cane picks up some dinner.

Sharon is in her room when Nick arrives. Sharon says she's fine, but Nick insists she's not. Sharon tells Nick about how Noah confronted her about letting Eden take the fall for stealing those books. Sharon is convinced that Noah hates her. Sharon says she's going to the District Attorney to turn herself in. Nick tells her she isn't going to do any such thing. He asks her why she feels she needs to be punished and he hypothesizes she'll still blaming herself for Brad's death. Nick tells her to do community service if it makes her feel better, but she can't go to jail because Noah needs her.

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis and Lauren are met by Detective Gil and Michael. Detective Gil hands them an envelope with some photos of the things that were in Sharon's room. He tells the women to let him know if any of the things are theirs. Phyllis recognizes Victor's egg statue he put Sabrina's ring in when he proposed. She also recognizes her monkey statue and tells Michael he wants to press charges. Michael says that while Phyllis' monkey statue has sentimental value, it isn't grand theft. He asks Lauren if she wants to press charges - the things Sharon took from Fenmore's were expensive. Lauren says it's Fenmore's policy to prosecute shoplifters. Michael points out to Phyllis that she only wants Sharon to go to jail so that she will stay away from Nick. Phyllis says she has good reason to be worried - Nick and Sharon have slept together - twice! Michael tells Phyllis she fights hard, but Phyllis says she still loves Nick and asks what she is supposed to do? Lauren suggests Phyllis take Sharon out of the equation - the problems they are having are between she and Nick, and if she keeps obsessing about Sharon, she is going to lose Nick.

Amber and Daniel are beginning to make out when Jana knocks on their door. Daniel tells her to go away, but when he hears it's Jana, he lets her in. Jana apologizes for interrupting and says she is having another headache. Amber offers to get her some painkillers, but Jana doesn't take them. Jana recounts what happened at the psychiatric hospital, and tells Amber Kevin was asking for her. She says she thinks Amber may be the only one who can pull him out of this.

Cane and Devon run into each other at the coffeehouse. They agree that what happened in court was best for Ana. Cane expresses concern over Neil.

Lily visits Neil and he says he knew he was putting his marriage on the line. He reminisces about how after Dru died, Karen was the first woman to put a smile on his face. Lily shares her news with Neil - she and Cane are getting married. Neil wonders about the custody suit, and Lily informs him that Cane dropped it. Neil asks if Lily is sure this is what she wants. Lily says she has never been so sure about anything before, and Neil hugs her and tells her he is happy for her. After Lily leaves, Neil remembers taking his vows with Karen and takes off his wedding ring, placing it next to Karen's.

Daniel, Amber, and Jana go to the psychiatric hospital to visit Kevin. As Amber goes into Kevin's padded cell, Daniel tells her to be careful. Amber greets Kevin, but he doesn't respond to her. Outside, Jana tries to talk with Daniel, but quickly notices he isn't very happy. Daniel says Kevin has seemed to take over Amber's life. He apologizes and says it must be difficult for Jana right now. Jana says they all have to be patient while this works out. Inside the cell, Amber keeps talking to Kevin, urging him to fight his way back to the world. Kevin hallucinates that Amber and the chipmunk are dancing. Kevin then remembers how Amber held him while he went to sleep in the boxcar, and he suddenly says, "Amber, you're here!" He is able to tell her that he is scared of the chipmunk. She urges him to confront it the next time he sees it. She says that's the only way to get it to go away. She tells him to do this for her. Kevin says he'll try.

Michael and Lauren have dinner at the Club. Lauren says Michael has been through so much and she doesn't know how he does it. Eden comes up and Lauren tells Michael she's already talked to her about the sex thing. Michael tells Lauren she is the reason he is making it through all of this. Sharon approaches the table and tells Lauren she's sorry about the Fenmore's items. She says she's been advised not to discuss it, but once she can, she'll explain everything. Lauren confronts Sharon about letting Eden take the fall for the stolen books. Sharon is stunned and apologizes. She says she didn't realize that she had taken the books. Lauren reminds her that the arrest could have really hurt Eden's record, college career, and future career in the job market. Lauren also informs Sharon she's going to press charges!

Phyllis visits Nick at Newman. She wants him to come home so they can talk. Nick says that is why he had to leave. He says they can't talk to one another without yelling, and he needs his space right now. Phyllis says she really needs him and she's afraid that if he doesn't come home tonight it will be the end for them. Nick wonders if this is an ultimatum, and Phyllis assures him it's not. Phyllis admits she's scared, and Nick says he is as well. He says he can't come home right now, though.

Lily returns to Cane's house. He gives her a day planner with the day May 15th bookmarked. Cane wonders how this date would be for a wedding, and Lily embraces him, thrilled.

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