Thursday, April 16, 2009

Neil Gets Tyra A Lawyer

Katherine and Mackenzie discuss Jill at the coffeehouse. Neither one of them understand why Jill is acting the way she is. Katherine says she has to find a way to get through to Jill. Talk then turns to Mac and Billy. Katherine asks Mac if any part of her decision to stay around Genua City had to do with Billy. Mac avoids the question, and Katherine goes off to find Jill to talk with her.

Lily runs into Karen in the bookstore and asks her how she is. Karen tells Lily she doesn't have to pretend, and Lily isn't sure what she's talking about. Karen is surprised Devon didn't tell Lily about Neil and Tyra. Lily asks her what is going on. Karen tells her she should talk to her father about it, but when Lily presses, Karen tells her that Neil and Tyra had an affair. Lily says her father would never do that, but Karen tells Lily that Neil admitted to it. Lily is shocked, and she assumes that Ana's adoption is on hold. Karen tells her they are moving forward with the adoption, and this worries Lily.

Billy looks out the window and thinks about Mac in the pool house. Chloe and Cordelia are also there. Chloe asks Billy which outfit makes her look more like Mom of the Year. She is preparing for the custody hearing, which is taking place tomorrow. Chloe asks Billy if he's still in love with Mac and hoping for a fairy tale ending, because if he is, they're screwed. Billy assures Chloe he has no plans to cut out on her. Billy admits he loved Mac once and felt something when she returned, but she's gone now, and he's with his family where he should be.

Cane and Michael meet about the custody suit. Cane wants to ensure they win; he wants to go after Billy with everything he has. He asks Michael if that is going to be a problem for him. Michael tells Cane that it's hard for him to imagine two brothers going after each other like this because he'd give anything to have his brother sitting with him right now!

Rafe, Neil, and Tyra meet at the coffeehouse about Ana's adoption hearing. Neil wants Tyra to be able to file her own petition. Rafe is shocked that Neil wants Tyra to file her own petition and to get custody of Ana while he appears to be standing by his wife in court. Rafe tells Neil that what he is suggesting is a major conflict of interest, but offers to refer Tyra to another lawyer all the same. Later, Rafe calls with a referral fro Tyra. Tyra wonders if Neil hates her - she is ruining his life. Neil tells her he doesn't hate her, and kisses her hand as Lily walks in.

Neil follows Lily. She tells her father that Karen told her what happened between him and Tyra. She is angry with him, but admits it isn't her business. Neil tells Lily it isn't her business, but what happened between him and Tyra was a one-time thing, not an on-going affair. Neil tells Lily that he is beginning to think that adopting Ana is a bad idea. When Lily learns that Neil helped Tyra get her own lawyer, she says that they got married in order to hold onto Ana. If they lose Ana, they are going to have to figure out if they love each other enough to stay married.

Rafe visits Billy and Chloe. He says it would be a good idea to take Cordelia to the hearing. They are shocked and wonder if he's trying to say that they might lose! Rafe says that no one knows for sure who is going to win. He wants them to be prepared, but he didn't mean to freak them out in the process. After Rafe leaves, Chloe begins to panic, thinking about the possibility of losing her baby. She wants to go out and get the books of vintage nursery rhymes so she can read them to Cordelia on what might be her last night with her mother. Billy kisses her forehead and reassures Chloe that Cane isn't going to win. Billy goes out to get the nursery rhyme books so they can start reading them to Delia. Esther comes over and tells Chloe that Mackenzie decided to stay after all. Chloe begins to panic and tries to call Billy, but he doesn't answer.

Jill arrives at Jabot for work, but finds all of her things in boxes. She asks who did this, but before a staff member can answer, she says she already knows who did it. Katherine arrives shortly afterward, and finds an angry Jill. Katherine doesn't understand why she's angry - she just wants to talk. Jill tells Katherine that she was fired thanks to her! Katherine said she didn't fire Jill, and she doesn't know what she's talking about. Jill wonders how she ever believed that Katherine loved her as a daughter. Jill believes Katherine only made her CEO of Chancellor because it was expected of her. Now that Katherine knows Jill is not her daughter, she isn't obligated to keep her at Chancellor anymore! Katherine tries to protest, but Jill won't listen. Katherine tells Jill that she's hurt and upset and she's projecting those things onto her. Jill wants Katherine to admit that she never loved Jill as her daughter. Jill keeps pushing and Katherine becomes frustrated. Katherine finally tells Jill that she's glad that this person right in front of her isn't her daughter.

Mac runs into Michael at the coffeehouse and accompanies him to the psychiatric hospital where Kevin is staying. She wants to help Kevin find his way back like she did before. Mac goes into Kevin's room and he backs away as she begins to speak to him. Mac tells him a little about her life and encourages him, telling him she is going to be there for him. Kevin hallucinates the chipmunk again! Mac tells Kevin she'll be back to see him again soon before she leaves his room. Michael is discouraged that Kevin didn't seem to recognize Mac, but Mac assures Michael that she'll come back to see Kevin again - she's still his friend. Inside his room, Kevin whispers, Mac." Michael goes in to see Kevin and reminds him of all the people who love him. Michael tries to touch Kevin's shoulder, but he flinches.

Cane arrives at Jill's office at Jabot and they talk about what happened with Katherine. Jill tells Cane there is a lot of bad blood between she and Katherine and they have fallen back into that dark place again. Jill tells Cane Katherine admitted she is glad Jill isn't her daughter. Cane offers to take her out for dinner to cheer her up. Jill says he's a good son, but she wants him to rest for the hearing tomorrow regarding Cordelia's custody. Cane says he doesn't understand why Katherine is treating Jill this way - he wants Delia even though he isn't her biological father, and he can't understand why Kay doesn't want Jill because they aren't biologically related. Cane leaves and Jill thinks about better times she and Katherine shared as she packs up her office.

At the coffeehouse, Katherine talks with Murphy about Jill. Kay feels Jill is trying to destroy everything good that they shared and she doesn't know what to do. Murphy thinks Jill is lashing out at Kay because she's in pain. Katherine says it's so sad that Kevin is in trouble right now because he believed in her, but Jill never did. Murphy suggests they go home, but Kay asks him if he'd mind if she just sits alone for a while.

Billy is surprised when he finds Mac at the bookstore! He asks her if she got his number from Brock, and when she says she did, Billy wants to know why she didn't call him. Mac tells him to ask his wife! Billy asks her why she really stayed around, but Mackenzie avoids his question. Billy presses her to say that she stayed in Genua City because of him. He suddenly grabs her and kisses her!

Karen and Neil meet up at the Club, and Neil informs her they need to talk about some things before the hearing tomorrow. Karen asserts there's nothing to talk about - they're going forward with the adoption. She says Neil came into her life, and made her believe she could be a mother again. Neil tells her he doesn't want to hurt her to which Karen responds, "Then don't." She leaves to go home.

Lily finds Cane at the GCAC waiting for his mother. Lily tells him he's a great son. Lily tells Cane she'll come to the hearing tomorrow and support him, but she wants him to think about whether this is really the right thing to do or not before he goes in there tomorrow. Cane tells Lily that he's doing the right thing and he's certain of it.

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