Monday, April 13, 2009

Phyllis Goes Crazy With Panic!

The Young and the Restless update for Monday April 13, 2009:

At the courthouse, Mitchell Sherman tells Katherine and Murphy he has important news for her. He tells them that Katherine's will has been declared null and void and he death certificate has been rescinded. He says that everyone must return Katherine's possessions and money immediately. He also alerts them that a death certificate has been issued for Marge. He wonders why Katherine was driving Marge, but he says they may never know that. As Mitchell walks away, Katherine remembers that Marge was having problems with her drinking and that she was taking Marge to a rehab center the night of the accident. Katherine tells Murphy she remembers what happened the night of the accident, and Murphy says he'll tell everyone at the diner. Katherine says they should give Marge a memorial service, and Murphy remarks that she has a big heart. They head back inside the courtroom in order to witness the rest of the bail hearings.

Amber and Kevin sit next to each other as the bail hearings begin. Jana tries to speak to Kevin, but an officer tells her no contact with the defendant is allowed. Heather reads Kevin's charges and suggests that the judge not grant him bail, telling him that Kevin is a danger to others. Michael tries to get the judge to see that Kevin is not a harm to anyone but himself. He tells the judge that Kevin has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that stemmed from years of severe emotional and physical abuse. He also says Kevin is suffering from Stockholm's Syndrome and was forced to commit the crimes by Clint. Heather tells the judge that Michael is just speculating, and that the state deals in facts. She says the fact is that there's a videotape with Kevin robbing a bank. Amber has an outburst, trying to get the judge to see that Kevin was forced to commit those crimes. Michael quiets her down, and continues defending Kevin. He says that Kevin needs help or he may never be the same again. Heather disagrees, saying Kevin has a long criminal history and that he is a murderer. Amber has another outburst. A bailiff tries to sit Amber down, but Kevin starts freaking out, telling the bailiff not to touch Amber!

Lauren is still not convinced that Eden and Noah realize they've done anything wrong. Noah wants to drive Eden home, and Lauren admits she wants to go to the courthouse to be with Michael. Lauren tells Noah to take Eden straight home and to not make her regret this. When Lauren leaves, Eden suggests they go to his dad's place so that she can be there with him when he tells his dad they came back and why. Noah agrees.

Phyllis calls a park ranger at the tack house. She says she is concerned that her husband went up to the cabin and hasn't come back yet. The ranger confirms that he went to the cabin, but hasn't seen the car come down yet. He offers to relay a message for her, but she declines the offer. Phyllis begins to panic - she believes Sharon and Nick will sleep together again. Phyllis grabs her coat and leaves the tack house.

Nick and Sharon agree that it was so wonderful the last time they were at the cabin. They both admit they've had trouble letting their feelings go. They also agree that if Cassie hadn't died, they would still be together. Sharon tells Nick that she is not okay. She says that she gets close to other men and pretend they are him and that she does things she can't remember doing. Sharon admits she's falling apart, and Nick embraces her. Sharon pulls away, telling Nick it isn't right for her to be dumping on him. Sharon tells Nick that the time she had with him means more to her than he will probably ever know. Nick kisses her, and they make love at the cabin again! Afterward, they both admit they wish they could stay there forever, but know they have to leave. Sharon goes to get dressed, and Nick whispers, "Phyllis...."

Noah and Eden arrive at the tack house and find it empty. Noah asks her if she's hungry. Eden admits she's starving. She asks Noah to tell her the truth - is he disappointed that she said she was ready, but after they drove to the cabin she changed her mind? Noah tells her that she was being honest and he could never be disappointed with that. Eden admits she was surprised at herself because she grew up at the ashram around free love. Noah tells Eden that it's okay - he wants the first time to be perfect, too. They talk about how neither one of them are "experienced" and how it's expected of boys. They agree that the cabin wasn't the right time or place. They begin to passionately kiss.

Phyllis enters Sharon's room at the GCAC dressed as a maid. She She begins to cut up Sharon's lingerie with scissors as she shouts about how everything is nice and tidy on the outside, covering up what is on the inside. She continues to cut up the clothes while she says that Sharon's a mess. She believes that Nick is with Sharon at the cabin right now, and begins to tear up the room as she screams and cries. Phyllis opens a nightstand drawer and stops. She's found a bunch of stolen things. She writes, "I hate myself," on a mirror with lipstick. Then, she calls the police, telling them she's a maid at the Club and she's found something horrible while cleaning - could they come and check it out?

Lauren arrives at the courthouse to witness the chaos with Kevin and Amber. Things are brought under control. Michael yells, "This is insane!" Heather replies that it must run in the family. The judge is fed up, and tells everyone he'll observe Kevin in his own chambers and make a decision then. After Kevin and the judge have left, Michael tells Amber she needs to listen to him and be quiet! Daniel reiterates that Michael is trying to help her, and she needs to shut up. Daniel tells her she's making Michael look bad and she's making things worse for herself. Katherine becomes angry when Gloria begins to blame herself for everything. Katherine tells her to think of someone other than herself for once, and goes to get some air. Michael tells Lauren that he knows Heather is doing her job, but he can't let Kevin drown again.

The judge returns to the courtroom and tells everyone he thinks Kevin should go to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated and observed until his court date. Michael thanks the judge. Heather reminds the judge that they still need to deal with Amber. Michael tries to convince the judge that Amber isn't responsible for her actions because she was forced to comply. The judge says that because Amber has no indication of a mental illness, her charges will stand, and he sets bail at one million dollars. Katherine tells Daniel and Amber that she'll cover her bail. Amber and Daniel both thank her, and Amber tells Katherine she'll repay her every cent, but Katherine tells Amber she already has!

Nick and Sharon arrive at the coffeehouse, looking for Noah. When they find out he left, Nick says he should go home and talk to Noah. Sharon offers to come with him, but he says that's probably not a good idea. Sharon agrees and asks Nick to have Noah call her so she can talk to him as well. Nick tells Sharon he doesn't regret what happened tonight, and she says she doesn't either. Sharon asks what he is going to tell Phyllis, and Nick responds that he honestly doesn't know.

Nick and Phyllis arrive at the tack house front door at the same time. Phyllis asks what she missed - with Noah. Nick responds that they need to talk, and that they should go inside. As the door opens, Noah and Eden jump to their feet, clutching sheets to their naked bodies! Noah tells Nick and Phyllis to stay where they are, but Nick tells Eden to get dressed - he's taking her home.

Sharon finds the police in her room at the Club. Sharon says this is her room, and she wants to know what is going on.

Amber is let out of her jail cell. The officer tells her her bail has been paid. She embraces Daniel and Katherine.

Michael and Jana go to visit Kevin in the facility in which he has been placed. Michael tells Jana the room seems familiar - it is a locked, padded one. He realizes it is the same room he saw Kevin in in his vision on Boxing Day! Michael and Jana try to tell Kevin they are there, but Kevin calls them both liars - they've left him. He puts his hands over his ears and begins to rock back and forth.

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