Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phyllis is Caught!

Billy sits with Jill in the GCAC dining room, and she thanks him for allowing her to visit with Delia. As she holds Delia, her cell phone rings and Jill ignores it, telling Billy it's probably just another reporter. Billy comments that they need to find something to get her and Katherine off the front page. Jill leaves cheerfully.

Gloria finds Jeff at the Club bar. She shows him what she bought for Kevin. Jeff tells her to be careful about money because she might have to pay it in a civil suit. Jill stops by and she and Gloria snap at each other. Gloria says she has to go see about getting this civil suit dropped and Jeff says he has some business to attend to as well.

Phyllis and Lauren talk at the coffeehouse. Phyllis says she is unable to press charges, and Lauren thinks this is ridiculous. Lauren tells Phyllis she is still planning on pressing charges. They discuss how this will affect Noah, and Phyllis says it might do him some good to see his mother pay the consequences for her actions.

Sharon writes a confession in her room at the GCAC. Nick shows up and wants to help her, but Sharon doesn't want his help. Nick doesn't want her to feel as if he's abandoning her, and she assures him she doesn't feel that way. Sharon tells Nick that she is writing a confession and Nick tries to talk her out of it. He wonders how Noah will react to his mother being in jail. He also says Sharon needs help and she isn't going to get that in jail. Sharon tells Nick that it is none of his concern - he needs to be with his family. She says Noah needs to see his mother take responsibility for her actions. Before Nick leaves, he tells Sharon to talk to her lawyer before she decides to confess to anything.

Later, a man comes to Sharon's door with something she will want to see. It's a video of Phyllis trashing her room and cutting up her clothes. Sharon says she knows just what to do!

As Jack hands Colleen all the information she'll need to mess with the Newman Board at today's board meeting, Mary Jane ushers the camera crew in to set up for Jack's photo shoot and interview. Colleen says she's nervous, but Jack assures her she'll do great. Jack starts his interview, but Mary Jane steps in and fixes his tie and hair in a flirtatious way. Billy comes in with Cordelia, and Mary Jane offers to watch her while he goes to look for a file he needs for a business meeting. Delia begins to cry and Mary Jane hands Jack the baby. The cameras snap away, taking Jack and Cordelia's picture together. Jack convinces Billy to leave Delia with him while he goes to his meeting. When Mary Jane leaves, Jack says to Delia, "We like her, don't we."

Victoria and Victor discuss today's board meeting at the Ranch. He says he doesn't see any issues with her proposal for the expended fragrance line. Victoria asks him how Ashley is doing, and Victor says she's doing all right. He then thanks her for taking on more of his responsibilities at Newman so that he can watch over his family.

Ashley walks around outside and says to herself that she heard a baby crying. She comes upon the statue of Sabrina and a baby. She goes back to the Ranch as Victor is confirming Ashley's birthday arrangements. Ashley asks about the statue and Victor says he had it commissioned. He asks if it bothers Ashley, and she says she was just surprised by it. He leaves.

Noah runs into Abby at the coffeehouse. She teases him about Eden, and Noah tells her to back off. Just then, Eden comes into the coffeehouse, followed by some boys who mock him. They tease him about how his mother steals. One boy tries to get Noah to fight him, but Eden and Abby convince him not to fight. When Noah leaves, Eden finds Lauren and asks her not to press charges against Sharon. Lauren is shocked. Eden says she knows Lauren is pressing charges for her, and she really loves Noah. She wants Noah to have an easier time.

Jeff follows Jill into the coffeehouse, and says he was surprised to learn that she isn't Katherine's daughter in the Restless Style article. Jill tells him the only reason he is talking to her is in case Gloria loses all of her money and ends up on food stamps! Jeff says he would never abandon his wife, but you never know what the future might hold. Jill says she deleted Jeff's number, so Jeff calls her to give her his number again.

At Newman, J.T. and Victoria kiss, but are interrupted by Neil, who is there for the board meeting. Victoria says she's sorry about Karen. Neil says he is, too. Victoria announces that she is going to chair the board meeting. Colleen and Nick arrive to hear the news. Nick confides in his sister that he needs to make a decision between Phyllis and Sharon and stick to it! Victor arrives and tells the board he's leaving the day-to-day operations of Newman to Victoria. Victoria begins to present her proposal, but Colleen says she has some questions and objections. She says she's made copies of her research for everyone!

Gloria comes looking for Victor at the Ranch and bypasses Estella who tells her Victor isn't home. Ashley asks Gloria why she's looking for Victor, and Gloria remembers her promise to keep quiet about the fact that Victor bought her Jabot shares. Ashley assumes Gloria is there to convince Victor to talk to her about dropping the lawsuit against Gloria. Ashley tells Gloria that she isn't a puppet that does whatever someone tells her and the suit won't be dropped. She says Gloria is going to pay for what she put Ashley's family through!

Phyllis comes to Newman and finds Nick. She asks him to go out for a cup of coffee, but he tells her he's made a decision. They go into a room to talk alone, and Nick tells her that he knows Sharon has to be a less part of their lives because he wants to work things out with her. He says he wants to move back in with her; she's never given up on him and he isn't going to give up on her. They kiss.

Jeff and Gloria meet up again at the GCAC bar. Nearby, Jill and Billy meet again. Billy tells her how Jack is using Delia as a prop in his publicity photo shoot. Neither she nor Billy is impressed. Billy says he wants to leave Jabot and has had other offers for work. Jill tells him to be careful - there are some people out there who would love to exploit a former Jabot CEO!

Neil asks to speak to Victor. He tells Victor he appreciates all the opportunities he's given him, but in the end, the Newman family will always be in control, as they should be. He says there's a glass ceiling for his job here and if he stays, he'd be settling. Victor asks if this is because Victoria chaired the board meeting, but Neil says this has been a long time coming. Initially, Victor says he won't accept Neil's resignation; they count on him at Newman a great deal, but eventually he accepts it, saying all good things must come to an end. Victor shakes Neil's hand, and Neil leaves.

Colleen and Victoria talk in the break room. Victoria says Colleen did good today, but in the future would she bring her concerns to Victoria before the board meeting so that she can do some research on how to solve the problem? She says she and Colleen aren't all that different. Victoria offers to call some people to get Colleen an art curator job, but Colleen wonders why Victoria didn't offer this sooner. Colleen says neither Victoria nor Victor is going to get her off the Board of Directors, and leaves.

Ashley is looking at the statue of Sabrina again when Abby comes up behind her and startles her. Abby says the statue is creepy.

Noah arrives at his mother's room, angry and ranting that everyone knows about her and it's affecting his life. Sharon says she's sorry, but Noah says she shouldn't have stolen things in the first place! Noah wants her to promise to stop the fighting between Nick and Phyllis.

Phyllis and Nick are leaving Newman when Detective Gil puts Phyllis under arrest for vandalizing Sharon's room and for breaking and entering! As Phyllis is taken away, she calls out Nick's name.

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