Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chloe and Billy Rehearsal Dinner Disaster

Sharon gets a call from Jack in her room at the Club. He asks her if she's ready and if she wants him to swing by and pick her up for the rehearsal dinner. Sharon tells Jack she is going to bail on the rehearsal dinner. She says it's a family thing and she doesn't belong there. Jack tells her that she will always be family, whether they are divorced or not, and he isn't going to take, "no," for an answer.

Chloe and Billy get ready for the rehearsal dinner in the pool house. Chloe is still trying to find a Maid of Honor for her wedding, but can't get any of her jet-setting friends to come on such short notice. Billy suggests they move the wedding back a couple of weeks, but Chloe reminds him he said they should get married as soon as possible for Cordelia's sake.

Ashley gets ready to go to the rehearsal dinner at the Ranch. Victor offers to go with her, but she doesn't feel like trying to play peacemaker between him and Jack. Abby comes downstairs and tells her mother she is going to hang out with Victor. She asks Victor to go out to dinner with her since he sent the chef home for the night. Adam comes into the room with his lawyer and says he'd love to join them for dinner, but his leash doesn't reach that far. Victor remarks that it's better than being caged up.

Esther informs Jill she has invited Katherine and her fiance to the wedding. Jill is shocked and appalled that Esther would invite those con artists to the wedding. Esther tells her Katherine is coming back. Jill tells Esther she is headed to bed and won't be attending the rehearsal dinner, saying Billy isn't talking to her. Esther tells Jill she will always be his mother and she should really go to the rehearsal dinner to support him.

Murphy brings Katherine her pills in the trailer. They talk about the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Murphy remarks that he will probably get lost in her big mansion when they move in. Katherine tells him she'll come find him. Murphy says he'll be happy living anywhere with her.

Noah talks with Eden on his cell phone at Crimson Lights. He learns that she is baby-sitting Cordelia and says he has to go. He finds his mother in the coffee ship who offers to buy him a cup of coffee. Noah apologizes for this morning, he was just caught off guard by her moving again and he understands why she did it. Sharon tells Noah about the rehearsal dinner at Jack's, and Noah offers to go with her for moral support. Sharon takes him up on the offer, telling him how much she appreciates that.

Jill arrives at the Abbott mansion for the rehearsal dinner. The topic of Katherine comes up right away, and Jack and Ashley both get on her for not believing she is alive. Chloe and Billy come into the room and thank Jill for the interesting wedding gift of a pink slip. Esther comes into the room as well, and remarks how they will all soon be one big happy family. Jill utters, "Kill me now." She looks at something John owned and remarks on how he loved it. Jack wonders what his dad would think of Jill now. Colleen comes into the room, and Jill announces she is heading out to the pool house to see Cordelia. Chloe stops her. Ashley says she really likes Chloe! Colleen confronts Billy again about marrying Chloe. Sharon and Noah arrive for the rehearsal dinner, and Billy isn't thrilled to see them. He tries to put on a good front for Noah, but once Noah is gone, he tells Sharon not to come to the wedding tomorrow, and she says she won't. Chloe approaches Sharon and asks her to be her Matron of Honor. Sharon hesitates, saying she promised a friend she'd be somewhere else tomorrow, but Jack thinks this is a great idea. Sharon finally agrees, and Billy is not pleased about this.

Victor and Abby eat at the coffeehouse. She remarks that she feels bad for Adam - she has tried to walk around with her eyes closed and it's really hard. She tells Victor she never knows what to say to Adam. Victor tells her not to worry about Adam.

Rafe brings Adam the things he left at the prison. He tells Adam that there is a letter from Victor in the pile and asks if anyone has read it to him. Adam says no one has, but he guesses it is more of the same old stuff Victor always says. Rafe tells Adam he thinks Adam should hear the letter, so he reads it to him. The letter says this could be a learning experience for Adam if he lets it be, and that Victor loves him, and will always be his son. Adam says maybe there is hope. Abby and Victor return from dinner, and Adam asks Abby if she likes opera. Abby tells him she likes it if she isn't listening to it! Adam then says they have something in common - neither of them knew Victor was their father. He asks her what she is hoping the baby will be - boy or girl. Abby says she doesn't care. Adam asks her if she'll be jealous if it's a girl, and Abby says she doesn't think so. Adam offers her the chance to talk to him about anything, saying he wants to be more than brother and sister, he wants to be friends. Adam heads upstairs, and Victor returns to see if he needs any help. Adam says he is fine, and that he really appreciates what Victor is doing for him, even though he doesn't show it much. He says, "Night, Dad," as he climbs the stairs.

Jack makes a toast to the soon-to-be-married couple. Jill says she has something to say, and tells Billy she loves him. Billy asks her if this means he can have his job back, to which Jill is silent. Sharon wants to find a way out of being Chloe's Matron of Honor, and asks her if Ashley would be a better choice for the job. Chloe tells Sharon she's pregnant and probably won't fit into the dress! Sharon turns to Colleen, but Colleen says no one wants to be in the wedding, least of all the groom. Talk then turns to Chloe and Billy possibly moving to New York for work. Jack asks Jill if she really wants to see Billy move away, but she says Billy is simply making idle threats. Jill says it's this kind of immaturity that made her fire Billy as CEO, and made Chloe pick Cane over him in the first place. Everyone at the table begins to argue until Ashley begins to yell to get everyone to be quiet. She tells them that they might not like it, but tomorrow they will all be family, and they need to learn to deal with it for Cordelia's sake.

Noah sneaks out of the rehearsal dinner and goes to see Eden in the pool house. Eden says Cordelia has been sleeping the whole time, but every time she and Noah try to kiss, the baby fusses. Sharon shows up at the pool house and begins to yell at Noah for being with Eden when they are not supposed to be together. Noah becomes angry, defending Eden - she wasn't the one who put the stolen books into their bag. Sharon says they'll talk about it when they get home, but Noah asks her if she even knows where she's sleeping tonight! He tells her that just because her life is a mess and she is out of control, she cannot control his life.

Jill tells Billy she is leaving. She says that when his marriage fails, she will still be there for him. Colleen tells Billy she'll see him tomorrow, and leaves. Jack thanks Ashley for defending Chloe, and Sharon comes back into the room and tells Jack she is headed back to the Club. Billy bids her good night as Jack walks her out. Chloe leaves with Esther and the baby for the Chancellor mansion. She says nothing has been traditional about this process so far, but she'll give Billy the night before the wedding. When Jack and Ashley are alone, Ashley says she felt a little bad for Jill. She also tells Jack she is worried about Billy and asks Jack if he remembers how his first marriage turned out.

Jill arrives at the trailer as Murphy and Katherine are playing Scrabble. She says she's come because Brock told her to. Jill immediately starts an argument with her as to whether she is Katherine or Marge. They tells Jill Katherine has Lyme disease, but Jill accuses her of injecting herself with it! She also believes Murphy is a con artist. When Jill insults Murphy, Katherine becomes very angry, telling her Murphy is one of the kindest people there are. Murphy questions why Jill doesn't want her mother back, but she tells them that they planned on feeding off of everyone's grief over Katherine's death. Jill demands to know what Murphy wants -- the keys to the Chancellor mansion? Katherine defends Murphy again. Katherine tells Jill all of her money has made her more vindictive and meaner, and she's ashamed of her. Katherine confronts her about firing Billy. Jill orders her to stay away from the wedding and her family. Katherine refuses, saying she was invited to the wedding and she wants mints in her pillow! Jill tells her she will stay in her mother's room over her dead body, and Katherine tells her not to tempt her! Jill leaves when Katherine threatens to arrest her for trespassing. After Jill leaves, Katherine tells Murphy Jill brings out the worst in her, and that tomorrow everyone will know who she really is.

Esther and Chloe arrive at the Chancellor mansion and Esther is excited for her daughter, telling her she is finally getting everything she deserves. Chloe holds Cordelia and tells her things like this don't happen to her, but it's true, tomorrow she will marry Delia's daddy. She vows to make Billy very happy.

Sharon is at Jimmy's drinking vodka tonics. Billy comes in and begins to drink as well. Their eyes lock. They go back to Sharon's room at the Club and begin to make love.

Eden and Noah go to the coffeehouse and try to kiss on the patio, but they are interrupted by the waitress. They complain that they cannot get a minute alone. Noah suggests they take a little vacation, but where? He tries to think while Eden continues to kiss him. He says that she isn't helping him think! The waitress returns with their hot chocolate, and Noah says he's thinking fast.

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