Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Phyllis Begs Sharon to Get Help

Eden and Noah make out in his car. His phone vibrates, but he doesn't answer it. Sharon is calling him to find out where he is. He gets frustrated that he and Eden have to sneak around - he says making out in the car is so cliche. He and Eden talk about how they can get an apartment together in college. Noah phone vibrates again, and Eden tells him they should head home now. She says they will always be together one day.

Sharon calls Phyllis in the middle of the night when she cannot reach Noah. Phyllis answers the phone and Sharon does not tell her that Noah is missing. She simply asks to speak to Nick. Phyllis does not tell her that Nick has left, but rather to find someone else. She hangs up. Sharon shows up at Phyllis' house before too long, and she tells her that Nick isn't there. Phyllis mocks Sharon's shock, telling her that he always goes to his poor, needy Sharon. Phyllis asks Sharon why she's hurting Nick, and Sharon says she isn't. Phyllis tells Sharon that it's odd that she loves him, but insists on hurting him. She accuses Sharon of trying to take Nick away from her and Summer. Sharon insists that she's not trying to do this, but Phyllis doesn't listen. Phyllis says they all know that Sharon is losing it, and that Nick feels like he broke her and that is why he is trying to fix her. Phyllis encourages Sharon to get some help. She says Sharon's drowning and she's going to pull Nick down with her. Sharon tells Phyllis it is not her fault that Brad died - it was a tragic accident. Sharon says that Phyllis only wants to get rid of Sharon and she doesn't need help.

Katherine has trouble sleeping at the Chancellor mansion, keeping Murphy awake as well. Murphy tells her if she needs to talk, she should. Katherine hugs Murphy and tells him that he is her rock. They play cards in bed, and Katherine compares her relationship with Jill to her relationship with Nikki. Katherine blames herself for the huge fight at the wedding, and Murphy assures her it wasn't her fault. He reminds her that so many people are happy that she is back. They talk about Kevin and Amber, and Murphy admits he is worried about them. He says he thinks they are good kids, no matter what the police are saying they've done. Murphy tells Katherine that Mac and Brock want to save the world just like she does, but she needs to give herself a break - she may not be able to help Amber and Kevin no matter how much she wants to do so.

Chloe talks to Cordelia at the pool house. She says there's nothing to worry about - daddy just put a ring on her finger. Chloe recounts the first time she and Billy met in New York and tells Cordelia that she knew they were meant to be together. She says she was born a Valentine and Billy a Chancellor, and even though he isn't a Chancellor after all, he is still the man for her. She tells Cordelia more about the time in which she and Billy were getting to know each other. She recalls that Billy did mention Mac and his brief marriage to her, but Chloe didn't think she was real. Chloe looks Mac and Billy up on the computer and discovers they were in love and that they were going to get married.

Mac wants to know why Billy is outside with her instead of with Chloe - his new wife. He tells her that he needed to get some air. She asks, "There wasn't air at the pool house?" Billy wonders who else could understand them just finding out that they are not related. Billy says he's been busy playing, gambling, and clubbing while she's been away. He says he didn't do anything serious like she did in Darfur. Mac says she doesn't judge Billy - she ran away, too. He remembers how awful it was when they found out that they were cousins, telling Mac they got robbed of their lives that day. Billy notices that they haven't come back to Genua City at the same time until now because they couldn't risk it - the attraction to one another was too great. Mackenzie tells Billy she's moved on with her life and so has he. She says that his wife and daughter are proof that he's moved on. Billy wants to talk - he asks Mac who she thought about when she found out the results of the DNA test. Mac recounts the horrors of Darfur to Billy, and tells him she is going to go back there. Billy cannot believe that she's going to walk back out of his life again already.

Nick sits down by Jack at the bar. Jack tells Nick that he's there because he just signed divorce papers. Nick claims he is there just to drink. Jack guesses that Phyllis is on a tear about something again, and Nick takes offense - he says he won't allow Jack to use him or Phyllis for target practice. Jack apologizes. He tells Nick he knows Phyllis loves him a lot - a lot more than he thought she could ever love someone. Jack also tells Nick that he knows Sharon loves him. Nick wonders why Jack is telling him this - does he resent him? Jack says that the two women he holds in high regard think he's a pretty good guy and that one of them is going to get hurt. He says he knows that is eating Nick up, and that he isn't focused on resenting Nick - he just sees the guy he helped raise suffering. Nick wonders how Jack knows he's suffering, and Jack says that Phyllis is suffering, and he must be as well. Jack tells Nick that she needs him right now, and Nick says that Sharon is just having a rough time right now. Jack tells him he meant Phyllis - it is hard to remember she is vulnerable sometimes. Jack guesses that Nick is there trying to decide which one he loves more, but Jack figures out that Nick loves both women equally. He calls Nick a poor fool.

Jack runs into Mary Jane Benson in the Club later. She tells him that she is headed back to New York. He encourages her to stay - telling her the power struggle for Jabot has just begun, and if he becomes CEO of Jabot again he'll need the best to polish his image. Mary Jane gets a text from her husband and smiles. Jack says it's rare that texts from spouses make them smile these days. Jack tries to get her to stick around, but Mary Jane insists she's leaving and tells Jack to look her up the next time he's in New York.

Noah shows up at the tack house while Phyllis and Sharon continue to argue. Noah thinks they are there to double team him, but Phyllis leaves the room, saying she's going to check on Summer. Sharon is angry that Noah didn't tell her where he was going or when he'd be back. Noah says he and Eden will find a way to be together, and she doesn't want them to be together because she is alone and miserable and wants everyone else to be alone and miserable, too. Sharon tells Noah he is being disrespectful and she didn't raise him to be that way. Sharon tells Noah that he will fall in love again and that he'll look back on his youth and realize how many stupid mistakes he's made. Noah tells her she is talking about her and Nick, not him and Eden. He asks her if she could have Nick back, if she would take him. Noah tells her not to answer that because he already knows she would. He tells her he is going up to his room and leaves. Nick walks into the house and finds Sharon. They discuss what Noah has done and what they should do about him and Eden. Phyllis suggests they all rest and talk about what to do in the morning when they are not so frustrated. Sharon leaves.

Chloe approaches Mac and Billy, telling Cordelia, "See, Delia, I told you we'd find daddy!" Chloe says she thought Billy might be here talking with Mac, and here he is. Mac remarks that Cordelia is beautiful, and Chloe thanks her. Chloe asks Billy if he'd like to do Delia's next feeding since he looks so awake? Billy tells Chloe that he and Mac aren't finished yet, but Mac says they are and walks away, remarking he has a beautiful family.

Chloe rehashes the problems of the wedding night once she and Billy are back in bed at the pool house. Billy asks her if she's going to freak out will she just do it and get it over with? She kisses him, turns over, and turns the light off.

Inside the Chancellor mansion, Mac runs into Katherine, who tells her she is so happy she is home. Katherine wants Mac to promise not to leave anytime soon, and embraces her granddaughter.

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