Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Katherine on Restless Style!

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday April 15, 2009:

Jack takes Sharon back to her room at the Club and asks her if he can do anything else for her. She tells him she just needs some sleep. Sharon asks the maid to take the mirror with the lipstick on it out of her room and she does. Jack suggests that Sharon move in with him for a little while, but she says she'll be fine here. Jack also suggests she get a different room in the Club, but Sharon insists she'll be fine where she is. Sharon admits to Jack that she took the things, but she didn't write that she hates herself on the mirror in lipstick, even though she feels that way sometimes. Jack offers to stay with Sharon for a while, but she says he has been up all night, too, and sends him on his way home.

Noah comes downstairs at the tack house and asks Phyllis if his dad ever came home last night. Phyllis says he didn't and tells Noah that his dad is going through some things right now that have nothing to do with him. Noah thinks they are fighting about him. Phyllis tries to reassure him that they aren't fighting about him, but he is convinced they are and he takes off.

At Victoria's, Nick comes downstairs and J.T. offers him coffee. As Nick is getting himself some coffee, J.T. informs him that Sharon was arrested last night for grand theft. Nick grabs his coat, telling J.T. he is going down to the jail. J.T. calls after Nick, telling him Sharon already made bail, as he leaves the house.

At the Ranch, Victor is going over some numbers with Colleen. He says he wants harmony on the Newman Board, but Colleen is skeptical. They talk about family, and they finally agree to try to work together. After Colleen leaves, Victor calls J.T. Outside, Colleen calls Jack and asks him to meet with her.

At the Club, Nikki runs into Lily and shows her the covers of Restless Style with Katherine on them. Lily says she wants both of them, and Nikki hopes the rest of the readers feel the same way. They talk about Lily's modeling career and Nikki tells her it's a shame she dropped modeling. She offers Lily a cover of Restless Style if she ever feels like getting into modeling again.

Murphy chats with Katherine at the Club, but soon realizes that she isn't really paying attention. He notices that she's staring at Jill. Katherine feels guilty for talking to Jill the way she did, but Murphy reminds her that Jill said some hurtful things as well. Nikki approaches them with the new Restless Style covers and suggests Katherine come to the office with her. Katherine makes sure it is all right with Murphy, and he tells her to go enjoy herself - he'll be fine. Nikki and Katherine leave together.

Nick arrives at Sharon's room. He wants to know what is going on. Sharon tells Nick that she did steal those things - she doesn't remember doing it, but she knows she did. She explains that she's been losing pieces of time and that she finds things in her purse later. She says she is responsible for stealing the books Eden was blamed for, and she's glad that Michael is such a good lawyer. She says that stealing could have really done damage to Eden's record! Sharon tells Nick what her room looked like when she came back last night and that someone had cut up her clothes. She says she knows she didn't do that. Nick asks her if she think Phyllis did it. Sharon tells him whoever did it did her a favor because she couldn't go on like that. Nick remarks that she's had a tough year. Sharon tells Nick that she can't continue to use him as a lifeline, but Nick tells her he is volunteering. Sharon tells him to go back to his wife and child - she doesn't want to be responsible for breaking up his marriage or damaging it further.

At Restless Style, Phyllis is trying to reassure Noah that he won't go to military school for messing up with Eden. As she gets off the phone, Katherine and Nikki arrive. Nikki tells Phyllis that Restless Style is selling out on the east cost and they need to do another print! Nikki then asks where Nick is - he's not at Newman. Phyllis admits that Nick left and she isn't sure where he is either. Phyllis tells Nikki she's scared that she and Nick are past the point of no return in their marriage, but Nikki says that Nick loves her. Katherine comes over and joins the conversation. Katherine remarks that she can't reach Jill. Nikki tells both women to learn from her mistakes - the more she chased Victor, the more distance he put between them. She advises the women to sit back and give their loved ones some distance. Katherine thinks Jill needs reassurance of Katherine's love for her. Nikki tells them that their loved ones need some time to miss them.

Murphy finds Jill at the coffeehouse. He tries to help her see that Katherine doesn't mind if she and Jill are biologically related - Katherine still sees Jill as her daughter. Jill says she feels like the past six years of her life has been a lie. Murphy tells her that loss is a part of life, but that she and Katherine still love each other! Jill finally seems hopeful, and asks Murphy if he really thinks she and Katherine can get past their differences. However, she sees the Restless Style cover and claims that Katherine and Nikki are trying to rub her face in it. Jill tells Murphy that she and Katherine will never reconcile. She says Murphy seems like a nice enough guy, but now he's swimming with sharks and there's blood in the water. She leaves.

Jack and Colleen meet at the Club to discuss how her meeting with Victor went. Jack wonders if Victor knows that she plans on opposing him on the new fragrance line. Colleen replies that Victor doesn't know yet, but he will once she gets some other board members to support her with Jack's help. Jack wonders if Colleen still wants to be the Fresh Face of Jabot. Colleen says she isn't sure - that was a long time ago. He tells her that the Abbotts are getting control of Jabot back as soon as Katherine is legal again. Colleen is thrilled and she agrees to be the Fresh Face. Jack tells her that he's set up a fitting for her today, and Colleen recognizes that Jack wants a Newman board member as the Fresh Face of Jabot. Jack doesn't deny that he wants this, imagining how Victor will react when he sees the billboards.

When J.T. arrives at Victor's house, Victor tells him he wants J.T. to get Colleen off the Newman board as soon as possible. J.T. is hesitant - he isn't comfortable with this - he's known Colleen since they were kids. Victor reminds J.T. who he works for - Newman security - and demands that J.T. keep him informed. J.T. informs Victor that Sharon was arrested for theft, and Victor is quite shocked at this news.

At the Club, Nikki and Katherine find Murphy and Katherine confesses that she's worried about how Jill will react to the Restless Style covers. Murphy tells Katherine Jill already saw the cover and she isn't happy about it. Katherine announces that she is not going to give up on Jill.

Jack runs into Jill at the coffeehouse. Jack informs Jill that Katherine is giving control of Jabot back to the Abbotts. Jill reminds him that Cane is still the CEO of Jabot for now. Jack wonders who sold Jill the 5% of shares in the first place. He guesses that since she got screwed, it was Victor. Jill tells him to have a good day, not telling him who sold her the stock.

Colleen and Lily chat at the coffeehouse. Colleen informs Lily that she's going to a fitting at Jabot for the Fresh Face campaign and she doesn't really want to. Lily tells her that she loved the fittings - she got to see all the clothes before they hit the stores. Colleen asks Lily if she's still okay with her doing the Fresh Face of Jabot and Lily tells her it's fine, but when Colleen leaves, Lily seems sad.

Nick and Noah meet at the Club. Noah wants to know what is going on with his dad and Phyllis. Nick tells Noah that they're having a hard time. He then informs Noah that Sharon was arrested last night for theft. Eden comes up and asks Noah if he's heard about his mom. She says that Sharon stole the books that day and let her take the fall for it! Nick tells Eden this isn't a good time, but Noah tells his dad that he's taking Eden home.

Later on, Colleen returns to the coffeehouse and finds J.T. She tells him that she thinks Victor is warming up to the idea of her being on the Board of Directors. He gives her a look, and she says she's no fool, she knows how Victor operates. J.T. tells her she doesn't know the half of it, and suggests she sell her seat on the board for some money, but Colleen doesn't want to do that.

Jill runs into Victor at the Club and thanks him for making her a pawn in one of his games. Victor tells her everything that happened was her own fault because of her attitude and behavior toward Katherine.

Across the room, Lily tells Nikki she's interested in modeling for Restless Style.

Katherine approaches Jill and Jill makes a big deal of the "hatchet job" Nikki did on the article on Katherine in Restless Style. Katherine tells her they need to settle the estate. Jill tells Katherine to have her lawyer call Jill's lawyer and she leaves.

Noah arrives at Sharon's room at the Club. When she answers the door, Noah demands how Sharon could do this to Eden. Noah accuses Sharon of blaming Eden for the stolen books to break them up because she doesn't like Eden. Sharon tries to tell Noah that it wasn't intentional, but he doesn't listen. Noah wants to know what is wrong with her - her life is a mess! Sharon says she's going through a hard time, and Noah storms out. After Noah leaves, Sharon calls her mom and tells her she is falling apart. She says she was finally caught and arrested for stealing.

Nick arrives at Restless Style and asks Phyllis if she set Sharon up. Phyllis denies setting her up. Phyllis wants to know if Nick is going to come home, if they are over, or if he's going back to Sharon. Nick informs Phyllis that he will be staying with Victoria for a while. Phyllis goes back to work, and Nick watches her.

Noah runs down the stairs at the Club. He sees Jack and tells him how screwed up his parents are. Jack offers Noah a place in his home for a while, but Victor tells Noah he will stay with him at the Ranch - he is family.

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