Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm A Good Boy!

The Young and the Restless update for Wednesday April 22, 2009:

Mackenzie, Katherine, Murphy, and Nikki are at Joe's Diner decorating for Marge's memorial service. Nikki says she's glad that they can do this for Marge. Amber comes in and greets Katherine who thanks her for coming. She asks Amber about Kevin. Amber tells Katherine Kevin knew she was there, which is an improvement. Katherine introduces Mackenzie and Amber who compliment each other. They agree there needs to be a sequel to Katherine's book. The memorial starts and Pearl, Joe Jr., and Murphy all talk. Katherine also speaks and says she admired Marge's spirit. She says she hopes they meet again one of someday.

Michael visits Kevin in the psychiatric hospital. Michael talks to Kevin who doesn't respond. Michael tells him it is okay to talk to him - he will keep Kevin safe. Kevin sees the chipmunk who says no one can keep him safe. Kevin puts his hands over his ears. Michael tries to get Kevin to let him help, but Kevin doesn't respond. Michael leaves. After Michael leaves, Kevin says, "Wait, don't go yet."

Nick meets with Sharon's lawyer at Newman, and tells him that Sharon wants to confess and he thinks she wants to punish herself. The lawyer tells Nick that one person is pressing charges. He assumes it is Phyllis, but when he sees the paper, he finds out it's Lauren instead.

Heather meets Phyllis at Restless Style. She tells Phyllis they can't prosecute Sharon for stealing her monkey statue because it isn't worth enough money. Phyllis is frustrated that Sharon can steal and not be prosecuted for it. Heather has Phyllis sign a piece of paper to get her statue back. After Heather leaves, Phyllis calls Victor and tells him the egg he gave to Sabrina has been found. She tells Victor Sharon stole it. Victor tells Phyllis he will take care of it. Later, Phyllis remembers how Victor stood up for Sharon before and won't allow anything to happen to her. She realizes he won't press charges and that she'll end up looking like the "bad guy" again. She grabs her purse and heads out of the Restless Style office.

Victor hangs up the phone with Phyllis. Adam knocks something glass over, but won't let Victor help him clean it up. Victor tells him to be careful and to not cut himself. Adam tells Victor he was wrong in assuming Adam took the egg from him. Victor doesn't admit that he thought that and leaves.

At the psychiatric hospital, Michael explains to Gloria and Jeff that they need to figure out who or what the chipmunk represents because the doctors think this may be the key to Kevin's recovery. Michael leaves. Gloria goes in to see Kevin, but she becomes frustrated with his lack of progress and she tells Jeff to stay with him as she leaves. Jeff goes in to see Kevin and talks to him. Kevin sees the chipmunk again and starts shouting that he's been a good boy and cries. Jeff tells Kevin to fight it or he may not ever get out of here.

Sharon calls Noah and leaves a message, asking him to call her so they can talk. Sharon remembers Nick's advice not to confess, but she still isn't sure that's the right thing to do. She hears a knock on the door and asks who it is. It's Victor. Sharon opens the door for him. Sharon apologizes for taking the egg and says she should have brought it back to him. She says she wanted to tell Victor, but she was afraid to. She also says she doesn't even remember taking the egg from his home. Victor embraces her and asks her what's been going on. Sharon tells him everything, even how she's ruined Nick and Phyllis' marriage. Victor asks her if Phyllis knows and Sharon says she does. Sharon says she knows how Phyllis feels because Phyllis stole Nick from her.

Heather arrives at the Ranch. When Adam answers the door, he knows it's her because he can smell her perfume. Heather tells Adam that even though she knows she should stay away, she can't because she still loves him! Adam replies that he thought she was smarter than that, and she deserves better than him. Heather tells Adam that it breaks her heart that he's stuck there with his world getting darker and darker. Adam tells her to leave, but she can't and won't.

Nick meets with Michael at the coffeehouse to plead Sharon's case. Nick thinks Phyllis got Lauren to press charges, but Michael says Phyllis doesn't need him to fight her battles for her. Michael also tells Nick that Sharon seems to be spiraling out of control. Michael says Nick can put on a pair of tights and a cape if it makes him feel better, but there are other people that could have used his support these past few months. Nick thinks Michael is talking about Phyllis, but Michael says he means Eden. Michael says it's for Eden's sake alone that he's glad Lauren is pressing charges. He says that Eden has already been abandoned by her father, he isn't going to do the same thing, and he doesn't want Eden to believe she isn't worth standing up for. Michael tells Nick that he is his friend, but for once Sharon is going to face the consequences to her actions and there's nothing Nick can do about it.

The reception for Marge's memorial service is taking place at Joe's Diner. Murphy thinks they should play Marge's favorite song at their wedding, which will be taking place on May 1! Amber is thrilled when Katherine says she can design the dresses and she goes crazy with a butterfly theme. The door opens suddenly and Gloria comes in. She begs Katherine to help her because she believes she's losing Kevin.

At the Club, Sharon and Victor walk downstairs to say good-bye where they run into Phyllis. Sharon accuses Phyllis of calling Victor because she thought he'd press charges, but Phyllis tells Sharon she called him because she knew Victor could help her. Victor thanks Phyllis for the phone call and leaves. Phyllis tells Sharon she did her a favor, and that she needs someone's shoulder to cry on other than her husband's. She also tells Sharon that she isn't going to press charges as Nick walks up to them. Nick tells Phyllis and Sharon Lauren is pressing charges and Sharon responds that she already knows - Lauren told her last night. Sharon says she doesn't want Phyllis or Nick involved. Phyllis leaves. Nick tells Sharon he went to talk to Michael, but Sharon tells him he shouldn't have done that because he isn't her husband anymore - he needs to quit acting like he is. Doris wheels into the Club in her wheelchair. Sharon hugs her mother. They go to sit down and Doris says she's concerned about her daughter. Sharon says she's doing better now than she was when she called her mom. Doris asks Sharon why she always shuts people out. Sharon responds that she's tired of feeling like she has to lean on someone - she needs to stand on her own two feet.

Nick comes to Restless Style and notices Phyllis got the statue back. He asks if Sharon broke it and Phyllis tells him that she broke it after he kissed Sharon in Paris. He notices how carefully she glued it back together and says not all people would have taken the time to do that. Phyllis tells Nick that it wasn't her that fixed it - it was the glue. She says that the bond holds it together, and that just because something's broken doesn't mean it can't be fixed, referring to their marriage. Nick asks Phyllis if she's free for lunch, but she says she has to set up for the Earth Day celebration. Nick says he'll be there.

Heather is about to leave, but wants to know what plans Adam has for his birthday. Adam says there are no plans for his birthday. Heather offers to talk to Victor about it for him, but Adam tells her Ashley's birthday is in a few days, and he should be focusing on her instead. As Heather leaves, Victor comes home and demands to know what she's doing there. Heather asks him about Adam's birthday plans, and Victor responds that it isn't her business and slams the door in her face.

Michael goes back to Kevin's padded cell and tells him that Clint's autopsy shows that Kevin wasn't to blame for his death. Michael isn't sure if Kevin is comprehending, but Kevin finally says, "I'm a good boy." Michael agrees. Kevin then asks if he can get out now.

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