Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Promie, I'll be A Good Boy!

At the Ranch, Estella asks Adam if he wants any help when he comes into the room, but he says he's fine. Estella tells him that Victoria is here. Victoria tells him that she wanted to stop by and tell him she is sorry about his eyes. Adam laughs and says she doesn't care. Victoria says she'd feel for him even if he was a stranger, and Adam reminds her that she treats him worse than a stranger. Victoria asks if they can call it a truce because, whether they like it or not, they are family. Adam tells her that whether she likes it or not, the family is growing, and he hopes she is nicer to Ashley and her child than she was to Sabrina and her baby!

Jack and Ashley arrive at the Club for dinner. They see Sharon and her mother there, and go over to say hi to them. Dorris says it's nice to see Jack, but she's sorry about the divorce. Jack tells her that he'll always be there for Sharon. After Jack and Ashley leave, Dorris asks Sharon what she is going to do - she can't stay in the hotel forever feeling sorry for herself. Sharon tells her mother that J.T. and Victoria now live in her old home. Her mother offers Sharon a place to stay with her, but Sharon says she wants to find a new home for her and Noah.

Noah and Eden make out in the car. Noah says he wants to be alone with her, and Eden says she does, too. Noah tells her they should go to the Abbott cabin, and Eden is excited to do so. Once nearly there, Noah and Eden kiss, and Eden says she isn't sure if they are ready for their first time yet. She says she wants everything to be perfect for the first time. An officer knocks on the window of the car and asks them if they are all right. Noah tells him that they are heading up to the Abbott cabin. The officer wants to know if they have permission to go there, and Noah replies that they do - the cabin is his stepfather's.

Nick and Phyllis discuss their relationship. Nick tells her things cannot continue to go on this way. Phyllis says she doesn't want to have anymore relationship talks - they don't help. Nick suggests counseling and Phyllis agrees this might help. Daniel comes to the house and tells Nick and Phyllis that Amber's arraignment hearing is tonight. He says he needs help covering Amber's bail if it is high. Phyllis and Nick agree to cover the bail for him.

Katherine is able to see Amber at the courthouse before her hearing. She thanks Amber for helping her get her life back, and wants to return the favor now. Amber sees Katherine's engagement ring and Katherine tells Amber that Murphy proposed. Amber is so happy, but fears she won't be able to come to the wedding. Katherine tells her that she and Kevin will be at the wedding. Amber cries. Daniel comes into the courtroom and hugs Amber. Amber tells him that she didn't rob that bank. Daniel says he knows - he saw her mouth the words, "Help me," to the camera, and this proves she isn't a criminal.

Michael talks to Kevin in his jail cell. Michael tries to ask Kevin how his leg is and if he can remember anything about Clint or how he made him rob the banks. Kevin seems out of it and doesn't respond to anything until Michael tells Kevin he is going to work at getting him out of jail, but Kevin is going to need to do what Michael says. Kevin begs Michael to get him out of jail - he says he'll be a good boy and never do anything bad again. Michael cries. After Michael has calmed down, he asks Kevin if he can remember anything about Clint again. Kevin begs Michael not to leave him. Michael reassures Kevin, telling him that he is there and he isn't going anywhere.

At the Club, Mary Jane Benson joins Jack and Ashley for dinner. Jack introduces Mary Jane and Ashley. They fill Ashley in on the meeting they had with Katherine and tell her that Katherine is reinstating all the Abbotts at Jabot. Jack goes on to tell Ashley that they should drop the lawsuit against Gloria, but Ashley insists that they continue with it. Mary Jane agrees with Jack, telling Ashley that the lawsuit will constantly remind people about the face cream scandal.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria and Jana are upset that they weren't allowed to see or talk with Kevin. Jana worries about what will happen if Kevin has to stay in jail. Lauren reassures them that Michael will do everything he can to help both Kevin and Amber.

Gloria, Jeff, and Lauren arrive at the courthouse for the hearing. Gloria wants to see Kevin, but Michael tells her that she can see him when he is brought up for his arraignment. Michael tells them that Kevin will not get bail. Gloria, Jana, and Lauren remind him what will happen to him if he stays in jail. Michael pulls Lauren aside and tells her that Kevin has almost checked out and he's scared he won't come back this time. Heather comes into the courthouse and Michael asks to speak with her about Kevin. Heather insists that this case is cut and dry - Kevin was caught robbing banks - he is a criminal. Michael tells Heather that Kevin was abused as a child and needs help. He wants her to agree to a psychological evaluation. Heather tells Michael Kevin is faking - he has a criminal history, and she won't agree to the evaluation. Michael tells Heather that if Kevin has to stay in jail, it'll kill him.

Inside the courtroom, Katherine tells Gloria to leave her alone. Katherine offers Michael her help with Kevin, offering to cover his bail bond. Katherine says she can testify about Clint, but Michael tells her that with her memory loss, she won't make a good witness. Michael tells everyone he is going to ask the judge to put Kevin in a psych hospital. He tells them it will be safer for Kevin there than in jail. Jana cries.

As Ashley leaves the Club, Jack gets a call. It is the park officer, telling him that Noah is headed up to the cabin with a girl. Jack excuses himself from the table when he hangs up the phone, and goes to find Sharon. Jack tells Sharon about Noah and Eden. He offers to drive her to the cabin, but Sharon looks at Mary Jane and says Jack is busy. Jack returns to the table and asks Mary Jane about her husband and if she has any kids. Jack suggests that he, Mary Jane, and her husband have dinner sometime when he visits.

Nick tells Phyllis he loves her and Summer at the tack house. Phyllis points out that he keeps leaving her to go help Sharon. Phyllis says she doesn't run to Jack whenever she has a problem - how would Nick feel if she did? Nick says Phyllis made a good point, and he'll stop going to her so much when she needs him. The phone rings and it's Sharon. Phyllis begs Nick not to answer the phone, but he does. Sharon tells Nick about Noah and Eden, and Nick tells Sharon he'll come over to pick her up. Nick tells Phyllis what is going on, and Phyllis insists that he not go up to the cabin with Sharon. Nick tells her he isn't going to argue about this - his son needs him. After Nick has left, Phyllis calls his cell and leaves him a message. She says she understands he needs to be there for his son and she's sorry about reacting the way she did - she's just so confused.

At the Ranch, Ashley arrives home to find Victoria. Victoria says she was there getting Reed's blanket, but she was hoping to run into Ashley. She asks her how she's feeling, and Ashley is surprised at this. The women agree that Victoria hasn't been very supportive of Ashley and the pregnancy. Victoria apologizes and tells Ashley that it caught her off guard. Ashley remarks that she and Victor are happy about the baby, and Victoria says she's glad - she feared that her father would never be happy again after Sabrina died. Victoria says sometimes she can still feel Sabrina's presence. Estella comes into the room to give Victoria Reed's blanket. Adam also comes into the room. Ashley asks if Victoria's seen the red egg, then asks Estella if she's asked the rest of the staff about it. Estella takes offense. When Victoria leaves, Estella helps Adam get up the stairs. Adam says he notices that Estella doesn't like Ashley very much, and she admits she was closer to the other mistresses of the house.

Nick and Sharon arrive at the cabin. They don't see any sign of Noah or Eden. Nick says he's going to walk up the hill to see if Phyllis has seen the kids. While he's gone, Sharon sits and thinks about her passionate night with Nick in the cabin.

Lauren finds Noah and Eden at Crimson Lights. She tells them that Nick and Sharon went up to the cabin to look for them. Lauren is angry. Noah and Eden explain to her that they knew it was wrong, so they came back. Eden asks if Michael knows and Lauren tells her that he doesn't. Lauren tells Eden there is only so much Michael can take. Lauren calls Phyllis to tell her that the kids are all right. She tells Phyllis she let Nick know, so Phyllis assumes that Nick is headed home now.

Ashley is sleeping on the couch and dreams that Sabrina is in the house. She shouts out, and Estella appears to check on her.

Nick returns to the cabin and tells Sharon that he heard from Lauren. He says that the kids are okay, and they can go home now. Sharon replies she guesses they can.

The court hearing is about to begin, and Michael warns everyone not to upset Kevin. Kevin is led into the courtroom and looks confused.

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