Friday, April 17, 2009

Tyra and Karen Face Off in Court

Cane shows up at Jill's table at the GCAC and surprises her. He tells her Michael says he has a real shot at getting custody of Delia. Jill asks what time the hearing is and wishes Cane luck. Cane asks his mother if she's talked to Katherine, and Jill tells him she hasn't and she doesn't expect to either because Kay fired her from Chancellor. Cane wonders what is next for his mother, and Jill informs him she has a plan, but won't tell him what it is until its a sure thing.

Katherine and Mac sit out on the patio at the coffeehouse in silence. Finally, Katherine tells Mac about the latest round with Jill and they begin to discuss misunderstandings. Mac alludes to her situation with Billy. Kay tells Mackenzie she thought Chloe had an agenda initially and told her about the first time Cane brought her over to meet them. She tells Mackenzie how Esther dropped the tray she was carrying when she laid eyes on her daughter and how they all realized in that moment that Chloe was actually Kate. Katherine goes on to say that Chloe has made some bad decisions in her lifetime, but both she and Billy love Cordelia. Kay says the best thing Billy can do for Cordelia is to lover her mother, and Mac thinks about this.

Billy is dreaming of Mackenzie as he is awakened to Cordelia crying and Chloe requesting that he get her. Once they are both up, Chloe brings up the subject of Mac and how she's decided to stay in town. Billy admits he ran into her last night at the bookstore when he went to get the nursery rhyme books for Cordelia. Chloe asks Billy why he didn't tell her about his encounter last night, and he says he didn't feel it was important enough to wake her up for. Chloe begins to panic about the possibility of losing Cordelia and tries to find the perfect outfit for her daughter to wear to court. She wonders what she and Billy are going to do if they lose Cordelia. Chloe suddenly announces that she needs to go somewhere and leaves Billy to finish dressing Cordelia.

Karen and Neil are at Newman with Ana. She asks if her mom will be at the adoption hearing and Karen says she probably will be because it's an important day. Neil thinks about how he helped Tyra get her own lawyer to file her own adoption petition. Devon arrives and asks Ana where she wants to go while Karen and Neil are in court. She wants to go to the coffeehouse, so she and Devon leave. Victoria enters the room and asks Neil to see Victor. When Neil leaves, Victoria remarks that Karen doesn't seem as excited as she had expected on Ana's adoption hearing date.

Victor talks with Neil about the new fragrance line and how he expects the Board of Directors to pass it. Neil is distracted. He tells Victor that today is Ana's adoption hearing and that no matter what the outcome is, someone is going to get hurt. He says that only one woman can be Ana's legal mother and the other woman will have her heart broken. He also admits to Victor that he's made some bad decisions recently.

At Indigo, Lily confronts Tyra about sleeping with her father and hiring a lawyer behind Karen's back to file her own adoption petition. Ana and Devon walk in and Ana gives Tyra a poem she wrote about what a great mom she is! Lily pulls Devon aside and demands to know why he didn't tell her about Neil and Tyra. Devon says he wanted to tell her, but didn't know how. He watches Ana and Tyra interact and remarks that this is how it should be.

J.T. reports to Victor. Victor wants to know how the digging on Colleen is going, and J.T. says he doesn't think Colleen has done a thing wrong in her life! Victor demands that J.T. keep digging to find something to get Colleen out of her board seat as soon as possible. J.T. wonders if Victoria knows what Victor is doing, and Victor says of course she doesn't know! Victor demands that J.T. not tell her, either. As J.T. leaves Victor's office, Victoria comes in. Victor tells Victoria that she's going to head up the new fragrance line, and Victoria is pleased.

Karen, Neil, and Rafe sit in the courtroom when the judge asks if the other petitioner is coming. Karen is confused. Tyra walks in with her lawyer and sits down. Neil appears to be uncomfortable and Karen looks at him, shocked. Karen wants to know if Neil knew about this and if he helped Tyra file a petition. Neil mutters that he thought it was the right thing to do. Rafe stands up and tells the judge about how Neil and Dru adopted Devon and helped him turn his life around. Neil and Karen express their intention to adopt Ana and to give her a good, stable home. The judge tells Neil and Karen that she will have no problem granting their petition! Tyra's lawyer tells the judge everything Tyra has done for Ana from the time she was a teenager. She asks the judge to consider that in making her decision because Tyra wants to legally adopt Ana now that Yolanda's parental rights have been terminated. Karen and Tyra have a yelling match, and the judge calls for order. Rafe apologizes for his client's outburst. The judge requests to speak to Ana to find out how Ana feels about living with each party. Neil calls Devon to have him bring Ana to the courthouse.

Cane runs into Katherine at Jabot. She tells Cane that Jill's things being boxed up and her being fired was a misunderstanding. She tells him that Mitchell Sherman ordered that change - not her. She tells Cane not to tell Jill about this yet though because she believes they need some time apart. Cane asks Kay if he is going to be fired from his job, and Katherine tells him he is only going to move upstairs to take his place in his father's company - Chancellor Industries. Katherine wants Cane to be CEO, but he tells her that while he appreciates the offer he has to decline because of what is going on with his mom. He tells Katherine to tell the Abbott family he quit Jabot.

Jill finds Mackenzie in the coffeehouse and wants to know why she stayed in town. Mac tells her she knows Billy is taken. Jill tells Mac that Billy is completely off-limits to which Mac replies she isn't the one with a history of going after married men! An angry Jill walks away.

Lily, Devon, and Ana go to the bookstore. Billy and the baby appear at the bookstore as well and Billy asks Lily if he can talk to her. He says he knows they never really broke up, but he's sorry about the way things ended between them. He says he's a better person for having met her and he hopes someday they can be friends again. Billy wants to know if Lily can get through to Cane about Delia - she should be with her parents. Devon appears and tells Lily that they need to get to the courthouse - Neil just called.

Chloe is at a church praying. She says she knows she's done some rotten things. She begs God not to punish her daughter for the mistakes she's made. She says Cordelia needs her and she needs Cordelia, too.

Victoria meets J.T. at the coffeehouse and tells J.T. how she has been put in charge of the new fragrance line. She says she hopes the board passes it, but she isn't sure about the wild card - Colleen. She says she hopes that everything goes well and that Colleen and Victor don't get into it at the board meeting, messing everything up.

Jill finds Victor at Newman and offers herself for his service. Victor laughs and tells her he already has a great team of employees. Victor says he's not interested in hiring her. Jill says Jack has been wondering who bought the Jabot stock, and she threatens to tell Ashley Victor bought it. Victor doesn't care - he tells her to take up needlepoint because she's going to have a lot of spare time on her hands.

Ana arrives at the courthouse and takes the witness stand in the courtroom. The judge asks her about her life and activities with Neil and Karen versus Tyra. Ana says she loves all of them, but Tyra is her mother. Ana goes over to hug her mom, and the judge requests she go back into the hallway to wait with Devon for a little bit. The judge tells everyone she will make a decision soon and puts the court in recess. Karen wants to know who's side Neil is on! The judge comes back and says she hopes all of the petitioners can work together for Ana's best interest - it is good to have a lot of people who love you around you. She says she's decided to grant Neil and Karen the legal right to adopt Ana. Karen is relieve and Tyra cries. Neil stands up suddenly and asks the judge to wait - he has something he wants to say!

Chloe sees Mac at the coffeehouse and tells her that she and Billy are married now and that Mac better not be staying around because she hopes she can have Billy back - she says Billy is not interested in going backwards. Billy walks in and hears Chloe. He asks Chloe what the heck she is doing?!

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