Friday, October 12, 2007

Update for Friday October 12, 2007

Michael informs Phyllis that the court denied her appeal. Phyllis is distressed and insists she cannot spend one more day in jail. She suggests to Michael that it is time for her to find a new lawyer.

Nick and Jack give Michael a hard time about losing Phyllis' court case and her appeal.

Nick asks his father if he will help Phyllis get into the work-release program.

Colleen meets Adrian in his classroom and gives him all of his slides, arranged in order for his next classes.

Heather tells Paul about her childhood at the coffeehouse. She asserts that she has never had a good role model since her step-dad was an abuser and her real father left when she was little and never cared to find her.

Heather receives a call from her old roommate, Macey's parents and she finds out that her parents did not give Adrian the figurine of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Later, Heather stops by Adrian and Colleen's place to return the book she borrowed. She mentions that she talked with Macey's parents and that they said they hadn't given him the figurine. He finally says that Macey had brought it to class for a discussion on Roman architecture.

Jack visits Phyllis in prison. He is amazed to find her composed. While they talk, Rev. Anderson stops by to check on Phyllis. Phyllis is shocked to learn that Jack and the Rev. know each other. She says she and Rev. Anderson have gotten close because there aren't many people in prison she can talk with.

Michael calls a meeting between himself, Jack, Nikki, Nick, and Victor to work on Phyllis' behalf to get her into the work-release program. He tells them they will have to make it look essential for Phyllis to be at her job, helping the Clear Springs project out of the mess it's in.

David Chow visits Jana in prison at her request. She tells him that she is so sorry for murdering Carmen and that she was very sick at the time. She tells him she wants to do something for him and Carmen's parents and that she wants to dedicate the rest of her life to helping people.

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