Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update for Tuesday October 16, 2007

Sharon returns to the Abbott mansion to find Jack upset. He tells her that Maggie has informed him that he is the official or unofficial suspect in Ji Min's murder investigation. Sharon tries to be supportive and comforting. Jack worries that the news of his being a suspect in the murder investigation will hit the tabloids and that his constituents will lose complete faith in him.

Phyllis talks with the chaplain in jail. He tells her he knows her appeal was denied and offers prayer or just to talk. Phyllis informs him that she is researching the work release program and they discuss her involvement in the Clear Springs project, specifically with the website.

Phyllis confides in the chaplain about the past year of her life. She admits that what she did was wrong, but she wishes she could get out of jail before six years is up. The chaplain reminds her that everyone struggles with uncertainty in life and that this is normal. They talk about how John Abbott knew he had blessings in his family and friends, despite his burdens, but that he was lost after he became ill.

Jill talks with Maggie in the GCAC. She asks Maggie if there are any new developments in the Ji Min case. Maggie is reluctant to give Jill any information, but when Jill reminds Maggie she sees Ji Min's dead body all the time in her mind, Maggie reveals that lab results show that dog hair was found on Ji Min's clothes. She further asserts that the dog hair came from a golden retriever similar to Jack Abbott's dog and that Jack was the last person to be seen coming out of Ji Min's room before his body was found.

Michael finds Gloria getting ready for a date with Jeffrey Bardwell. He warns Gloria to stay away from Jeffrey because he is most likely after her inheritance and might even like to see her behind bars for manslaughter. Gloria brushes off Michael's warnings and goes on her date anyway.

Michael pays Phyllis a visit in jail. They discuss the work release program. Phyllis informs Michael of her run in with the warden and Michael tells her to behave and to be a model prisoner. They also discuss Phyllis' visit with the chaplain and John Abbott's will. Michael blames Jack for Gloria being cut out of the will, telling Phyllis John was not of sound mind when the second will was written and he believes Jack manipulated his father into writing it. Phyllis defends Jack.

Jill pays Jack a visit at the Abbott mansion, accusing him of murdering Ji Min. She demands to know how Jack's dog's fur got on Ji Min's clothes. Sharon defends Jack, but Jill refutes her statements, telling Sharon that Jack was the last person to be seen leaving Ji Min's room before his body was found.

After Jill leaves, Sharon expresses her frustration with Jack not telling her the truth about using Ji Min's family's estate to persuade Ji Min to drop the interview. She says she had hoped Jack would be honest with her about everything regarding the Ji Min murder investigation.

Sharon leaves to pick up Noah. While she is gone, John pays Jack a visit. They talk about his struggles with the Ji Min murder investigation. John reminds Jack that Sharon isn't the only one watching out for him.

Cane and Heather enjoy dinner at the GCAC. Cane wants to talk about the murder investigation and Heather insists that she cannot discuss it with him. He pushes her for information and she continues to insist she cannot talk about it. Cane apologizes and tells her next time they will talk about something else. Heather accepts his apology.

Later Cane calls Heather from the GCAC basketball court to apologize again for insisting on talking about the investigation. After he hangs up, he slings a basketball at the building's wall in frustration.

Jeffrey and Gloria meet for their date. Jeffrey talks about investing in real estate and Gloria wonders if he wants her to make an investment. Jeffrey tells her he doesn't want her to invest, but he would like to go out again to learn more about Gloria.

Michael comes home to find Gloria sitting in the dark drinking. Gloria tells Michael that she thinks Jeffrey is a gold-digger and Michael agrees.

At the GCAC Jeffrey approaches Jill. Jeffrey asks Jill if she was close to his brother Will. Jill tells him they were friends and even dated for a while, but that he decided to marry Gloria. Jeffrey tells Jill that he thinks his brother made the wrong choice.

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