Monday, October 1, 2007

Update for Monday October 1, 2007

J.T. tells Victoria he wants her to go away with him to Clear Springs.

Janna declares she believes she and Phyllis will become best friends while they are staying in prison together. Phyllis goes along with Janna's enthusiasm, even though she is angry that she has to share a cell with her.

Nick tells Phyllis he kissed Sharon when they were on the scout-out for the modeling shoot site. He also admits he is only telling her this now because Jack overheard Brad and Sharon talking about it on the intercom. Phyllis is angry with Nick. Nick tells her that he kissed Sharon before he fell back in love with her, and now that he has, he only wants to be with Phyllis.

Noah makes Jack a CD with a screensaver on it. Jack tells Noah he loves his present.

Sharon pleads with Jack to talk to her, but he says he has nothing else to say, that words are meaningless right now. He tells her that he can read her actions loud and clear.

Sharon heads back to the office where she receives a call from an angry Phyllis, who demands Sharon visit her in prison the next day.

Jack pays Phyllis a visit in jail. Phyllis points out that they don't want to push their spouses into each other's arms, so they must forgive them for their betrayal. Jack agrees.

J.T. arranges for a romantic getaway, and tells the receptionist that he is planning on proposing to Victoria, but that she doesn't know it yet.

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