Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update for Thursday October 18, 2007

Phyllis is ecstatic as she tells Michael she has been granted work release. She excitedly tells Michael how she'll get to have alone time with her daughter and husband, but Michael warns her that if she breaks the rules, she will be sent back to prison with no second chances. He tells her that she will not be able to use work time for time for personal relationships while on work release..

Neil and Nick talk in the Newman break room. Nick says that he was slow coming back to work but that he is ready to resume his position of co-CEO of Newman.

Katherine and Nikki talk over lunch at the GCAC. Nikki informs Kay that she and Victor are filing for a divorce. Katherine reminds Nikki that Victor was there for her, even through her addiction to pain killers. She reminds Nikki that while Victor is stubborn, he still loves her.

At Clear Springs, J.T. informs Joe that he thinks the concrete they are using is substandard. Joe becomes defensive, telling J.T. that the concrete is not substandard and threatens to transfer J.T. if he does not get back to working on the site.

Amber sees Lauren in the coffeeshop. She asks Lauren if she will look at some designs she created. Lauren tells her that she is headed to Clear Springs, but she'll look at them later. Lauren leaves behind some important papers.

Later, Amber calls Lauren and tells her she left her draft behind, but offers to drive it up to Clear Springs the next day. Lauren is grateful.

Victor decides to make Victoria, Nick, and Neil co-CEOs of Newman Cosmetics; each will be in charge of a different division of the company.

Nick visits Phyllis in prison. He tells her that he is co-CEO of Newman again.

Joe calls J.T. and tells him he wants to give him a raise. J.T. asks for the raise in cash and Joe says he wants to talk about it in person.

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