Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update for Wednesday October 24, 2007

Amber is unconscious in her car with blood on her face. When she comes to, she realizes that her doors are stuck and has to break a window to get out.

Michael calls Clear Springs to let them know that Lauren and Maggie have been checked out by the hospital and are okay.

Jill asks Nikki if anyone has seen Katherine, J.T., or Cane. Nikki says she thought Katherine left, but Jill tells her J.T. wanted to show Kay and Cane something he found in the parking garage.

J.T. and Cane work to dig themselves and Katherine out of the garage. They clear a pathway, but more debris falls at that moment, blocking their way. Katherine insists that because she hurt her shoulder, she is holding J.T. and Cane up, and that they should go on without her.

Once they reach the elevator, Katherine insists J.T. and Cane go on without her, so they promise her that when they reach the rescue team, the will come back for her. They tell her not to move so that they can find her again. J.T. and Cane climb up the elevator shaft and reach safety.

Amber stumbles upon Katherine in the elevator. They are very glad to see one another. Amber sits and talks with Kay and offers her a candy bar and a broach for her makeshift sling.

Amber tells Kay about how sorry she is for the mistakes she made in her marriage to Cane. The women are able to relate to each other on a number of levels. Kay tells Amber that she will make many more mistakes in her life and she needs to learn to forgive herself. Amber admits to Katherine that she still loves Cane.

Once J.T. and Cane reach safety, J.T. asks about Victoria. He is worried that no one has heard from her.

Cane tells the rescue team that Kay is still inside the garage and that he will show them where she is. The team insists he must stay out of the garage, but Cane makes up a story about how he was part of an Australian emergency organization and that he wants to help. They allow him to go in with them to retreive Kay, much to Jill's dismay.

Cane and the rescue workers find Katherine and Amber in the elevator. They are surprised to see Amber, and since they only brought one mask, Cane gives his to Amber.

Daniel is overjoyed to see Amber when she returns to safety.

Nikki and Jill are also overjoyed by the appearance of Katherine. Katherine tells Jill over and over that she loves her, saying that she hasn't told her daughter she loves her enough in life.

Jack continues to struggle to dig himself out of the garage. Debris continues to fall all around him. He pauses to write Sharon a letter about how much she means to him and how much he loves her.

Victoria struggles to find a light in the parking garage and turns it on.

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