Monday, October 8, 2007

Update for Monday October 8, 2007

Daniel discovers that Nick and Sharon kissed from a gossip newspaper. He asks Nick what happened, but Nick refuses to discuss his personal life with Daniel. Later, at the jail, Daniel visits Phyllis and tells her that he is there for her if she needs to talk to him. He informs her about the story in the tabloids.

Paul and Maggie theorize about what happened to Ji Min. David approaches them and tells them that Jack talked to Ji Min the day of the interview and tried to get him to back out of it. Maggie theorizes that Jack could have gotten into a physical fight with Ji Min because he refused to back out of the interview.

Nikki asks Victor to keep the news about their divorce quiet so that the news does not affect her Clear Springs project. Victor agrees to keep the divorce quiet only until their children know and no longer.

Nikki confides in David that she is worried that she will not be able to make her first business loan payment. She is frantically calling banks and loan officers to try to come up with the remaining money, but has no luck. Later, she tells Victor she will be able to make half the payment by the due date and the other half two weeks later. Victor refuses her the requested extension and tells Nikki that she must make the full payment on the due date or he will call the loan in.

Nick confronts Brad about the tabloid story, telling him he thinks Brad sold the story to the newspaper. Nick and Brad get into a loud argument at Newman, which Niel interrupts.

Sharon is upset about the tabloid story. Jack asks her if she thinks he should resign his Senate seat, but Sharon tells him that they always tell Noah to never quit. She tells him he should set a good example for Noah. A reporter approaches and asks for a comment about the tabloid story, to which Jack responds that he loves his wife very much and that the only kiss he is interested in is the one he gives Sharon right in front of the reporters.

Maggie asks Jack to come down to the police station for questioning. Jack tells her he won't answer any more questions without his lawyer present.

J.T. and Victoria eat at a restaurant in Clear Springs. J.T. points out a man he has been keeping his eye on. Victoria sees David greet the man and shake his hand later, which she thinks is suspicious.

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