Friday, October 5, 2007

Update for Friday October 5, 2007

ADMIN NOTE: Sorry I missed a couple of days, everyone. I've had some personal things to deal with. I'll do my best to be more consistent.

J.T. prepares the Bed and Breakfast where he plans to propose to Victoria later that evening.

Victoria stops by her parents' house to tell Victor that she is heading up to Clear Springs for the weekend. Victor reminds her to take it easy for the baby's sake.

Victoria arrives at Clear Springs and finds a romantic dinner waiting for her. J.T. gives Victoria a bottle of her favorite perfume. Victoria agrees not to focus on work or her family problems for the evening. After dinner, Victoria receives a text message from J.T. asking her to marry him. She's shocked. She and J.T. make a list of the positives and negatives of getting married and they realize there are no negatives. J.T. gives Victoria a beautiful ring with the baby's birthstone in it. She tells him that she is superstitious regarding anything having to do with the baby, so she will wear the ring after the baby is born. J.T. is thrilled that Victoria has agreed to marry him.

David and Nikki learn that Victor owns all the drilling rights in Clear Springs.

Nikki confronts Victor about his plans for the Clear Springs development. She accuses him of not caring what happens to the project, even though she has invested everything in it. They get into a heated argument. David calls Nikki in the middle of the argument and Nikki answers. Victor grabs the phone and slams it down angrily because he feels Nikki is flaunting her relationship with David in front of him.

Nikkie and Victor decide that they can no longer reconcile and they agree to start the divorce process.

Cane meets Heather at the coffeehouse where Amber is working. Seeing Heather and Cane together is driving Amber nuts, so she begs Kevin to call in someone to switch shifts with her. He does, which frees up Amber. She calls Daniel and they make plans to eat dinner at the GCAC.

Meanwhile, Cane suggests to Heather that they go to the GCAC so that they do not have to be near Amber.

Lily and Colleen also wind up at the GCAC. Everyone seems surprised to see each other in the same location.

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