Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update for Wednesday October 10, 2007

Victoria tells Nick about her engagement to J.T. He is happy for her and tells her that he wants to resume his responsibilities as co-CEO of Newman in order to lessen Victoria's workload.

Nikki and Victor make plans to tell their children about their decision to divorce.

J.T. tells Paul about his engagement. Paul expresses his concern that J.T. isn't ready for marriage and a family. He congratulates him, nonetheless.

Nikki and Victor agree to meet Nick and Victoria for lunch. Victoria announces her engagement as soon as they arrive. There is awkward silence, but Nikki and Victor insist they are happy for her. Nick informs his parents that he intends to resume his position as co-CEO of Newman, and they tell him that they are happy about his news.

Victor tells his children that he and Nikki are getting divorced. He and Nikki get into a fight about who's fault it is that the marriage broke up. Victor storms off.

Dean Lamont asks to speak to Adrian about a position that has become available at GCU. Colleen nervously waits while the Dean and Adrian talk. She knows that professors dating students is against school policy and she wonders what Adrian is going to do.

Brad appraoches Colleen as she works at GCAC. She tells him that she is tired and that she has been working double shifts to pay for her tuition and books. Brad gives Colleen a check to cover her tuition and books and tells her that he will never withdraw his financial support from her again. Colleen is thrilled.

A customer runs into Colleen. She accidentally spills a drink on his suit. He is irate and demands to speak to her manager. However, Heather cuts in and informs the customer that she is the D.A., that she saw what happened, and that she will press charges on him for disturbing the peace if he refuses to leave. Colleen thanks her for her assistance.

Victoria tells Nick at Newman that she is the happiest she has been in a long time, marrying J.T. and having a baby. Brad overhears their conversation and says that if the baby is his, no amount of Newman money will keep him from raising it.

Adrian informs Colleen that he is going to take the open position at GCU. He says that Dean is okay with their relationship as long as Colleen does not take any of his classes.

Later, Heather informs Adrian that she is taking the class he is teaching.

J.T. and David bond over drinks in Clear Springs.

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