Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update for Tuesday October 9, 2007

Niel invites Karen to ice cream night, explaining that Lily scored a 98% on her toughest midterm this semester and they are going to celebrate.

Cane gives Lily a book about Australian culture for her paper. Devon points out that Lily is not taking anthropology this semester. Lily tells Cane that she is planning to take it next semester and that she will take good care of his book until she is done with it and can give it back to him. Cane tells her to keep the book and offers Lily back her CD, but Lily tells him to keep it.

When Lily shows Colleen the book Cane bought her, Colleen tells Lily that he thinks about her, which excites both of them.

Katherine, Jack, and Sharon meet the ADA, Heather and offer her a deal: Jack will talk to Maggie about Ji Min if they agree to not prosecute him on fraud charges related to Jabot. Heather later agrees to the deal.

Maggie and Heather come to talk to Jack and Sharon at the Abot mansion. Maggie asks Jack how he managed to persuade Ji Min not to go public with the Jabot story and Jack admits he told Ji Min he had bought his family's land in Korea and threatened to sell it if he went public. He apologizes to Sharon because she thought Jack had agreed not to do that.

Maggie manages to get a sample of dog hair from Jack's dog while she is at the Abot mansion. She tells Paul she hopes it will match the sample of dog hair found on Ji Min's body.

Devon arrives with ice cream at Niel's. Lily and Devon want to dive into the ice cream, but Niel tells them they have to wait for Karen. Lily and Devon express their disappointment. Karen arrives wearing a hat similar to one Dru used to wear. Lily is visibly upset and goes to her bedroom. Niel tells Karen that he had just donated a bunch of Dru's things to a thrift shop and Karen happened to pick up the exact hat Niel donated to the thrift store.

The four of them play cards and have strained conversation. Before Karen leaves, Devon and Lily make fun of her, believing their father and Karen won't overhear. Karen gives Lily Dru's hat, telling her she thinks Dru wants her to have it.

After Karen leaves, Niel expresses his anger and disappointment in his children. He says if they ever treat a guest like that again, he will not allow them in his home anymore. Lily and Devon apologize before they leave.

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