Monday, October 15, 2007

Update for Monday October 15, 2007

Sharon asks Nick to help her with Cassie's benefit. Nick hesitates because he doesn't know if it is a good idea since Jack found out about their kiss. Sharon and Nick go to Jack to ask his opinion and Sharon suggests that they could have the benefit in Jack's casino. Nick is opposed to the idea because Cassie's Challenge is against drinking and casinos are place where people typically drink.

Jack tells Daniel that his mother's appeal was denied. He adds that he plans to find Phyllis a new lawyer.

Cane asks Heather to dinner. She declines his invitation, but later, Maggie tells her life is too short to pass up great opportunities.

Daniel and Amber play basketball at the GCAC to reduce their stress. Cane and Heather join them on the court. They agree to play 2 on 2 for possession of the court. Cane and Heather win. Afterwards, Cane massages Heather's leg to help relieve a cramp.

Jack receives a phone call from the ethics committee. They have decided to postpone their meeting regarding Jack's actions indefinitely. Sharon and Jack are thrilled with the news.

Amber phones the record producer and tells him that she wants to produce her record. She tells him that she has inherited a large sum of money from a deceased relative. She goes to the storage closet she hid the money in at the GCAC and retrieves it.

Cane carries Heather back outside onto the basketball court to get the jacket she left outside. They kiss and Amber walks onto the court just in time to see it.

Maggie pays Jack a visit. She asks him if Jack and Ji Min did not have a physical confrontation, how did Jack's dog's hair get on Ji Min's clothes?

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