Thursday, October 11, 2007

Update for Thursday October 11, 2007

Maggie introduces herself to Jeff Bardwell, William's brother. She tells him that she was working closely with William to solve some of his cases and she is still working to solve some unsolved cases. Jeff inquires about the Jabot case. Maggie tells him not only did a woman die from the tainted cream, but also Abby and Gloria were both injured by the cream as well.

Nick visits Phyllis with Summer in prison. It's Nick's birthday. Phyllis asks about Nick and his family. He tells her of Victoria's engagement to J.T. and his parents' divorce.

During their visit, an officer delivers a fax from Michael to Phyllis, informing her that her appeal hearing will be held that afternoon. Phyllis is very nervous about the appeal decision.

Kevin visits Jana in jail. She tells him that she thinks about Carmen's family and how she took away their daughter. Kevin reminds her that her tumor made her commit the crime and that she wouldn't normally do that herself.

Jana makes Phyllis a picture frame for Phyllis' photo of Summer. Phyllis thanks her, but when Jana continues to talk with her, she tells Jana she wants nothing to do with her and to leave her alone.

Nick goes to Lauren and Michael's for a birthday celebration. They all anticipate the judge's decision regarding Phyllis' appeal. Fen takes his first steps right before Michael receives a fax regarding Phyllis' appeal.

Colleen and Heather bond over art history. Colleen lends Heather a book. Heather notices a figurine of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and realizes that it is the same one her roommate Macey had. Adrian walks in and tells Heather and Colleen that Macey's parents had given him the figurine to thank him for helping with the situation.

Jeff tells Gloria that he and William were estranged not because their parents split them up, but because Jeff had fallen in love with Miranda before William met her. When Miranda met William she fell in love with and married him instead.

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