Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Update for Tuesday October 2, 2007

Sharon and Jack eat dinner with Noah and he notices that Jack and Sharon are acting funny toward each other. They deny that anything is wrong.

Niel asks Karen to dinner after they finish up at Newman.

Colleen wants to invite Brad over for dinner, so she calls Adrian to make sure it is okay. He reminds her that he has a big deadline in the morning, but Colleen pleads with him until he says it is ok for Brad to join them for dinner. They eat dinner with strained conversation. Colleen tries to be a mediator between Adrian and her fatter.

Lily and Cane work out together. They are flirtatious with one another while they work out.

Sharon tells Jack that she is going out to purchase Phyllis all the books Noah has to read in school so that she can read them along with him.

Sharon calls Niel and asks if he can meet her. He agrees to meet her at Newman. Sharon spills everything about the kiss and the problems in her marriage to Jack to Niel. Niel listens and offers his advice to her.

While Sharon is out, Nick stops at Jack's house to apologize to him for kissing Sharon. Nick and Jack get into an argument, which Noah overhears. Jack tells Nick that unless he is there to pick Noah up or drop him off, he is no longer welcome in Jack's house.

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