Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Update for Tuesday October 23, 2007

Daniel arrives at Clear Springs and spots Nick. He puts Nick on the phone with Phyllis. Phyllis is so glad that Nick is okay. He informs her, however, that Jack and Noah are still trapped inside the collapsed parking garage.

Lauren borrows Paul's cell phone to call Michael. She tells him she is trapped inside a collapsed parking garage at Clear Springs, but Michael has trouble hearing her with the bad connection. He calls Victor who informs him that the underground parking garage in Clear Springs collapsed. Michael tells him to call as soon as he knows anything and that he will be in Clear Springs as soon as he can.

Lauren panics because she is afraid the rescue workers won't find her, Paul, Noah, and Maggie. Paul spends time trying to console Lauren and calm her down, telling her the rescue workers will find them.

Jack continues to struggle to move debris in order to find a way out of the collapsed structure.

Rescue workers find Lauren, Maggie, Paul, and a badly injured Noah. Sharon, Nick, Nikki, Victor, and Michael are overjoyed when the four of them emerge from the underground parking garage.

Sharon, Nick, and Noah go to the hospital in order to get medical attention for Sharon and Noah's injuries.

Phyllis loses her temper in prison because she is so frustrated not knowing what is going on in Clear Springs. Jana takes the blame for the temper tantrum, telling the guard that she is frustrated because one of her dear friends is caught in the rubble and she doesn't know what is going on.

Katherine is alone in another part of the collapsed parking garage.

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