Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adam Messes Up

J.T. and Paul talk about Paul's investigation into David's past. J.T. suggests Paul talk with Niel as Niel might know David's ex-wife because they all worked on Granville Global.

Victor arranges for Lauren to bring a shopping spree from Fenmore's to Sabrina as a surprise treat. Sabrina is overwhelmed, and tells Victor she cannot accept all of the generosity. She lets Victor know that she loves him for who he is, not for how much money he has.

Niel offers Adam some advice about someone he is working with, but Adam ignores it. Later, Adam gets a call from Skye and they talk about how to use the information they have obtained about David. Niel calls Victor to check on Adam's work, and Victor asks Niel to watch over Adam for him.

Heather runs into Heather at Jabot, and he teases her about it. He asks her to dinner, but Heather says she has too much work to do. They arrange to have a rain check on their date. Victoria overhears the conversation, and later she gives Brad a hard time about dating Heather.

Paul finds Niel at Newman and asks him what he knows about David. Niel tells Paul about the hard time David gave Dru when she was accused of Carmen's murder. Niel also tells Paul he doesn't know David's ex-wife. Adam eavesdrops outside the door as the two men talk. Afterwards, Paul asks J.T. to go through Newman's records on Granville Global to see if he can find anything out about David's ex-wife, and J.T. agrees to do this for Paul.

David tries to use Nikki's social security number to get his credit limit raised. He is denied a raise in credit limit until the company talks to Nikki. Later, David tries to get a loan from the bank with Nikki's name attached, but they refuse to give him a loan unless Nikki is present as well.

Victor and Lauren think all the clothes Lauren brought to show Sabrina would look perfect on her. Victor wants to buy all of the clothes Lauren brought, but Sabrina insists that they not buy them all. Victor tells her to pick one item, and Sabrina selects a very nice purse. She is thrilled with it.

Niel becomes very annoyed with Adam. Niel calls Victoria to find out about Adam's new company, Natural Glow. He learns that Victoria had a thorough search of the company done, and he is able to find the write-up for the company. Niel is not pleased with what he learns about Natural Glow.

J.T. and Paul go to the coffeehouse to talk more about David's past. Paul gets J.T. to help him with a phone call to David's ex-wife so that he can attempt to trace the call. J.T. calls and asks to speak to David's ex-wife about some questions he has about Granville Global. David's ex-wife ends up hanging up on J.T. before Paul can get the complete number traced. However, they learn she is living in Bermuda.

Before leaving Jabot to have dinner with Nikki, Victoria warns Heather about Brad, telling Heather Brad isn't always what he seems. Heather tells Victoria she is not dating and doesn't plan to date Brad.

Lauren tells Victor how great she thinks Sabrina is. At the club, Sabrina stops by Nikki and Victoria's table, and they notice her new purse. After she is gone, they comment to one another about how expensive it must have been.

Niel stops by Victor's house at the Newman Ranch and tells him that Natural Glow, which was acquired by Adam had a lawsuit brought against them by Jabot before Newman bought it. Now, Newman is stuck with a lawsuit against them from Jabot.

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