Friday, May 16, 2008

Restless Style Debuts!

Jack, Sharon, Phyllis, and Nick all arrive at Restless Style bright and early to await the news on how the first issue of the magazine does. Later, Amber and Daniel join the crowd, bringing muffins. They are all thrilled when they get the first hits on the webzine.

Victor tells Sabrina he does not mind Nikki is married, but he is concerned about the man she married. He tells Sabrina he does not think David is everything he appears to be, and he is afraid David will hurt Nikki.

Gloria arrives at the coffeehouse, and she looks awful. She tells Jana it is all of her fault because she thought if she gave half of her fortune away she would develop better karma. Jana feels awful for Gloria. Kevin calls Michael for help after he learns that Gloria is in danger of losing all of her money.

Katherine tells Jill to be very careful around Jeff because he might be blackmailing Gloria. Jill tells Katherine she can handle Jeff, but Katherine is skeptical. Later, Kay makes her dislike of Jeff known as he talks with Jill.

When Michael arrives at the coffeehouse, Gloria tells him what she did - donating half of her money to charity. She tells Michael that she had an iron-clad contract drawn up. Michael is not happy about what he is hearing, and tells Gloria he cannot get her money back. Gloria is devastated. Lauren enters the coffeehouse as Gloria is leaving, and Gloria tells her she thinks they would all be better off without her.

David and Nikki eat at the GCAC. When David hands Nikki the first issue of Restless Style, she is not happy to see the cover model is not Lily. She and David plan to go to Restless Style to see how the magazine is doing.

Restless Style receives word that sales of their magazine are strong.

Sabrina encourages Victor to go congratulate Nick on his success, but Victor is reluctant. Finally, Sabrina is able to convince him to go see Nick.

Gloria finds Allistair when she is walking in the park, and sits down to talk with him. She learns that Allistair is sleeping on the park bench. Allistair offers her some of his alcohol, and the two of them commiserate together about having no money. Gloria gets drunk and invites Allistair to stay with her at the club.

David, Nikki, Victor, and Sabrina get stuck in the elevator when they are going to congratulate the staff of Restless Style. They are not happy about being stuck in the elevator together.

Restless Style celebrates the success of the magazine with a toast. Daniel tries to get the elevator to go down to his car to get the camera, and they realize the elevator is stuck.

Lauren is concerned about Gloria and insists they find her before they celebrate the success of Restless Style. She and Jana tell Michael and Kevin that Gloria needs them and that they should stand by her and support her. Michael and Kevin don't want to stand by Gloria, but Lauren reminds them how much work she has done to change herself. When they cannot find Gloria anywhere, Lauren wonders if Gloria would hurt herself, seeing as how depressed she was earlier.

Jeff tries to convince Jill he really likes her and he has no feelings for Gloria. Jill tricks him into revealing how he really feels about Gloria, however, and she suggests he ought to try to win her back.

While maintenance tries to get the elevator unstuck at Restless Style, the magazine gets rave reviews! Later, everyone gets concerned when they find out Nikki, David, Sabrina, and Victor are all stuck together. Nikki and Victor begin to argue in the elevator and insult each other relentlessly.

A very drunk Gloria mistakes Allistair for John, and begins kissing him passionately. Allistair makes no move to correct Gloria.

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