Monday, May 19, 2008

David's Dirty Past

Nick is concerned about Victor and Nikki being trapped in the elevator with one another and their significant others, but Victoria finds it amusing.

In the elevator, Nikki and Victor continue to insult one another. Nikki tells Sabrina to enjoy all the nice gifts Victor gives her now, as it will stop after they get married.

J.T. informs Paul that Nikki and David went to Mexico to get married. Paul tells J.T. he has found enough information on David to keep digging.

The elevator finally gets fixed and all are relieved. Restless Style continues to get good reviews as the news of David and Nikki's marriage spreads. David proposes a toast, and Victor looks on.

Jill talks with Jeff about Gloria. She asks him why he is divorcing her if he still loves her, and he says that they are toxic together. Jill tells Jeff he can change things and he decides to go talk to Gloria.

Michael, Lauren, and Kevin all attempt to get Gloria to answer her door. Finally, Kevin opens the door with a master key he stole from the maid's cart. They find Gloria in bed with Allistair. Gloria, now sober, is shocked at what she has done.

Victor tells Nick he is proud of him.

David promises Nick and Victoria he will always do his best to make Nikki happy.

Sharon warns Sabrina about becoming a part of the Newman family. She tells Sabrina she isn't sure the Newmans ever accepted her as part of the family.

Paul and J.T. continue to talk about David. They put their information together and figure out that he has married three previous women, who were all wealthy, and that he gambled all of their money away.

Michael tells Gloria to gather the documents on her donation and the divorce and he will see if he can figure something out. He and Lauren leave the room so Gloria can get out of bed and get dressed.

Nikki fills Katherine in on the wedding. Katherine tells Nikki she is concerned about the fact that she and David ran off to get married. She tells Nikki she thinks she is still in love with Victor. Nikki tells Katherine David makes her happy.

Jack warns David that Nikki will eventually find her way back to Victor.

Paul runs into David and Nikki at the club. He asks Nikki about the marriage, mentioning that just a short time ago, she did not trust David. Nikki tells Paul David is a good man and that he is working on his gambling problem. Paul calls David's ex-wife again and leaves a message with her receptionist.

Jill runs into Allistair in the park. She learns that he has been sleeping there, and she feels a little sorry for him. Allistair tells her that he got drunk with Gloria and slept with her the previous night, and Jill puts him back on the payroll.

Michael looks at the documents Gloria provides him, and doesn't see a way out of what she has done. He, Lauren, Kevin, and Gloria go to dinner at the club. Lauren reminds Gloria she can sell her diamonds for money, and Allistair overhears the information.

Katherine takes Daniel and Amber to lunch to celebrate. Amber is bummed out that no one has said anything about her designs yet.

When Jack reads Sharon a piece that gives Nick all the credit for Restless Style, she is upset.

Paul receives a call from David's ex-wife, telling him that the day she divorced David was the happiest day of her life. She also tells Paul she is sorry for Nikki.

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