Monday, May 26, 2008

Nick Remembers Cassie's Death

At Elizabeth's place (David's ex-wife), Paul continues to ask Elizabeth questions about David. Elizabeth tells Paul she believes David is a murderer. Paul asks her why she thinks this. She tells Paul that David's first wife committed suicide and his second wife got into a car accident after her brakes had been tampered with. She also tells Paul David has a pattern - he finds rich women who have everything but a great guy, he charms them and makes them feel good about themselves, he proposes and the women accept, and after they are married, the rich women realize they are not so rich anymore. When they confront David, Elizabeth says, David changes into a different man.

At the club, Nikki and David talk about what kind of house they want to buy while they wait for Victoria and J.T. to join them for dinner. Phyllis stops by to say hello to them on her way to the gym. They invite her to eat with them, but she politely turns them down. Just then her cell phone rings, and she learns that Nick has been in an accident. She and Nikki rush off to the hospital.

Amber and Daniel arrive at Restless Style for work, and Amber tells Daniel she thinks it is very cool that his dad invited him to go on tour to do photography for him. She tells him he ought to call his father since he skipped out on dinner with him. Daniel and Amber make a pact to always tell one another the truth and to be faithful to one another. They seal the pact with a kiss.

Daniel calls his father, and they decide to meet for dessert at Restless Style. After he hangs up, he talks with Sharon about how Noah is doing. Daniel tells Sharon he thinks Noah is a tough kid. Noah comes over and Daniel tells him he misses Cassie, and Noah says he does, too.

Danny arrives at Restless Style and Daniel introduces him to Noah. Sharon and Noah leave the room. Jack tells Danny how great Daniel has been at the magazine while Amber says good-bye to Daniel so that he can talk with his father alone.

Once they are alone, Danny tells Daniel he wants him to be the Head Photographer, not just the assistant photographer on the tour. Daniel is hesitant, however. Danny tells Daniel Amber will be okay, but Daniel tells him that Amber isn't the only thing he is concerned about. Danny tells his son that he won't let him down again like he did before.

Adam and Victor talk a little business. Victor receives a phone call, alerting him Nick has been in an accident. He rushes out of the house, not informing Adam what has happened.

At the hospital, everyone looks for Nick. He comes up behind them with a nurse and assures them that he is all right. Everyone is relieved. As Nick is waiting to be discharged, he begins to have memories of Cassie. He remembers sitting by Cassie's bed in the hospital, his confrontations with Daniel, how he turned his back on Sharon after Cassie's death, and her funeral. He is overwhelmed with emotion. Nikki and Phyllis come up behind Nick and tell him he is free to go home. Nick tries to pretend everything is all right.

Phyllis gets a call from Daniel and Nick tells her to go see him. Nick asks Victor for a ride home, and tells Nikki to go have dinner with Victoria and J.T.

Phyllis arrives at Restless Style, where Daniel tells her he is going to go on tour with Danny. He also tells her that he will be the head photographer. Phyllis is sad to see her son leave.

Victoria and J.T. arrive at the club, and David tells them Nick was in an accident. Victoria becomes frantic, but David tells her Nick is okay. David gets a call from his bookie and he takes it. He leaves, telling Victoria and J.T. a friend of his is having a hard time and needs his support.

Elizabeth tells Paul she had an investigation done on David, but she burned all the papers. Paul pushes for some evidence, but she can't give him any. She tells Paul she thinks David might have gotten some help from aliens. Paul isn't sure what to think.

Nick thanks Victor for driving him home. Sharon enters the house and the two of them talk about Cassie. Nick tells her that he feels guilty for Cassie's death, and Sharon tries to comfort him, telling him he couldn't have done anything more to help Cassie. Nick apologizes to Sharon for abandoning her in a time she needed him so desperately. She tells him she already forgave him for that. Nick and Sharon decide to go to the cemetery to visit Cassie together.

At the club, Gina spots Amber and they talk about the possibility of Daniel going on tour with his dad. Gina tells her not to worry, that Daniel will come back to her.

When Victor arrives home, Sabrina and Adam listen to him talk about Nick's accident and what happened at the hospital. Adam tells Victor Sabrina told him about Cassie and that he would like to hear about her sometime. Adam expresses his condolences to Victor and says he'd love to see some photos of Cassie. He tells his father that anytime he needs to talk, he is there to listen.

Noah tells Jack that he is really sad about Cassie and that he wants to go see her at the cemetery. Jack takes him there and they talk about why Noah asked Jack to take him instead of his mom or dad. Noah tells Jack that Sharon is always so sad and that Nick cannot remember what happened.

Nick and Sharon both cry at Cassie's grave site.

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