Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David and Nikki Set a Wedding Date

Lily returns to Jabot after her photo shoot in L.A. She seems excited to get back to work and Chloe is excited as well. The two of them talk about the trip, and Lily and Chloe discuss what is next for her. Cane is still worried about Lily, however, and wants her to take some time to grieve.

Colleen tells Kevin she needs some more time to talk with Adrian about publishing his book. Both Kevin and Colleen are worried about the ramifications if the book is published. They stop talking about it when Jana approaches, but Jana senses something is up. Colleen tells her she may need to leave town to take a work study opportunity. Jana tells Colleen about the job she was offered by Sabrina.

Sabrina and Victor meet with the painter Brian Willis regarding one of his works in order to decide whether to acquire the work or not.

When Victor learns that Victoria is working for Jabot, he is disappointed.

As Adam moves into Victoria's old office, he doesn't feel right.

Victoria is nervous about her first day at Jabot, and Nikki tries to calm her nerves. Victoria tells Nikki, Brad, David, and Jill she wants to start a new eco-friendly product line. Jill is worried that Victoria is coming on too strong as a new employee. Nikki, Victoria, and David work together to come up with a way to tie in new products into the release of a new film.

David thanks Brad for keeping his loan quiet. Later, Brad insists David set up a payment plan with him, and David agrees.

Jana tells Kevin about her job offer. She is worried Kevin will be upset, but Kevin is thrilled for her, and gives her his blessing. Jana is thrilled Kevin is happy for her.

Colleen and Lily meet at Jabot to talk about Colleen's problem with Adrian's book being published.

Nikki holds a meeting about the new tie in idea, and Jill seems to like it. She gets concerned, though, when Brad makes comments about the film industry not being very reliable.

Lily admits to Cane she has been avoiding him in order to avoid thinking about the miscarriage. They agree to meet and talk later.

Victoria and Brad work on the quarterly reports together at Jabot. Victoria makes it clear she will not be passing any insider information about Newman to Jabot.

Adam talks to Victor about how he does not feel right taking over Victoria's office. He also tells Victor he questions the way he treated Victoria. Victor assures him that his mother would not be disappointed in the way he acted, and this seems to help Adam feel better.

Jana accepts the job offer from Sabrina, and she asks her what it is like to work for Victor Newman. Sabrina reveals some personal details of what Victor is like.

Nikki finally agrees to set a wedding date with David, four months from now. Later, Nikki walks in on a phone call David made to the club to book the Colonnade room for their wedding. Nikki tells him that she was married to Victor there, but that she would like to have her wedding there again. The wedding date is sooner than Nikki had planned, but she is excited to be marrying David.

Brad overhears David placing bets, and tries to set him up to fail.

At the club, Lily runs into Madam Chauvin and tells her she lost the baby. Madam Chauvin comforts her and tells Lily to come by the studio if she ever wants to take a class. Later, Lily tells Cane she would like a fresh start, and he agrees to a fresh start with her.

Colleen meets with Adrian and they fight about his book being published. Adrian insists that he is going to publish his book, but Colleen reminds him how much it will hurt people. Adrian tells her that she is immature. Adrian goes to speak with Brad when he finds out Colleen gave him an advanced copy of his book.

Victor asks Adam to come live at the Newman ranch, and Adam tells Victor he will think about it.

Nikki and David tell Victoria they are getting married in August, and Victoria is shocked.

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