Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lily Gets a Career Break

I'm sorry this is late. This is Tuesday's update.

When David and Nikki come into Jabot, Brad and Jill both congratulate them, but secretly have their own agendas. Brade sees the size of Nikki's ring and makes a remark about how that must have set David back. Later, David asks Brad to not make those kinds of comments and tells Brad that Nikki's ring was a family heirloom.

Cane sees Chloe at the coffeehouse and they look through the first issue of Restless Style magazine to find Lily's ads. Chloe doesn't remember anything from last night, but soon has a fuzzy memory of kissing Cane. She asks Cane to not say anything to Lily about what "they did."

Nikki talks with Lily about losing the cover of Restless Style. Nikki isn't happy that Nick took Lily off the cover, and Lily worries she let Nikki and Jabot down. She feels guilty about losing the cover.

Gloria makes a call to her bank and asks that her diamonds be sent to her. As she is on the phone, Jeff comes to her door, and Gloria quickly hangs up the phone. Jeff tells Gloria he is leaving Genua City, but he still wants his money.

At Jabot, Allistair walks in with a disguise so that no one recognizes him. He tells Jill Gloria has a stash of diamonds, but he is not able to provide any more information other than this, and Jill becomes frustrated.

As Jeff is looking for his passport, he and Gloria get into a fight. Just then a fax comes in, which Gloria snatches up in an attempt to keep Jeff from seeing it. He sees that it is from a bank and demands to know what is going on.

David and Nikki exchange gifts. David gives Nikki chips from their wedding, and Nikki gives David a very expensive engraved watch. Later, Nikki and David find out that Brad took over and made some decisions while they were in Mexico getting married and they are angry with him. After the meeting, Brad tells David he is in no position to argue with him.

While Chloe and Lily are talking about Lily's schedule for the day at Jabot, Cane comes over and begins teasing Chloe indirectly about the kiss. Lily is left wondering what is going on, and Chloe has to make up a story to cover. Later, Cane confronts Chloe about the kiss, wondering if it meant more to her than she is letting on. He also tells her if she doesn't clean up her act, she may lose her job at Jabot.

Cane pulls Lily aside to have a moment with her at Jabot before her fitting and test shots. Chloe interrupts, though. After the test shots, Chloe and Lily find Nikki and show the shots to her. Nikki loves the shots and tells Lily she has been doing a good job. Lily credits Chloe for coaching her on what to do, and says she wouldn't know what to do if it weren't for Chloe.

After Gloria leaves the club, Jeff finds the maid and tries to convince her to let him into Gloria's suite. He has a bunch of flowers, and tells the maid he wants to leave them in the suite for his wife when she comes back. The maid tells him it is against policy for her to let him into the room if he doesn't have his key, but eventually she gives in and lets him into the room anyway. Jeff searches the room for the fax, but has no luck finding it. As he is leaving the room, he bumps into Allistair, who tells Jeff he has something on Gloria that Jeff can use.

In a meeting at Jabot, Gloria comes up with an idea, which Jill and Brad don't like, but Nikki supports her.

Cane and Lily talk, and Cane almost tells Lily Chloe kissed her, until he realizes how much Lily depends on Chloe for direction in her modeling career. Cane decides not to tell Lily about the kiss. Meanwhile, Chloe makes plans for her and Lily's future. She pulls some strings and gets an agency interested in Lily's abilities. Lily receives a call telling her an agency is interested in representing her, and that they want to fly her out to New York as soon as possible. She is thrilled.

David tries to convince Nikki to get a joint bank account with him, but she doesn't see any need for one.

Jeff makes a phone call to book the earliest flight to the Cayman Islands to see what Gloria is hiding there.

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