Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chloe Moves In

At Restless Style, the website crashes. Phyllis and Jack blame Sharon for opening an e-mail with a virus in it, but Nick defends her. Later, Daniel finds out that Amber opened the infectious e-mail.

While Gloria prepares to give away $50 million at the club, Jill tells Allistair he needs to find out why Gloria wants to give that much of her money to charity anonymously.

Katherine tries to convince Jeff to stay with Gloria. She tells him she knows he is still in love with Gloria, but Jeff denies it.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria tells Jana and Kevin she doesn't think her karma is changing. She gets served with divorce papers while she is telling them this.

Cane, Lily, and Devon help Chloe move in. They begin to wonder if they've made a mistake as Chloe brings in a bunch of strange decorations and furniture, and manipulates the environment. Cane gives Lily a package from Sharon with her Restless Style cover and a letter in it. Sharon says Dru would be proud of Lily. Later, Cane tells Lily she can move in with him, but she turns him down. She says she just wants to date for a while like normal people, and Cane accepts this.

Gloria calls Jeff, and he immediately rushes off to meet her, passing Jill on his way out of the Chancelor estate.

Amber tells everyone at Restless Style she was the one who opened the e-mail containing the virus. Phyllis and Jack are furious. Daniel tells Amber he thinks she needs to stop the get-rich-quick schemes, because they have caused her to make many mistakes.

Lily finally gets frustrated with Chloe trying to change her house, and sets some rules. Everyone seems much happier after this is done. They all go to celebrate, where Chloe makes an insensitive comment about not being pregnant. She immediately feels bad and apologizes profusely to Lily.

At Restless Style, Jack receives a phone call from the printer, who says they may not be able to deliver on time. Everyone is at their wit's end. Amber apologizes numerous times to no avail. Daniel speaks to Nick and Phyllis and asks them to give Amber a break because she made a mistake and she feels horribly about it. He reminds them how much this job means to her. Finally, IT calls and tells Restless Style the website has been fixed, and everyone is relieved.

Gloria and Jeff talk about getting divorced. Gloria tries to think of an alternative to the divorce, but Jeff is insistent that they get divorced. He demands $50 million in order to keep Gloria's secret about the face cream and keep her out of jail. Gloria tells him she donated $50 million to charity and it is irreversible. Jeff threatens to turn her in if she does not come up with the money.

At Restless Style, the printer calls again and says they will be on time with the delivery. Sharon, Jack, Nick, and Phyllis make up and feel good about completing their first issue on time.

Allistair reports to Jill that Jeff and Gloria are getting divorced, but Jill says she already knew this, and she fires Allistair.

While Lily and Devon are making preparations upstairs for a drunk Chloe, Chloe kisses Cane downstairs.

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