Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Anniversary of Cassie's Death

David and Nikki meet at Jabot. When Nikki inquires about why David left so early that morning, David tells her he went to a Gambler's Anonymous meeting. He goes on to tell her that it was a step meeting, and that he feels resentment toward her because she refused to join their bank accounts together.

Paul tells J.T. he is going to Bermuda to find David's ex-wife. J.T. notices Paul cares a lot about Nikki, and Paul says he will always care for Nikki.

At the Ranch, Victor lectures Adam for his mistake with Natural Glow. Adam tries to make excuses, but Victor insists Adam not talk and just listen.

At the club, Victoria is preparing to order breakfast. Niel bumps in to her and he tells Victoria about the mistake Adam made with Natural Glow.

Danny stops in at Restless Style and tells Phyllis he wants to take Daniel on tour with him for the summer. Phyllis doesn't like this idea, and points out that Daniel has a job and responsibilities in Genua City. Phyllis also tells him not to ask Daniel about the tour today, as it is the anniversary of Cassie's passing.

Nick and Sharon reflect on Cassie's death at Cassie's Corner. Nick admits he cannot remember that day and he feels badly about it.

When Daniel arrives at Restless Style, Danny tells him he wants Daniel to go on tour with him as an assistant to his photographer. Daniel is excited at the prospect, but when Phyllis points out he has responsibilities in Genua City, Daniel is conflicted about what to do.

Paul and J.T. begin to wonder if David's ex-wife is hiding from him.

At Jabot, Victoria and Nikki are on could nine thinking about their lawsuit against Newman.

At Newman, Adam asks Niel about the best and worst case scenarios for the lawsuit. Adam wants to do something to help, but he isn't sure what he can do.

Daniel is about to tell Amber about Danny's offer to go on tour with him, but Amber expresses her sadness over the fact that no one has responded to her ads in Restless Style yet. Daniel tells her he wishes Amber would believe in herself as much as he and Katherine do. Later, Daniel tells Amber about the tour offer.

Phyllis brings Summer to Restless Style to try to cheer Nick up.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria takes a moment to remember Cassie at Cassie's Corner. She runs into Sabrina and Victoria compliments her new purse, a gift from Victor. Sabrina tells Victoria that Victor is not very happy with Adam, and Sabrina seems disturbed about how Victor laid into Adam earlier that morning.

As Sabrina is leaving the coffeehouse, Victoria runs into a blue Adam. She offers him some advice about Victor. She also tells him that he could have learned a lot from her.

Victoria sends flowers to Nick and Sharon at Restless Style. Later, she goes over to the magazine headquarters to offer her condolences in person. Sharon asks Nick if he wants to go to Cassie's grave with her, but Nick decides to stay at work. He asks Victoria to tell him everything about the day that Cassie died, but Victoria tells him all he needs to know is that he loved Cassie as much as she loves her son, Reed. She also tells Nick about Adam's mistake in buying Natural Glow.

Adam takes Victoria's advice. He goes back to the Ranch and offers Victor a sincere apology and a tells Victor he wants to help.

Phyllis talks to Nick about her concerns about Daniel going on tour with Danny. She is worried that Daniel will love touring so much that he will not want to come back to Genua City.

David places a bet.

Victor talks with Sabrina about losing Cassie.

Sharon spends time at Cassie's grave, talking to her about the life she would have been leading now had she not died. Sharon cries over the loss of her daughter and lies by her grave site in reflection.

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